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Sprayground Bags at Margin London

by Margin London on January 26, 2013

Sprayground Bags at Margin London

Not tees, we know, but you can be wearing the best looking t-shirt and let your outfit down with a bland or ugly bag.

Chances are that, if you’re reading HideYourArms, you care about your printed tees and what you wear so, like a hair-flicking starlet, you deserve a decent printed bag (because you’re worth it).

Sprayground Bags at Margin London

American brand Sprayground is innovating baggage with their distinctive art-inspired range. With backpacks, weekenders, and iPad sleeves, all available in a range of great designs, Sprayground bags feature dripping gold paint, camo sharks, piles of cash, and many more unique prints, including a collaboration with Mishka.

Sprayground Bags at Margin London

Designer David Ben David, aka DBD, grew up in Miami painting, skating, surfing, and always on the go, packing his whole life in his backpack but all he could find were bags of the same old solid colors and shapes so had to create his own brand.

With stores as diverse as Nordstrom, Digital Gravel, Patricia Field, and Kitson carrying the range in America, and spotted on numerous artists including Rihanna, the bags have wide appeal, from streetwear stores to fashion boutiques.

Sprayground Bags at Margin London

Sprayground bags are made from durable polyester fabric and feature a sleek construction with hidden features, such as velour laptop, tablet and sunglasses compartments, ergonomic padded back support, and stash pockets.

Sprayground are reaching out to potential stockists across the pond when they make their European tradeshow debut exclusively at Margin, the independent trade show exhibition in London for new brands.

Sprayground Bags at Margin London

Renowned amongst key buyers and press as the launchpad for new brands, Margin has been providing an affordable platform for new brands since 2002 and will be the only trade exhibition across Europe to see the range of bags in person.

Since the exhibitions first started back in 2002, Margin can lay claim to providing the UK launching point of overseas brands such as Upper Playground, Diamond Supply Co, Stereo Sound Agency, Double Goose, Loreak Mendian, Syndrome, Nooka, Mimobots, Qwstion, Hixsept (now Etudes Studio), and many others, who all made their European or UK trade debuts at Margin, which celebrated 10 years of exhibitions in 2012.

Sprayground Bags at Margin London

Sprayground will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013 which takes place on the 10th & 11th, and you can find them on Facebook here.

Sprayground Bags at Margin London


Another grab bag from Mishka NYC

by Andy on June 13, 2008


Ahhh press releases, the saviour of the rushed blogger:

So here we go! The big online sale that took us almost a week to get
ready for. Everything is inventoried, and most importantly almost
everything is marked down!

We’re offering you two ways to shop during the sale…

1) $200 Duffel Grab Bags – Those of you who like to live on the edge
and take gambles always seem to love the grab bag sales. As usual, you
get way more in value than you pay for! For $200 you will get at least
$500 worth of merchandise and the chance for one-offs, samples for
upcoming seasons and never before seen or produced items and/or colorways!
Please be sure to include your waist and New Era size in your order
comments when purchasing a Grab Duffel Bag!

Click below to go direct to the Duffel Grab Bag:

2) 30-50%Off Select Stock – For those of you who like to play it safe
you can enjoy 30-50% off almost our entire current online stock and shop
piece by piece by piece.

Click below to go direct to the Online Store:

And if your read this far down without running straight to the online
shop then please enjoy a 10% discount code* on your purchases (excluding
the Duffel Grab Bags) by typing in CHEAPSKATE when checking out!

*Discount code may not always work when choosing to pay with PayPal

I don’t actually know for sure if your grab bag order comes in that rather nice looking duffel bah in the picture, but that’s what they’ve put on the product page, so it kinda makes sense.

Mishka NYC


Up until the end of the month you can get 20% off everything in the MishkaNYC online store* by using the discount code MishkaMay during the check out. Simple!


*Excluding denim, online exclusives & the Odds & Ends section

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