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Post image for Mayamada’s Summer tees and release party recap

I don’t think anyone from Team HYAs London contingent managed to make it to the Mayamada release party held in a frozen yoghurt shop in Covent Garden, and it looks like they missed out on a good time if the video above is to be believed (and the pictures too). Looking at their shop I think that they’ve released four new shirts, and they also have a waiting list set up for the release of a very nice looking snapback hat. Looks like things are on the up for Mayamada.


mayamada release party

Mayamada are having a release party for their first season of tees, and they’re holding it in an unusual location, a frozen yoghurt shop called Tutti Frutti in Covent Garden, London. There will be music and a pop-up shop, so head on down if you’re in the area on July 20th. Of course, the vast majority of HYA readers won’t be in London on July 20th, but they have something for the rest of you out there, 25% off everything in store from now until July 21st with the coupon code FROZENTEES.


mayamada hot lunch t-shirt

This is the first I’m hearing of mayamada and so far I like what I see. This British anime-loving brand recently released a shirt called first heist based upon some of their characters that are in a fictional (I think) TV show called hot lunch about animals with human bodies that plan to steal food. Yes, it’s a bit confusing, but the shirt looks cool so I’m just going to go with it. They’ve put together a pretty cool video of the photoshoot they did for the shirt too.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at mayamada Mens/Womens

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