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beards are awesome t-shirt

Sometimes when I haven’t shaved for a while I convince myself I look good with a beard, then I realise I just look supremely lazy.

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Does anyone like this? What’s the deal with airline food? What are the ingredients in an Appletini? Anyone know where I can buy Rochelle Rochelle on DVD? How can I recreate an authentic cheesesteak in the UK? Can anyone recommend a laptop that looks as good as a Mac but costs about half as much? When’s HYAs clothing line coming out? Do I really want to know what’s in hotdogs? Will I ever really understand what different kinds of printing are? Do you know how hard it is to think of twenty questions? Is Blade Runner the greatest film of all time? Will HYA ever be popular enough that I can run it full-time? Seriously, what is the deal with airline food? How’s it going with that rundown? You boy, what day is it? How old are you? Would you like to play a game? How come they’ve never given Betty a makeover in Ugly Betty? Instead of whining on that evolution is just a theory despite there being evidence for it, can someone show me some solid evidence that God exists? Has anyone actually read all of the questions?

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