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T-shirt news for January 24th

by Andy on January 24, 2012

cat skull t-shirt

Can you imagine if you walked into a house and there were this many cats… it would be terrifying. $10 at TeeFury today.

I know what you’re thinking, this is just yet another t-shirt about imaginary Pinata companies, and when with this pinata meme die? Well, at least this one at Shirt.Woot is based on the 1986 film ‘Three Amigos’.

The Muppets meet Futurama with this Hypnokermit t-shirt at RIPT today.
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Daily tee (and news) Roundup October 25th

by Andy on October 25, 2011

Star Wars t-shirt

Really nice Star Wars design from TeeFury today.

Was this shirt at Qwertee previously on sale there or at another daily site? I look at so many that they blend into one another a bit.

Damn, that is one powerful looking unicorn. $10 today at Tilteed.

Sometimes I feel like the name of a t-shirt is an afterthought, but in the case of “Samurainoceros” I think it was the starting point. Get it at

I’m sure that there will be a large number of people that like this Shirt.Woot design, but I can’t count myself amongst them.

It’s a fun twist on the phrase, but I just don’t like that guys face. $10 today at RIPT.

Cool shirt on insaneetee at Uneetee today, $14.99 as usual, down from $24.99.

I really can’t decide what market 24tee are aiming at, they seem to go from cool-to-lame with invariable frequency.

Another oldie from Loviu.

I would never wear a t-shirt that makes reference to rage comics, but I’m sure that some people would, and Catch of the Day Tee must be hoping they’ll like this shirt.

The latest daily site on the block is called Shirt Punch, they just launched today with this shirt called ‘The Captain’. Tees at Shirt Punch are $10 from this Canadian site (they’re using Canada post to ship tees, so I presume they’re Canadian), and they shirts are silk-screened rather than DTG printed, which is somewhat unusual for a daily site.

The designer of this Shirt.Woot t-shirt e-mailed me to ask for a review, so this must be a weekend shirt since I missed it. It’s still available at Woot, though the price is now $15.

Urban Industry have got a big, big sale on, head on over to see if anything takes your fancy.


disney mickey mouse bloc28 t-shirt

Just as I was typing that title it made me realise that Urban Retro is Urban Retro again, I wonder why they dropped being called Candy Pulse?

It’s quite cool to see an organisation as big as Disney teaming up with cool artists to create interesting shirts, you’d expect that they’d be too worried about letting their very, very valuable intellectual property be toyed around with by an outside influence (though presumably there are massive restrictions on what a designer can do with Mickey), but in this case the design looks great in all three colourways. Pity it’s only available in sizes M & L though.


Pixel M by Reece Ward at MySoti

by Andy on September 1, 2010

pixelated mickey mouse t-shirt

Pixelated tees are hardly a new concept, but that doesn’t stop this tee with a definitely-unidentifiable character on it from being really cool, good work Reece!

Costiness=£15.81 Buy it at MySoti



Mashup mashup mashup mashup mashup mashup mashup mashup mashup.

Costiness=£14.62 Available from MySoti



One of the things I noticed on my two trips to Asia in ’07 and ’08 (cripes, I might not make it to Asia this year) is that big brands there like to collaborate with smaller brands, especially in the clothing world. I can understand why Louis Vuitton want to collaborate with Murakami, but why do Hello Kitty go out of their way to engage the streetwear world?

So, why are Disney letting a group of artists, in the form of Bloc28, provide their own take on one of Disney’s most iconic characters, Mickey Mouse?

Disappointingly, I don’t have an answer for you, maybe they just thought it would be cool. The tees aren’t exactly cheap at £24.99 a piece, but if you’re a Disney fan looking for something a bit more interesting than this, then you might want to check them out at Urban Retro.

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If someone told me that X-Large were teaming up with Disney to produce a tee I’d have thought that someone was trying to sell me knock off gear in one of Hong Kong’s night markets, but no, this limited edition tee is right there on the X Large store, and the design is a pretty cool mashup of both brands too.

Costiness=$35 Tee Link


Yet more new tees from Wrongwroks

by Andy on July 3, 2008


I don’t think that Wrongwroks ever take a day off (despite facts!), they/he put out designs at a rate far beyond what you’d expect of a brand their size. You can expect more pop culture mashup madness if you click through for a couple more pics from the collection.Wrongwroks
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