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Post image for Young Love Apparel impress with their first collection

Young Love Apparel are a recently launched brand that describe themselves thusly:

Alternative clothing for girls and boys. Our designs are formed from our
interests in music, photography and literature. Our simple black and white
aesthetic has been influenced by guys like Raymond Pettibon, Daniel Johnston and
Charles Burns among others. We are a independent Manchester based clothing

Here’s another great example of why product shots matter, imagine if these designs from Young Love Apparel were just on a boring mockup, you probably wouldn’t want to buy any of them, right? But with these well taken product shots which have a bit of personality (and attractive models) all of a sudden I want to wear this stuff and think it looks really cool, the photos really bring out the potential of the designs. T-shirts will run you between £18 and £22.50, and a sweatshirt is £28. Definitely looking forward to seeing what these guys come up with, especially since they’re just (two hours) down the road in Manchester.


Union Jack Skull t-shirt

With Manchester being my nearest major city I have a certain affinity for t-shirt brands for the area, so whilst the designs at Oblivion tend to be a bit darker oriented than I usually post, I do quite like them, and I can appreciate the quality of the artwork, and the rather unusual pricing point of £16.97 for the three latest designs (pictured above) they’re definitely acceptably priced for the UK market. Here’s what Paul, Oblivion’s owner, said this of the brand:

My aim as a company is to give people a quality t-shirt with a great print at an affordable price, I’ve designed a lot of things throughout my life with a passion for it, I hope this comes across on the shirts. The company is based in the UK (Manchester) and I hope to grow the company more in the following years :)

Seems like a nice guy, visit his site.


social fabrik logo t-shirt

Pretty impressive lineup that Social Fabrik have been able to put together for this Christmas charity gig.

The line up includes:
Badly Drawn Boy
Jesca Hoop
Gary Briggs (Haven/Freebass)
+ a very special surprise guest

Hosts and DJs for the evening are:
Jeff Hordley (Cain Dingle, Emmerdale)
& Graeme Hawley (John Stape, Coronation St)

Tickets are available now at just £10 from The Deaf Institute & Ticketline Info: 07983 605 295 /

Direct link:

All profits from the night will go to Operation Shanti (

Operation Shanti help the poorest and neediest children and elderly in Mysore South India, with the basic human needs: food, shelter, medical services and educational assistance. As we believe that every human can and should stand on his/her own, we are there to help the destitute begin to help themselves.

Personally I’ve never really seen Cain from Emmerdale or John from Corrie as the DJing types, especially John, but I am told that they’ve both been DJs for a long time and have exceptional taste in music, it’s almost as if they aren’t the same as the characters they play on TV. I don’t usually post about this kind of thing, but since it’s for charity and it’s somewhere quite near me I felt like it was worse posting. Social Fabrik have also released a logo tee that I think is more for their fans than the casual t-shirt buyer, you can pick it up for £20.


si scott t-shirt origin68 Si Scott is huge in the illustration world, a genuine ‘get’ for a brand, so it’s really cool to see Origin68 putting out one of his designs, and even cooler that it is such a beautiful shirt. I would say that it doesn’t particularly look like a dove to me, but I’m probably just being a bit picky as it does definitely look like a bird, and calling it ‘Dove’ is far more attractive than ‘pigeon’.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Origin68


Origin68 T-Shirt

My favourite bunch of tee selling Mancs, Origin68, recently rehashed their website, and mighty fine it looks too. They also released a couple of new tees, and this is one of them, looks good, right?

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Origin68


Talk to the Animals hoodie by Me&Yu

by Andy on February 18, 2010

animal hoodie

Me&Yu are geographically one of the closest brands to me that I’ve feautred, seeing as their home of Manchester is ‘only’ a couple of hours away from me. If I woke up feeling the need to purchase a Me&Yu hoodie (such as this one) I’d be able to whizz down the M6, go to their shop in Affleck’s Palace in the Northern Quarter, and be home in time for (late) lunch. Of course if I were going all that way, I’d probably pick up a dozen Krispy Kremes too, like I do every time I visit Manchester.

Of course, I could just buy this hoodie online, which involves quite a lot less doughnuts, but at least I’d be able to fit into it and enjoy that wonderful ‘out of the pocket’ print placement/

Costiness=£45 Available for men and women


The World In Your Eyes by Origin68

by Andy on December 7, 2009

The World In Your Eyes 54155996516_d800374de5_o

I was actually in Manchester this weekend, which is the home of Origin68, there’s not really much more to that story, so, ummmm, yeah…

How cool is this tee!

Costiness=£18 Available from Origin68 (they also have a StoreEnvy store if you would prefer)


Decorate In Flames @ Bootleggers Bar, Kendal 28/05/09

I don’t know how many HYAers are located in the North West of England, but there’s probably one or two of you, and it’s entirely possible that you like rock music, and watching bands play live. If that’s the case, I wholeheartedly recommend that you check out my good friends Decorate in Flames at The Ritz in Manchester. I’ll be there, so if by some bizarre coincidence you’re there and you read this site, say “Hi” because it would make my dayyear and then all my friends would think I was actually famous on the internet, and I might buy you a beer.

And if you can’t make it, listen to their songs anyway!



At the weekend after my friends and I had a very late brunch in Manchester I dragged them to the rather fantastic Urbis building to check out an exhibition called ‘How Manga Took Over the World’, which, as you’d imagine, was all about how Japanese graphic design style has influenced us in the West. I know purists will probably be a bit annoyed they called it ‘Manga’ rather than ‘anime’, but I let it slide since they probably just wanted it to sound more accessible. I only persuaded two of my friends to join me inside (the rest waited in the little park outside) despite it being a free exhibition, in fact, all the exhibitions at the Urbis are free. I don’t actually know much about anime, but I do know that I like the work of Terratag, Tado and Jon Burgerman, and those guys were represented in abundance, as well as several other artists that I recognised but can’t remember off the top of my head. The exhibition isn’t actually that big, I got around it in about 20 minutes, though I was rushing and not reading the explanations since I didn’t like to keep my friends waiting indulging my own interests whilst they drank medicinal Starbucks to alleviate the effects of the previous nights drinking. If you’re in Manchester city centre for any reason over the next few months (the exhibition runs until September 27th) then I highly recommend checking it out.

Click on through for a load of pictures (mostly shot from the hip since I was unsure of the photo policy).

[click to continue…]

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Butterfly Girl by Origin68

by Andy on April 14, 2008


Straight off the bat, let’s be clear that this design is available for both guys and girls. As the following picture will attest.

Butterfly Girl t-shirt by Origin68

Butterflies seem to be a staple of design in the independent t-shirt world, yet I can’t remember the last time that I mentioned one. Manchester-based Origin68 have released this great butterfly-based tee though, which reminds me that using a feminine image (butterflies ain’t exactly the most manly of symbols) doesn’t necessarily have to result in a tee that’s just for the ladies.

On the product page they’ve included one of Wordsworth’s most famous poems, the one about daffodil’s, which he wrote (or was at least inspired to write) when walking near one of my favourite bodies of water in the Lake District, Ullswater. I don’t really know why its there, but its always nice to see.

Costiness=£19 Link


MarginReports: You Can Make It Happen

by Andy on March 31, 2008

Onion Badgie

Andy: “Ummmm, why have you put those badges into takeaway cartons?”YCMIH: “One day we were making our onion-design badges and we noticed that they were… y’know, onion… badges…“(Queue bemused look from the devilishly handsome blogger)

Andy: “……..”

YCMIH: “Onion Bhajis!

Andy: “Ahhhhh! Now I get it”

And with that, I was thoroughly smitten with the ladies behind You Can Make It Happen, a small Manchester-based company set up by Jo Finlay in 2003. There was a fantastic quirky-Britishness about them, their designs, and entire brand philosophy that was really endearing. The often doodle-like hand drawn illustration style is a staple of their (usually food-inspired) designs, something which goes hand-in-hand with the hand-printed, limited edition nature of all their pieces.


Fittingly, considering the food-theme that seems to run through their range, YCMIH are getting healthy and eating their greens. That rather strained metaphor (analogy?) means that they’re sourcing all their products from manufacturers that employ fair, ethically and environmentally conscious working practices.

They had quite a few products at Margin that I can’t spot on their typically whimsical, hand drawn website, such as a new ‘eat your greens’ range, and a guilt-free eco-bag, a product that is really big in the UK at the moment, so it might be a case of it taking a while for them to get to the site, but it’s entirely possible that they’ll have the latest stuff at Manchester’s Fashion Market every Saturday 10am-5pm on Tib Street (near Debenhams, if you know Manc. you’ll probably know where that is).

You Can Make It Happen


Monster Doodle by Me&Yu

by Andy on March 14, 2008


Me&Yu, the Manchester-based fashion label that has a store in the delightfully bizarre Affleck’s Palace, released their Sping/Summer range fairly recently, and they encouraged me to check it out. Being a fan of all things Me&Yu, and most things Mancunian, check it out I did.
Monster Doodle hoody by Me&Yu

They’ve continued along the same theme of doing fairly weird things in a hand drawn style and having equally weird photoshoots (bigger product pics would be nice on detailed artwork though). I really like the green and grey colourway of this monster doodle hoodie (the pullover version), and I really like prints on hood linings as is shown in the zip-up version, and I get the feeling that I’d like the drawings too, but its a bit hard to make them out. Still, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that this is a cool design.

Costiness=£40/50 Links: Pullover/Zipper

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