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Victorian Madness by Dan Hillier

by Mr Four Fingers on January 13, 2014

dan hillier t-shirt design

Welcome to surreal Victorian madness with these beautiful and often slightly sinister creations by British artist Dan Hillier. These images are vintage Victorian etchings that Dan has meticulously crafted together to create something new and often wonderful. It’s not simply slapping things together drawings but rather a combination of wild imagination, skill and balance. There may have also been copious amounts of LSD involved.

Dan Hillier has a variety of prints, tote bags and loads of screen printed t-shirts. Tees are, from what I can tell, single colour screen prints on white and sell for £25 a pop. His website does not have a ‘Shop’ heading/section but if you look under ‘Galleries’ you will see a sub heading nestled there that is called’ T-shirts, Bags, etc”. Trust me, I missed that the first time.

Better yet just follow this blady LINK!

Also, all the designs are mocked-up on model but knowing Dan’s work I imagine the real product will be the same (placement and scale etc). Hopefully we can see some real product shots in the future.

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