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Post image for Shaun of the Dead, Science, and Mad Men meets Portal, new in at 604Republic

We’ve seen the Mad Men and Shaun of the Dead shirts before on daily sites in recent weeks, so it’s quite cool to see them finding a more permanent home at 604Republic. The ‘Science > Beliefs’ shirt I believe is original artwork and I really like it, it’s one of those shirts that is a little bit controversial, but you can’t really disagree with the sentiment. The new shirts are $21 a piece and available now.


A pretty average week at SnorgTees

by Andy on April 20, 2012

snorgtees t-shirts

I’m fairly disappointed with what’s new in store at snorgtees this week. There’s nothing particularly wrogn with any of them, they just don’t appeal to me, and that’s okay because I’m sure they appeal to some people. Thoughts and feelings on this weeks Snorg offering guys?


mount playmore gaming t-shirt

When I looked at the new shirts from BustedTees this week I was very impressed, I don’t have a favourite this week, I have three favourites (the Mount Rushmore parody, Mad Men x Superman, and the one about taking class outside). Well done BT, well done.

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Daily Tee Roundup Sept. 29th

by Andy on September 29, 2011

mad men t-shirt

Sorry this is a bit later than usual, I had some errands to run this morning.

Mad Men themed design from TeeFury today, not a stunning design but one that I can see fans picking up.

Shirt.Woot are offering a tee that is almost definitely referencing Arrested Development.

I do wish that today’s shirt from RIPT was a lot more Futurama-related and less Battletoads-related, but different strokes for different folks and all.

“The blue-footed booby dance of seduction” sounds a lot more like an indie band than a t-shirt design to me. Great design from Tilteed today, and don’t forget that everything is $10 there this week.

I know what you’re thinking “ooh, French writing, that t-shirt looks lovely” well, sorry, the text says “Barbie is a slut,” yeah, not so nice now is it? €12 today at Loviu.

Very cool design from today.

Personally I’d rather see the weapons to be underlining the names rather than running through them since it does make things a bit messy in my opinion, but it’s by no means a bad shirt today at Qwertee.



Most of you probably don’t realise who Jason Cosper is, but he was the first guy to run a blog about t-shirts (and even if he wasn’t the first, he was the best), That blog has been quiet since April (and pretty quiet for the past couple of years, really), but there’s still a lot of good stuff in the archives, and I probably wouldn’t have started HYA if I hadn’t been a Preshrunk fan, so I guess I owe him quite a lot.

Fortunately, this isn’t one of those occasions when I feel compelled to write about something just because of the person that did the design (you can tell which posts they are, right?), because I like Experimental Jetset style tees (yes, I am gathering links for an upcoming list, naturally), and I really like Mad Men. I’m a few episodes behind Americans, so the finale is a long way off for me, but I’ve really enjoyed the season so far, if anything you should be jealous that I still have more episodes to watch!

Incidentally, the original Experimental Jetset designs are being re-issued by a Japanese brand called Publik, after many years of not being officially available.

Costiness=$24.99 Available from boogah’s RedBubble


Straight from their mailout:

hoodie Sale!

Oh hello there! It has started to get a bit chilly and we got all
these nice warm hoodies for you!

For the rest of September all our hoodies are 25% off the regular price. That’s only 30 bucks and even less if you use your mailing
list number we sent you a few days ago:

Your discount number is:

Enter this number in the discount area (on the summary page after
you choose a shipping option) and be sure to hit recalculate before continuing checking out!
It works on everything in the store except for “Friends” items (look for the smiley icon).

The discount number is good until 11:59pm ET on September 30th.

They’ve also got a few new tees on pre-order which look pretty cool, including one which features the sublime silhouette of Sterling Cooper’s office manager, and office hottie,Joan Holloway.



How to Dress like the cast of Mad Men

by Andy on August 1, 2008

Like many Americans, and about a dozen Brits, I was hooked on Mad Men from pretty much the first episode, so I’m eagerly awaiting it return to British screens now after the second season began a few days ago in the US (I might have to resort to ‘other means’ of watching it though). Whilst I don’t expect to be switching the content of HYA from streetwear and indie clothing stores to vintage inspired men’s tailoring, I thought you might get a kick out of Valet Mag’s look into how the costume designers dress the men of Sterling Cooper.

Valet Mag: Dressing the Part – Inside the Stylish World of Mad Men


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