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lowdtown kickstarter

It’s fair to say that I’m a bit biased when it comes to this Kickstarter project, and this brand in general, because it is run by the guy who designed the HYA logo, so needless to say I’m something of a fan of his style.

When Lowdtown went into hibernation it was a pretty sad day for the t-shirt community, but I was always confident that Ray would make a comeback and it would appear that he sees Kickstarter as a good way to get himself back on track with his streetwear brand. I often don’t write about Kickstarter projects because I feel that some people use them as a way to essentially get their customers to do all the work for them and make their brand popular before they’ve even got started, and also because some people really get the rewards structure all wrong. With Lowdtown already being established as an entity for more than 6 years I know that isn’t the case here, especially since Ray has been talking about the rebranding and relaunch for more than a year, he’s also pretty well set with is rewards structure, they aren’t bargain basement prices for a shirt, but they reflect what I think would be a fair price for the product (around $25 per tee + some goodies depending on which package you go for), and that seems like the right amount to pay.

At the time of writing $1,322 of the $2,500 goal has already been pledged with 28 days to go so I think that this project will most likely end up being funded, good luck Ray!

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T-shirt news for January 24th

by Andy on January 24, 2012

cat skull t-shirt

Can you imagine if you walked into a house and there were this many cats… it would be terrifying. $10 at TeeFury today.

I know what you’re thinking, this is just yet another t-shirt about imaginary Pinata companies, and when with this pinata meme die? Well, at least this one at Shirt.Woot is based on the 1986 film ‘Three Amigos’.

The Muppets meet Futurama with this Hypnokermit t-shirt at RIPT today.
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Daily Tees & News Roundup for November 22nd

by Andy on November 22, 2011

walking dead t-shirt

Very nice Walking Dead t-shirt at TeeFury today. Anyone else watching this show?

I’m surprised that Qwertee have this shirt on sale since it’s part of 604Republic‘s permanent catalogue.
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don't start a clothing company

These two articles are a few weeks apart, but they tread a lot of the same ground so there’s not much point posting them separately. Ray from Lowdtown (who is in the process of relaunching the brand and is documenting the journey) has posted an article explaining just how much it costs to start a brand the proper way. People think that you can just put anything on a shirt, print 50 as cheaply as possible, open a Big Cartel store, and you’ll be the next Johnny Cupcakes. It doesn’t work that way and Ray tries to give you a bit of perspective, of course there a some people that do start out with one design and work their way up to being the next Bape, but they’re probably less than one in a million.

Jon Kruse over at How To Start A Clothing Company makes some good point in an article simply called “Don’t start a clothing company.” His site is dedicated to starting and running a clothing company, and he gets 25,000 unique visitors a month, which is 25,000 people either already making strides in the world of clothing or trying to start their own brand, and that’s 25,000 people every month. That’s a lot of people trying to get into a market that I felt was saturated when I started writing HYA almost 6 years ago, and it has grown exponentially since then.

Of course, these guys don’t really want you to not start your company, they just really want you to think about what you’re doing, consider all the angles, think not just about your first release but what happens after that. How are you going to market? Who are your potential customers? What is your price point and potential profit? How many shirts do you need to sell to fund your next release? Are you going to sell online, at craft fairs, open a pop-up shop, a permanent store, wholesale, a combination of these? Who will print your shirts? What printing method will they use? What blank shirts will you use? How much does shipping cost? How will you package your shirts? What happens if someone wants a refund? Who will design your shirts and branding? Who will design your website? There are literally hundreds more questions that you need to ask yourself, I just thought of those in a minute or two as a few examples. By all means, if you have a vision, go with it, but please be aware that t-shirts are not a path to riches for the vast majority.

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Welcome back to the blog roundup by Hide Your Arms where we like to bring you links to other high quality t-shirt blog posts that you might have missed. This time though I want to highlight one subject in particular: blog posts to help t-shirt designers and indie t-shirt lines with advice and resources. With more and more people designing their own t-shirts and launching their own lines such a topic has never seemed more relevant. So here they are, five great blog posts that should serve you as excellent resources in the past couple of weeks.

Lowdtown Secrets to Social Media

How to Gain a Twitter and Facebook Following by Lowdtown

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, and a very dark, deep cave at that, you’re undoubtedly aware of the potential for exposure and promotion that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook offer to their users. However, as with all things in life there’s a wrong way and a right way to do something and this post from LDTN provides some excellent advice on the right way to do things.

Winkyboo What Would You Do

What Would You Do Differently in Starting Your Clothing Company by Winkyboo

As the old expression goes, “hindsight is twenty-twenty.” I think we’ve all been in a position in which, after the fact, we’ve wished we could go back and give our past selves some advice about how to proceed. Obviously of course we can’t, but thanks to this post by Winkyboo about “What would you do differently in starting your clothing company” at least the newer generations of t-shirt company founders can benefit from the wisdom of experience.

Vectortuts Print Promotions

13 Illustrator Tutorials for Creating Successful Print Self Promotions by Vectortuts

In this awesome tutorial post from Vector Tuts, readers are given 13 Illustrator based tutorials on how to create various print forms of self promotion. We’re definitely living in the electronic age and sure enough there is typically a strong focus on electronic based promotion, but rest assured the print versions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and this post is awesome in helping readers tap into its potential.

Vandelay How To Facebook Pages

21 Resources for Effective Facebook Fan Pages by Vandelay Design

Now back to social media. The LDTN post was great for offering tips for promoting yourself on Facebook and Twitter, but this Vandelay Design post takes things one step further by focusing on Facebook, specifically on 21 resoucres for creating effective Facebook Fan Pages. There are a ton of different sites out there that users create these pages, get the lowdown on them from this post!

You The Designer Vector Roundup

30 Free Vector Graphics for Your Daily Needs via You The Designer

Now that we’ve covered the promotions and advice side of things it’s time to focus on actual tools to help you create awesome designs and graphics. This post from You The Designer does just that by hooking readers up with 30 amazing sets of FREE vector graphics! There’s some really great stuff here in a wide range of categories. Don’t miss this.

So there you have, five awesome blog posts to help designers and indie t-shirt lines. Make sure you leave feedback if you’ve found these posts informative and helpful. If you know of other great resources and helpful information please let us know that as well!

This article was guest written by Blake, a t shirt designer at You Design It.

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lowdtown sale

Long story short, Lowdtown is closing down for a while because my man Ray (designer of the HYA logo, and therefore designer of the HYA tee) had a logo for Lowdtown that looked a lot like a design by someone else, and that other guy had copyright. Ray is a straight-shooter so I know he’s being honest when he says he didn’t know about the other design, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble for him to rip somone when he has enough talent of his own. Still, instead of fighting it, he accepted that the designs were similar and took it like a man, removing the mouthcan logo and all associated products from his site.

This all came just a few weeks after his Winter line had been released, including custom mouthcan branded wallets, and he’d already sunk a few thousand dollars into getting fitted hats made up in Hong Kong. I’m really gutted (that’s a British term for severe disappointment) that Ray has had such bad luck with this, but he’s a resilient fellow and he’s going to bounce back in the summer with a new line. In the mean time, he has stock to shift, unfortunately the contraband items aren’t available, but everything else is, and it’s ridiculously cheap, so cheap that even though I have more t-shirts than any man will ever need ever, I’m tempted to crack open my wallet and blow off the cobwebs. Basically, you should make a purchase, you’ll get a good quality item, and you’ll help to support a damn good artist. Oh, and naturally, with prices like this expect stocks to be pretty low on some items.


Lowdtown’s Winter Line

by Andy on January 26, 2010

Post image for Lowdtown’s Winter Line

Since you guys know Ray from Lowdtown is the creative force behind the new HYA logo, and responsible for the tee in the HYA store, you’d think that there’s no way I’d be able to give him a fair and unbaised review… and you’d be right. So I’m not going to. Instead, here’s some cool new items from Lowdtown, including other crew neck sweaters, a tee, and wallet. Yes, a wallet, and a pretty sweet one at that. I like them, you judge for yourself.

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You guys know I’m a fan of Lowdtown, but I’m also a fan of sales, so this one works out great for me. In addition to the sale, get 10% off FOREVER (not just until the end of the sale) with the coupon code hya.


15% off at eco-friendly OMUNKY from now until December 18th with the coupon code MerryMUNKY.

Streetwear und Sneakers im LIMITEES Onlineshop_1260786069479

The e-mail was in German so I struggled to understand it, but I think that Limitees have 25% off all or some of their shirts from now until December 31st… or something like that.

Holiday Sale

Hypnic are doing the pre-Christmas sale thing with 30% off all their tees until Sunday (12/20), making them $16.99 a pop.


The Made With Awesome sale is now on, with up to 40% off items, so tees are $15, posters $14, and totes $5.


15% off everything at much-praised Holebrain, no need for a coupon code, prices are already discounted.

    Not deals but kind of newsworthy

buyindieclothing1I Am The Trend,

The I Am The Trend crew let you know why you should be buying indie clothing this festive season rather than heading out to the mall.


I Am The Trend also give you a rundown of hot models in the indie tee world. Note to my girlfriend, this kind of thing disgusts me… ummm, anyone believe that?

Spreadshirt are a pretty well-known in Germany, when I was in Berlin I remember more than one person telling me about how CEO Jana Eggers was ‘kind of a big deal’ for what she’d done with Spreadshirt (and creating jobs within the country rather than outsourcing), and clearly they’re continuing to grow because now they’re running ads on German TV. The embedded video above has no sound, presumably because of copyright on the music and because the German voice-over would have been confusing, but I think it looks good and gets over what Spreadshirt do. I’m thinking I might use Spreadshirt to test out a few ideas for HYA products so that I can get a single item made before ordering a whole bunch.

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25% off at Lowdtown for Black Friday

by Andy on November 26, 2009


Lowdtown dropped a new line fairly recently with some great tees in it, so this coupon is a good opportunity to pick them up with a decent saving.


Slipscript by Lowdtown

by Andy on October 14, 2009


Another quick France update, things are busier than I imagined here so HYA updates will be more sporadic than expected, but I’ll try to put a couple of posts together quickly every night before I go to bed, though it’s hard to motivate myself after a long day trying to talk to French people when my language skills seem to have gone backwards.

However, it’s easy to become motivated when you’ve got great tees like this one from Lowdtown to post about. I am a big fan of Lowdtown, this design, like the rest of Ray Masaki’s collection, are very wearable. I get frustrated when I see a tee that has some great artwork on it, but doesn’t work well as a tee, and that seems to be a distinction that a few clothing companies struggle to get right. Also, if you were looking for a definition of the tag, this is most definitely a “logo tee done right.”

This tee is just part of a new line from Lowdtown that I wholeheartedly recommend you check out.

Costiness=$20 Available for men and women from Lowdtown

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Win two tees from Tilteed!

by Andy on August 4, 2009


Competition time! Tilteed are offering a lucky HYA reader both of the tees that won their grand launch competition last week, Get A Job by rawroutloud (aka Lowdtown), and Explosion by a.mar.illo.

Entry is simple, in fact, it’s almost insultingly easy, so if I don’t see lots of entries coming in I’ll cry. All you have to do is go over to the Tilteed submissions page, have a look around, pick out your favourite, and post the link in the comments. I know, easy!

The competition will remain live for 1 week, meaning you have until 15:00 (GMT) next Tuesday (August 11th) to get your entry in. Remember to use a valid e-mail address or else I won’t be able to let you know that you’re the winner.



Summer Sale Time at Lowdtown

by Andy on June 26, 2009


Lowdtown really impressed me when I first featured them back in April, so it’s pretty natural that I like their stuff even more when it can be picked up for up to 25% off the regular price, meaning that the tees weigh in at around $16 a pop. No need for a coupon code, the hard work of price slashing has already been done for you.


Lowdtown: They’re good!

by Andy on April 14, 2009


From the ashes of RAWR! Clothing has risen Lowdtown, and to be honest, I don’t care what the name is, but I do care what the tees are like, and they are good. Damn good. The one I’ve picked for the pic is probably my favourite, it reminds me of the Gorillaz, but the rest of the line is damn solid too.

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