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SS13 Video Lookbook from No Good Brand

by Andy on January 25, 2013

No Good S/S 13 Lookbook (Teaser video) from No Good on Vimeo.

No Good haven’t actually dropped this collection yet, but I’m a sucker for a pretty lookbook video and this is certainly it, appetites thoroughly whetted yet?

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Lookin’ good Street Casuals, lookin’ good.


Post image for New AW’12 Lookbook from Street Casuals shows the delightful British seaside

The funny thing about this new lookbook from Street Casuals showing off their brands is meant to be a taste of ‘Winter by the sea’, which in Britain tends to be a fairly grim affair, especially since we had about one week of Summer this year, so they must have done the photoshoot in the past month or so and the sea still didn’t look that inviting. Cool clothes though!


New site and lookbook from DeadBuryDead

by Andy on September 6, 2012

I’m not entirely sure if this new lookbook and site also coincides with DeadBuryDead releasing new items in the store, but there certainly are things in there that I don’t remember seeing before. Very nice website design, as long as you’re into large photos, which I am. Just a pity that I have to embed the lookbook above rather than have the actual jpegs, but I’m sure everyone enjoys flicking through a flash magazine.


dance party massacre sale

Really nice looking new range from Dance Party Massacre, and when I heard that the lookbook video had Justice right at the start I knew I was going to enjoy it. That 75% off sale is looking pretty epic too, should be starting in a couple of hours if my recollection of time zones is correct.

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Summer Lookbook Video from Rock Candy

by Andy on June 9, 2012

Seems like making a lookbook video is the hot thing at the moment, Rock Candy have got in on the action with a video of a guy wearing their latest items and playing with a dog.


Check out Street Casuals SS’12 Lookbook

by Andy on April 12, 2012

street casuals lookbook ss'12

Our buddies over at Street Casuals got in touch to let me know that they recently released their lookbook for the coming season, featuring brands such as Obey, Actual Pain, The Hundreds, Penfield and more. It’s always good to see the clothes on real, live people rather than just a flat image, so check out the full lookbook on Facebook.


Daily Tees & News for December 1st

by Andy on December 1, 2011

teefury reported attack page

Welcome to December. Naturally a lot of brands will be focusing on making sales during the run up to Christmas, and I suspect we’ll see a lot of coupon codes and discounts revolving around that, so the news portion of these roundups will likely grow. These roundups do take quite a lot of time, so if you like it, share it please!

When I try to visit TeeFury Firefox comes up with this. Now, I am 100% confident that Teefury has not been an elaborate phishing scam from the beginning, but after checking out their Facebook page it seems a lot of people have also had this message come up, so I feel that their site may have been compromised in some way. This happened to HYA once and it was hell getting it fixed as someone that doesn’t have much technical expertise, hopefully they will have it sorted soon and it doesn’t cause too many headaches, but I recommend anyone who has visited in the past few days to run a virus scan. There has been no response that I can see from Teefury as of yet.

Quite a clever shirt from Qwertee today, showing fictional books based on movies such as Ghostbusters and Back To The Future.

There’s a lot of excitement over at RIPT for this Star Wars x Transformers mashup.
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Street Casuals have a new lookbook

by Andy on September 20, 2011

street casuals lookbook

I have to admire Street Casuals level of hustle, they release a lot of stuff from a lot of brands that aren’t so easy to pick up in the UK, building a solid reputation with each new drop and probably more fans too.

They’ve put together a lookbook to show off some of their wares for the A/W season, and it looks good, there’s no better way to tell if you like an item than by seeing it worn by a person out in the real world.


mishka NYC fall 2011

I’m sure that Mishka got a great photographer to do their lookbook, but this is one of those rare cases where I think that the clothes may have looked better without people wearing them, perhaps I don’t understand the attitude that someone needs to have to be a Mishka model.


SupremeBeing A/W11 Lookbook Slideshow Video

by Andy on August 18, 2011

Impressive stuff, cool music too. Did any of my fellow Brits catch Concrete Circus on Channel 4 this week? Supremebeing got quite a lot of air time during that, which made a lot of sense considering the incredible feats of the athletes in the show (it was about making viral videos for freerunners, parkour, skating, BMX, that kind of thing). I found the whole show on 4od’s Youtube channel but can’t find it now, still search for Concrete Circus on Youtube and you’ll find the best bits anyway.


CTRL Clothing Spring Summer Collection

CTRL Clothing really run the gamut when it comes to the style of their goods, which means that when you look at their store there will almost definitely be a few items that you love, and almost definitely a few that you hate, but that’s okay because different people are allowed to like different things.

This Spring/Summer Collection is no different, personally I like the look of a lot of their hoodies, which makes sense since this was a hoodie blog back before people started throwing tees at me and I sold out.

Check out the lookbook, then check out the store (free shipping inside Europe, yay!).


The Ugmonk Lookbook

by Andy on October 21, 2010

ugmonk lookbook

Normally, I wouldn’t mention a lookbook, but this one from HYA-faves Ugmonk is just too damned gorgeous not to share.

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the editions lookbook

So I spent a Saturday with some great looking models coming up with photos for this look book for my new line of clothing called “The Editions.” The goal of the shoot was to some how capture the idea of the Editions with out giving it away, hope you enjoy, I had a great photographer helping my every step.

Everything fell right into place.

View the book here.

[Andy: This is another interesting angle that companies can take when it comes to posting on HYA via the submission form, posting more like a regular blog post they’d put on their own blog. It’s an idea I like, and I’d hope to see more brands doing it.

This post was submitted by Kendall Henderson.


CTRLs Fall/Winter 09 Lookbook

by Andy on September 17, 2009


That tee above is my favourite piece from this line, but if you think it sucks (you’d be wrong, but that’s your choice) there are an awful lot more designs from this range to check out in the gallery, where I’ve included the entire lookbook (and all the links go through to the huge pics too).

the collection is inspired by all the amazing flowers in the world, people in the Philippines, the latest questions like if something is OK or not OK, the miles Davis quintet ’67, Johnny Depp’s incredible performance as cry-baby, Johnny Depp’s breathtaking performance as Jack Sparrow (a kind of jesus) and the wonderful feeling of “ensipuraisu”.

Ridiculous, but if that thought process works for them and produces clothes like this line, then why not? The line is onsale now at their store (with free shipping across Europe) and at their many stockists throughout the world.

CTRL Clothing

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Beautiful/Decay’s SS09 Lookbook

by Andy on March 10, 2009


Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel queasy when writing leet-speak, otherwise I would be dropping OMGs and WTFBBQ’s all over the place, because this new collection is hott hot, the extra ‘t’ stands for ‘totally’, I know that doesn’t make much sense, but I’m sure that it fits in there somehow.

I’m not sure when you’ll actually be able to buy the tees, but you can check out the lookbook here, and hear what Beautiful/Decay say what it all means here.


410bc and their Fall 08 lookbook

by Andy on September 10, 2008

I’ve commented in the past about how much I like the photographs that 410bc take of their tees, and their upcoming Fall collection appears to be no different if their latest lookbook is anything to go by. I actually bookmarked this quite a while ago and have only gotten around to posting it now, so this lookbook post isn’t actually a tease at all, almost everything in the lookbook is on sale in the 410bc store right now.

410bc (and see the res of the lookbook here)



The folks over at Mishka NYC must have had a really tough time deciding on the theme for their latest lookbook, because they took the revolutionary step of taking pictures of attractive women wearing the clothes, and also a few pictures of them barely wearing the clothes. I guess that having women model the mens collection is somewhat original, but having the women so scantily clad means that you don’t really get to see much of the clothing, so it’s actually pretty hard to pass comment on the new range.

Click on through to this obviously NSFW lookbook if you know no one’s stood behind you. And all the items shown are available for sale in their store too.


S/S08 has arrived at 2one5

by Andy on March 13, 2008


The best thing to come out of Philadelphia since cheesesteak sandwiches (I’ve never had a real one but am still amazed by poor imitations), 2one5, have placed some items from their latest range onto the virtual shelves of their store that definitely deserve a slice of your time. They’ve shown me some images from the lookbook and the new hoodies look really, really nice, a slight departure from where they were last season, but also an evolution towards better things in my eyes.2one5


Attus Apparel Spring/Summer 08 Lookbook

by Andy on February 21, 2008

You wanna see what’s coming up from the polo makers at Attus Apparel in the coming weeks and months?

Sure you do! No shotgun or fireworks videos time time around, but plenty of pics of their fun takes on the traditionally stuff world of the polo shirt.

Attus Apparel Spring/Summer 2008 Lookbook

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