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Shield T-shirt by Megabolt

by Andy on May 28, 2011

megabolt t-shirt

It feels quite rare at the moment that I just post a random shirt from a company I’ve never heard of that haven’t e-mailed me, I’m constantly trying to give you the latest and greatest news, but there’s just not enough time in the day without me posting even more than I already do, so here’s a tee that I just really like.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Megabolt


deadburydead t-shirt

DeadBuryDead have just released the ‘first delivery’ of their Spring Line, which I assume means there is more to come other than the 8 shirts that just hit their shop.

Judging by the professional look of the images here, and that they’re going to be showing at Magic in Las Vegas this week, DBD are clearly stepping up their game and trying hit the next level. The new designs could be considered a bit more ‘mainstream’, but I like them, and it shouldn’t matter whether lots of people like a style, they’re still doing that style to a high standard.


Here is the new DBD logo and for the first time ever printed onto black with white print. It is on a heavyweight set in sleeve sweat and heavyweight tee.
There have been so many requests for the logo as a white print on black and now I’m happy with it I have finally gotten round to it.
Here’s the changes that I have made:

1. Widened the head, he looked too wimpy before and after a few months it drove me crazy.
2. I have drawn much better swords and included the Hamon (the wavey cutting edge) I felt this to be an important detail for the route I wanted to take the brand.
3. Removed the under title and replaced it with DBD
4. Put more detail and better shaping into the helmet mascot.
5. Reshaped the helmet

Available now at


[Andy: I really liked the style of this submission, and it would be cool to see more people doing submissions like this where they critique and explain the design.]

This post was submitted by DBD clothing.


Hotlife Sink or Swim Longsleeve T-shirt

by Andy on January 13, 2011

hotlife sink or swim longsleeve tee

Usually I wouldn’t make the first post about a brand I’ve never posted before a logo t-shirt (Hotlife have A LOT of logo designs), but I thought this looked pretty cool.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Hotlife


Tree Logo Tee by Thoraxx Apparel

by Andy on November 11, 2010

thoraxx apparel t-shirt

Thoraxx must be a pretty new brand, seeing as they only have two designs available at the moment, and they’ve gone down the self-promotional route of making them both logo shirts, which is a tactic I don’t particularly care for in a young brand, but they’ve got a good style and definitely deserves the tag of logoteesthatdontsuck, so fair play to them!

Also, they’ve got 600 people to like them on Facebook already, so clearly people love logo tees and I know nothing.

Costiness=£10.99 Buy it at Thoraxx Apparel Mens/Womens

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Some sweet new tees from Thriving Ink

by Andy on September 14, 2010

thriving ink logo t-shirt

As is the usual disclaimer, Thriving Ink are an advertiser on this site, and I’m a total sellout so you shouldn’t trust a word I say, so I won’t say much at all about these new shirts (and a crewneck!) and let you make up your own mind. Is it weird that I prefer their logo and name based designs to the original designs?

Matt, the fella behind Thriving Ink, has noticed that his tees are too cheap for him to be able too afford to eat, so he’s had to raise his prices a bit, so tees start at $24 now, which isn’t too bad so I think we can’t begrudge him that, especially with all those massive advertising bills I send him.


Design is [Love] logo t-shirt

by Andy on September 1, 2010

design is love t-shirt

I used to be pretty scathing about companies that sold simple logo tees, but over time I’ve come to like them and appreciate logo design a lot more. Of course, if you have a crappy logo, I’m still not going to like your logo shirt, but this Design is Love shirt looks mighty wearable. You can also get 20% off this shirt and any of the others in their little collection wih the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS.

Costiness=$15 Buy it at Design is Love


Toybox Logo T-shirt

by Andy on August 11, 2010

toybox logo t-shirt

It’s pretty rare that I’ll post a t-shirt that is just the logo for a company, but I reall like their logo so I’m happy to make an exception. It’s not like there aren’t other tees in their store that I could post, they’re all pretty wearable, but there’s something about this logo that leaps out at me and says “hey, I’m pretty food looking, huh?”

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Toybox (also available on slate and grey)


Logo T-shirt by Simplified Clothing

by Andy on June 13, 2010

Black Logo T-shirt by Simplified Clothing

I like the tee, but there seems to be something a little odd about having your model roll their sleeves up for a photoshoot.

Costiness=$21.99 Buy it at Simplified Clothing


Public School T-shirt by Public School

by Andy on June 12, 2010

white public school t-shirt

Costiness=$15 Buy it at Public School


Johnny Cupcakes has Jaws on the brain

by Andy on June 10, 2010

johnny cupcakes logo t-shirt in white





I know it’s in the title, but I think that the weakest item in this latest baketray of releases is the Jaws-inspired tee, they’ve gone down the obvious design route and that puts it firmly in the ‘hor hardcore fans only’ category. I think that part of the fun of Johnny Cupcakes is that despite being so focused on JC the brand remains accessible to people that doesn’t necessarily buy into the culture, and just like tees with cupcakes on them, which is why the plaid cupcake logo tee (or is that tartan?) is my pick of the bunch this time around.


Labyrinth Logo Tee (and there $3 sale!)

by Andy on June 5, 2010

labyrinth clothing

This is probably the most ridiculous sale that I’ve ever seen. Sizes are limited and I’m not surprised, because these guys are offering tees for $3, their most expensive is $12, and they even have a couple of hoodies left for $5. Obviously, Labyrinth Clothing are clearing stock, and they have a pretty sweet logo too if you ask me.

Costiness=$5 Buy it at Labyrinth Clothing (limited stock)


star crest t-shirt by masked clothing

I can’t lie, the product photo is one of the reasons why I’m posting this. On it’s own, it’s a fine tee, nothing particularly great about it, but a really solid crest design in a pleasing colourway, but add in a model in full ziggy stardust make-up and lacking in trousers and you’ve got yourselves a post on HYA!

Costiness=$26.99 Buy it at Masked Clothing (also available in dude’s sizing)


Parasite hoodie by Agar Apparel

by Andy on May 13, 2010

agar apparel hoodie

Under a microscope parasites are gross, never mind the fact that they make you sick. But, if you just look at the bigger picture, you probably won’t even know they’re there. The Agar parasite shirt is cool from a distance and pretty damn cool up close.

You can’t really see it in the main photo I’ve posted up there (peep the gallery for a close-up), but this hoodie is actually a lot better than it first appears, because the letters are made up of lots of little microbes and parasites… thus the quote above from Agar Apparel.

Costiness=$35 Buy it at Agar Apparel
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