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New items out now at Miles To Go

by Andy on January 15, 2013

Post image for New items out now at Miles To Go

To be completely honest with you I’m not sure if there are any new designs in this release from Miles To Go, some of them are new to me but then I haven’t been keeping up with MTG as much as I could have done over the past few months so these may well be restocks and new colourways for previously releases designs. Still look good though!


Post image for Nine shirts added at Miles to Go recently, all deemed excellent

You’ll notice that I didn’t say ‘new’ in the title, that’s because I meant to post this more than a week ago and then forgot too, still, better late than never.

Miles to Go


“Call of Cthulu” t-shirt by Miles to Go

by Andy on September 24, 2012

Post image for “Call of Cthulu” t-shirt by Miles to Go

Whilst I don’t really see the appeal of Cthulu-based artwork as much as the rest of the internet I do think that this is a quite fantastic tee.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Miles to Go


Dracula pre-order at miles to go

by Matt on June 24, 2012

Post image for Dracula pre-order at miles to go

Greg at miles to go just put up a pre-order for his new Dracula design. It will stay up until July 1st, but after that the shirt won’t be available until September. Shirts will print/ship 2 weeks after the pre-order ends. As always, discharge ink on American Apparel.


Post image for Miles to Go releases new version of 1984

Originally released as a full color print on black and limited edition heather grey tri-blend, 1984 is back on black, this time it’s a 50/50 American Apparel tee printed with discharge ink. As you’ve probably read, I love American Apparel tri-blends, but the 50/50 tees are also wonderfully soft and comfortable. Pick this up while it lasts…there’s a only a few left in each size!


Post image for I Won a Poster – Cat’s Cradle from Miles to Go!

As most of you know (or at least you must have seen Matt’s blog about it) Miles to Go released their Spring 2012 line, and obviously it looks fantastic. Greg Kerr (owner of Miles to Go) put together a contest on Facebook; share the release of the new line and be entered to win a poster from the Miles to Go store – and guess who won?

So I got to pick, and I chose Cat’s Cradle, designed by the talented and cute, Cutty Bage. I took some photos of the poster for all of you and as you can see, there’s so much detail in just one piece… I feel like I could stare for hours. Also this silk-screen poster, like a lot of Miles to Go’s prints, is limited to only 50 – I’m glad to be one of the 50 to own this one. Speaking of, I love that each are hand stamped and numbered on the back, nice added detail I must say.

I also happily framed it and hung it, all in one day (which is pretty good for me as I usually take way too long to accomplish that – I must have been really excited about this one!) I recommend everyone own a poster from Miles to Go, quality, quality, quality! And I would also like to tack on that I received my poster in what seemed like record speed, so thanks again Greg!

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miles to go clothing – spring 2012

by Matt on March 22, 2012

Post image for miles to go clothing – spring 2012

miles to go clothing has long been one of my favorite t-shirt brands. Everything you could want or love about a graphic t-shirt, he does perfectly. I say he, because miles to go is a one man show. Greg Kerr started the company as a creative outlet for himself, always being influenced by art and literature. The more recent lines have all been inspired by classic literature and yesterday Greg dropped a bunch of new tees for our wearing and viewing pleasure.

Cat’s Cradle

War of the Worlds

The Iron Man

Time Machine
(this was originally going to be a grey print, but Greg took my suggestion to use aqua and it turned out great!)

At this point I’m not even sure how many miles to go shirts I own, but it’s a lot. And I love every single one of them. The prints are HUGE and super soft, all using water based or discharge inks. And all printed on American Apparel shirts, including tri-blends and the 50/50 tees. Do yourself a favor and grab some of these awesome designs before they’re gone. Available at

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T-shirt news for March 19th

by Andy on March 19, 2012

star wars t-shirt

So, I guess we could call this a Star Wars x Star Wars mashup at TeeFury?

Random shirts at Shirt.Woot for $6.66 today.

RIPT drop a Skyrim tee today.

Brilliant pirate typography shirt up at Qwertee.

Shirt Punch have a Sherlock Holmes tee that will make little sense to the vast majority of British viewers, which says a lot about the global popularity of the show.

There’s an alien invasion at Nowhere Bad.

Snake make an appearance at The Yetee.

I had to Google it, but this shirt at OtherTees references the high school attended by the Power Rangers.

When it comes to old school nerd tee designs it doesn’t get much older than this at 24tee.

TeeRaiders have a Supernatural referencing design for us.

Delightful shirt up at DBH today.

Lego gets some love at GraphicLab today.

Three fun new designs from Goodjoe.

Shirt Vegas have three new pop culture tees available this week as part of their pre-launch.

Made in the Now salute the thai billionaire who invented Red Bull who died at the weekend.

I’m fairly sure that this was the first ever tee that Tilteed offered and it’s back for another day.

Wrongwroks have released a military style shirt.

Miles To Go will release their Spring collection on Wednesday, and I’ll probably forget to mention it.

Speaking of MTG, here’s a speed run video of one of the new designs.

The Mancunianist is a new street-style blog focusing on Manchester.

TTG are running a big giveaway with Branded Baron.


T-shirt News for January 18th

by Andy on January 18, 2012

dexter t-shirt

Any Dexter fans in the house? I’m sure this TeeFury design will be right up your street.

I don’t think that sounds like a good idea AT ALL. Shirt.Woot.

RIPT couldn’t decide on a reference today so they had to just use all of them.

I don’t get it. Nowhere Bad.

Awful lot of skulls today at Shirt Punch.

One for the atheists over at

I don’t watch Archer, but I’m fairly sure that’s what this TeeMinus24 shirt is referencing.

There’s a new Doctor Who t-shirt at 24tee.

As long as you like all-over prints this shirt at DBH is rather lovely.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling that cool sushi t-shirt again.

Design Juices showcase 50 t-shirts with interesting typography.

T-Post are giving away the T-shirt Stories documentary DVD (which I can’t find anywhere in the UK, and I don’t know if I can order it off French Amazon) to people who subscribe to their tee service.

Green Day are running a t-shirt design contest, except you have to be part of their ‘Idiot Club’ to enter, and that has a $20 annual subscription, so you effectively have to pay to enter this contest… lame.

Miles To Go are running a poster sale until Friday.

Wrongwroks have opened a 2nd store in China, it’s fun to watch Tony’s brand expanding.

HYA isn’t going dark in protest of SOPA/PIPA (mostly because I don’t think anyone would miss it) but a lot of other websites are.

Rigu is still a thing.

Karmaloop have a video about L’il Wayne’s new clothing line (that doesn’t look at all like every other BAPE-esque brand out there), TRUKFIT.

604Republic have upped the prize in their design competition.


pokemon t-shirt

I hope you guys all enjoyed Christmas and the New Year, it was a great break for me not thinking about t-shirts (much) and enjoying guilt-free eating. Good luck to everyone in 2012!

TeeFury have a Pokemon t-shirt that I don’t understand.

RIPT drop a Harry Potter-insipred shirt.
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Daily Tees & News for December 22nd

by Andy on December 22, 2011

zombie enforcement agency t-shirt

Things really are getting quiet in the tee world as people get ready for Christmas and the last order dates are passed for most brands, hopefully we’ll all be able to relax soon.

But, but, where’s the reference in this TeeFury design?!

How weird that there would be a 1% milk shirt at Snorg this week, and then Shirt.Woot have something similar.

RIPT must be fans of The Walking Dead too.
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4 new items up in the Miles To Go store

by Andy on November 22, 2011

miles to go t-shirts

I remember back in the day when Miles To Go was a custom blets company, you sold out, man!

Many of these items are limited to 25 pieces or so, and with the popularity of MTG that means you’d probably better move quick on them.


Miles To Go Fall line

Man, don’t titles like that make the t-shirt world sound exciting?

Greg is dropping a colossal range of 27 new items, all of which are influenced by the world of literature. There are some really stunning pieces in ther, well done to you, Sir!

Miles To Go


miles to go clothing

This line has been available for more than two weeks now and some of the pieces were produced on a limited run (as low as 12 pieces in some cases) so it may well be the case that your size is unavailable now, but hey, at least you’ve got some cool designs to look at, because looking at them is just as much fun as wearing them, right?

Miles To Go


miles to go interview

Adam continues his impressive streak of quality articles with an interview with Miles To Go founder Greg Kerr. There’s a lot of good advice in there for budding t-shirt brand owners from someone who has been around the block a few times and has learned a lot about the industry.

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miles to go spring line

You’ll probably be looking at some of those tees in the mosaic and thinking “that isn’t new” and I would agree with you. I’m not sure quite how that works, it’s possibly a reprint situation since this release weighs in at a whopping 2000 shirt print run, but a lot of those designs are new, and a lot of them are really nice, so click on through and check them out at Miles To Go.


Clearance sale at Miles To Go

by Andy on February 19, 2011

miles to go sale

By the time you read this it’s possible that the selection of available tees has dwindled, but it’ll still be worth checking out. Greg is clearing out the last of certain designs, some of which only have a couple left of sizes left available, sometimes just one tee left in a certain design. The tees are $15 each, which is a good saving since Miles To Go shirts regularly retail at about $25. No need for a coupon code, just go straight tothe Miles To Go store.


Strictly speaking HYA is still on holiday, but there’s only so much Kinect that you can play before your arms are so sore you can barely hold them above your head. As you’d expect, there are some post Christmas sales going on around the internet at the moment and I thought I’d point you in their direction. Naturally, if I’ve missed something (I’ve been writing this whilst I wait for Half Life 2 to download, thanks Steam sale!), feel free to add your own sale in the comments for this post.

They’re calling it a clearance, but to be honest there aren’t a huge amount of tees in this Threadless sale, I think we’ve probably been treated too well over the year though with all the massive 10th anniversary sales. Still, it’s worth checking just in case there’s a shirt on sale that you’d been coveting for a while.

Now this is a proper sale from Design By Humans, everything in store is $12 until January 9th, get on it! (If you like them cheaper than $12, I’ll be having a DBH competition soon)

Seventh.Ink are having a massive 50% off sale for one day only (New Year’s Day) to thanks fans for liking them on Facebook. They recently held a challenge on Facebook, that if they got 3,000 people to like their page then they would hold a big sale, they got 3,000 and are sticking to their word. I’m not sure if the HYA coupon code (that you can find just underneath this post) will work on top of this sale, but it’s got to be worth trying.

Coty has done the thing I’m too lazy to do and put together a great roundup of T-shirt top 10s of the year, with some damn fine choices and a pretty good overview of the year in the world of t-shirts.

There’s 30% off at Miles to Go from now until New Years with the coupon code miles, which will take most of the tees down to $16 and lower.

Coupon code YEAREND will see a 20% discount applied to your order at CX.CITY from now until the day will all the ones in it.

My man Bobby over at Monstar dropped me a note to say that they’ve got 25% off their slip on shoes that are kinda like Toms and handmade in Argentina. They’re usually $30, but if you use the coupon code BRINGIT2011 you’ll pick them up for $22.50 a pair. The coupon is live until January 7th, and hopefully by then they’ll have added a few new items to the store as it is looking a bit bare with just one item in it.


miles to go coupon code

Miles To Go, who I still think of as those people that make belts rather than have a totally badass t-shirt line, have got a coupon code that is good until Monday (I just saw a tweet about it now, not sure how long it’s been live) that will get you 25% off your order. The magic code is school


miles to go coupon code

Rather good timing on this deal from Miles To Go since Greg dropped a few new tees recently, including this Orwellian beauty I posted a few days ago, and I think we can all agree that as consumers we’d enjoy them more if they only cost three quarters of the usual asking price.

Use the coupon code summer at the checkout to enjoy your 25% saving at Miles to Go. [via TeeBanter]


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