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Post image for Cheeky and often Surreal t-shirts from French Kick at moreTvicar

French Kick is a French brand (quelle surprise!) who describe themselves as “Fresh, Fun, Classy, Respectful, Friendly, Iconoclasts, Competitive & Made in Europe” whereas I just think they make kind of funny t-shirts that are really wearable. The Marilyn & vader shirt is probablythe most interesting of the bunch (there’s quite a few more in the full range), I don’t know if it makes sense, but I still quite like it. They’re priced fairly at £17.99 and are available in mens and womens cuts.


Post image for Muhammad Ali and Marilyn Monroe hit A Better Tomorrow

I’m not an avid viewer of Spongebob Squarepants, but I’m not entirely sure what Patrick would have done to piss off Muhammad Ali so much that he had to knock him down. Similarly, I don’t know what happened to Marilyn Monroe but I think it makes for a fairly cool t-shirt at A Better Tomorrow.

Costiness=€22 Buy them at ABT


marilyn monroe johnny cupcakes t-shirt

Liechtenstein, Mondran, and the inimitable Marilyn Monroe, this is a really nice bunch of tees from Johnny Cupcakes. There’s actually a pretty cool story behind the Marilyn Monroe collaboration too, as this one is sanctioned and is similar to a shirt Johnny made years ago that Marilyn’s people weren’t made aware of back when JC would sail close to the wind in terms of what he could get away with regarding copyright.


marilyn monroe t-shirt

I really like the way that this shirt from new UK brand Dead Kings plays with our view of Marilyn Monroe. She died young and beautiful so we never really had a chance to see her fall from grace and grow old desperately clinging to her looks with surgery after surgery, so in many eyes (including my own), she is the epitome of celebrity and one of the ultimate Hollywood icons. So to see her covered in tattoos whilst still wearing a glamourous outfit really throws that on it’s head, and I think that makes for a pretty interesting t-shirt.

Be sure to check out the rest of their store, and you can get 20% off anything with the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Dead Kings


Couple of fresh releases from Goodjoe

by Andy on January 30, 2012

marilyn monroe cupcake t-shirt

I don’t think it gets much cuter than that ‘Marilyn Monroecake’ design at Goodjoe this week, it almost made me break out the word ‘adorbs‘ again. Both shirts are $12 each during the pre-order phase this week, then up to $18.


Marilyn Sane by RikkiB at MySoti

by Andy on September 21, 2009


Old school HYAers will be all like “OMG I totally recognise that tee from back in the day” and then they’ll remember that they don’t need to talk like 15 year old girls and I don’t write that way either. You’d be right to recognise it, but it ceased to be on sale at its former home a while back so RikkiB has taken it upon herself to make this fantastic design available on MySoti.

Costiness=$25 Available from MySoti


Say Hello to The Elegant Scoundrel

by Andy on November 27, 2008

As far as names for clothing labels go, The Elegant Soundrel is an excellent one. The designs don’t quite follow on from what I assumed I’d see when I clicked on the link, but I still think that they’re pretty good, with uses of pink that I almost find acceptable. Expect to find a couple of pre-orders, and frustratingly the Marilyn Monroe tee is sold out, but still, I see potential!

The Elegant Scoundrel


Marilyn Sane by RikkiB for In The Dryer

by Andy on August 14, 2008

RikkiB has hit another out of the park with this design. I really like the way that the dot matrix halftones (my bad!) of Marilyn is contrasted with the solid colours of the Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt. Oh, and as if my recommendation wasn’t enough, this design was tee of the day over at Emptees a few months ago.

Costiness=$21 Buy it at In the Dryer

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