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I was going through the lookbook for the third season of releases from LUVD and just when I expected it to end a new item popped up, which has resulted in the massive gallery you can see below, and I haven’t even included all the images!

It is a wonderful release from LUVD, my standard yardstick of whether I like a collection is whether I would wear it, and in this case I can say yes, I would wear absolutely every item. The standout piece for me is the ‘Forgive’ t-shirt, I like the typework on it, but they’ve done a good job with the logo items as well. Great lookbook photography really helps to bring it all alive too. Tee are $24/26, and hoodies will set you back $45.


LUVD are back with a hot new site

by Andy on September 2, 2011

luvd new site

They’re back? I didn’t even know they’d gone away!

Now that is a good looking website. I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to say that it is one of the nicest looking websites I’ve ever seen for a clothing company, it’s very clean and cohesive, and it really fits with their brand too. They’ve got some great looking shirts in store that I don’t remember seeing before so I guess they’ve had a few releases since I last checked, I wholeheartedly recommend that you check them out too



LUVD’s Merica Sale

by Andy on July 5, 2011

LUVD coupon code

I get the feeling that across America today people are going to work with hangovers and left over burgers and salads in their lunch boxes, but LUVD (who have a sexy new website, by the way) are keeping the party going for a couple more days by giving 20% off their lovely shirts. Use the coupon code MERICA (which is how the POTUS pronounces it during speeches) to get 20% off your order at LUVD until July 7th.



LUVD are one of the best new brands I’ve seen come along in a while. They have a style that I feel a lot of people are into at the moment, myself included, fiarly simple with interesting use of typography, with a slightly vintage look and not too many colours, most of which are complimentary rather than clashing. I like their website too, it has a slightly unusual layout that sets them apart from the norm, and they have lots of attractive models (so presumably they’ll end up here before too long). The initial selection of designs isn’t huge, but there’s more than enough to get me interested, and $22 will be removing from your wallet if you buy a tee or tank top, which is neither crazy-high, nor crazy-low.

Two thumbs up for LUVD!

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