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Two new designs inspired by the movies “Creature from the Black Lagoon” and “Faster Pussycat Kill!Kill!” are available at Malgusto. They are currently on a preorder offer of €12,95 until March the 7th. After that period they’ll be released at the price of 17,95€.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!

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Malgusto, the Spanish brand which makes movie based T-shirts, releases two new designs based on “Apocalypse Now” and the Peter Jackson masterpiece: “Bad Taste”. Both include an exclusive pinback button for free.

Andy: Very nice as usual from Malgusto.

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malgusto coupon code

I know I only mentioned them 12 hours ago, but Malgusto wanted to say thanks for the post so they put together a coupon code that will expire in about a month or so (when they release new stuff the coupon will expire). Use the coupon code HYA to get 15% off your order. Three letters, 15% off your order, sweet!


ivan drago t-shirt

Malgusto are getting a decent reputation for movie tees, and these two latest additions based on Rocky IV and They Live do nothing to tarnish that.


plan 9 from outer space glow in the dark t-shirt by malgusto

I first mentioned Malgusto a couple of weeks ago, so regular readers will be well aware that they’re the latest movie-shirt company on the block (or lot, if you’d rather), and they said they’d be releasing more designs, but I didn’t expect them to be back so soon.

I think that their choices for movie inspiration go between “oh yeah that makes sense” and “what’s that now?” The ‘normal’ tee this time around is based on Robocop, which I’m sure some of you are interested in, but the interesting part for me is the other movie they’ve used as the basis for a design is Plan 9 From Outer Space, and I think that’s pretty amazing. If you’ve ever seen or heard of Plan 9 From Outer Space then you’ll know why I think it’s amazing… because it’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life, and the only reason why I watched it was because I’d heard it was the worst film of all time and it lived up to the hype. It’s utterly woeful, one of those strange films that is so bad that it actually makes a lot of sense to make a t-shirt about it, and it makes even more sense to use glow in the dark ink on it!

Oh, and you can still get 10% off with the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS.

Costiness=€19.95 Buy it at Malgusto


big lebowski movie t-shirt

There are quite a few companies out there with t-shirt lines based around films, such as Last Exit to Nowhere, and Dark Bunny Tees. now you can add another name to that list, Malgusto. This Spanish-based brand created by a boyfriend & girlfriend team do take a slightly different tack though, creating shirts that look as if they could be used as promo posters for the movies. Their actual site is in Spanish, but it’s not that hard to work out what is what, and that’s coming from someone that hasn’t been to Spain for about a decade, and even then could only order food in the native language. They do have an English FAQ though to cover your most pressing concerns.

I picked their Big Lebowski shirt to show you today because this is the internet, and apparently everyone on the internet loves The Big Lebowski, and why not, because it is an excellent film, and this is a pretty fitting tribute of a shirt to such a fine movie. Malgusto were kind enough to set up a coupon code of HIDEYOURARMS that is good for 10% off, so enjoy that!

Costiness=€19.95 Buy it at Malgusto


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