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“Cheeky Monkey” t-shirt by Paul Smith

by Amy_F on April 16, 2012

paul smith cheeky monkey t-shirt

I met a monkey once in Florida on Spring Break.  He wore a diaper and was a pickpocket.  He tried to steal my watch right off my wrist.  He never gave me the finger though (true story).  I love surfing and I love me some monkeys, so combined it’s a winner in my book.  The only thing that stops me from purchasing besides the fact that it’s only sold in a men’s cut is the price because it’s so ridiculously high, but that’s to be expected with a Paul Smith. The original is $110.00 on his own website.  Otherwise this definitely makes me giggle.

Cost = £53.00 Buy it at Good Hood Store

Andy’s note: I didn’t know you had such expensive tastes, Amy!

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This week at we bring you a page from that enchanting movie ‘Fight Club’, ‘Space Monkey’ by by Fanboy30! Yes, my beautiful and unique snowflakes, you too can become a Space Monkeys!

Fanboy30, better known as Matt in real life, is an Englishman now living in Canada. Originally from a sleepy coastal town in Devon called Sidmouth but now resides in a larger but equally sleepy city in Nova Scotia. He tells us that his T-shirt designs feed his unhealthy toy collecting habit which mainly consists of Transformers, Star Wars and Lego. He is also a photography graduate. You can find a wide range of artwork in his portfolio on RedBubble and Society6.

“I am Matt’s geeky intent….I am Matt’s nerd rage… I am Matt’s complete lack of reality”

Feel free to follow his madman ramblings on Facebook and Twitter as well!!/Fanboy30

Andy: Thanks for the submission!

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Daily Tees and News for December 8th

by Andy on December 8, 2011

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind t-shirt

Sorry that the news is a bit late today, I couldn’t get home from my girlfriend’s house this morning due to local flooding, I was in puddles of water over the lights on my car at one point, but there was no getting through.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind t-shirt before, I’ve also haven’t seen the film, this shirt is one of those things fixed, thanks to TeeFury.

I recognised the Hunter S. Thompson side of this RIPT design, but had to check the comments to know that the rest of it was about Pokemon.

Usually I’m fairly apathetic about the designs at, but I really like this lion design.

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New shirts and a new site from OMUNKY

by Andy on November 10, 2011

walrus t-shirt

Let’s be honest, a t-shirt store haven’t a new site isn’t massive news, as someone who has experienced the redesign process from the inside numerous times I know it feels like the most important thing in the world, but unless you’re Facebook you’re never going to get a massive amount of feedback or excitement even though you spent days and days obsessing over the tiniest pieces of code.

Their new site is an improvement, it looks nicer than the last version and there have been a load of new features introduced (faster checkout, new payment options, and a rewards programme).

New tee ‘Wet Walrus’ is gorgeous, definitely my favourite shirt that they’ve ever released, I love the colourway and the use of negative space is just gorgeous. The other release is ‘MUNKY Tree‘ which regular readers will notice isn’t new at all but actually a reprint that has been tweaked a bit. I like the idea of artists going back to older designs and giving them a refresh, there’s no point in being nostalgic about tee designs when people feel they can improve on them if their own talents have improved.

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Red Monkey Hoodie by NYIllustration

by Andy on January 27, 2010

Post image for Red Monkey Hoodie by NYIllustration

Gotta love that colourway, and good to see them not letting the zipper getting in the way of what is a lovely looking sketch-style print.

Costiness=$42 Available from NYIllustration’s Etsy Shop (the listing is for a women’s medium hoodie, but you can request other sizes)


Munky Tree Organic Tee by Omunky

by Andy on November 4, 2009




Usually I’d rag on a tee for having a square border to the print as this tee from new, eco-friendly label OMUNKY, but in this case I think it gives more of an ‘art on a tee’ look to it, and kudos on the use of negative space.

Costiness=$22 Available from Omunky


Viva La Evolución by BustedTees

by Andy on November 4, 2009


Here’s an oldie-but-goodie from the good folks at BustedTees, with a product photo that I’m sure made sense at the time…



Gorilla Cop by 57Thirtythree

by Andy on October 5, 2009

il_430xN.91508109 il_430xN.91508111

This design was created because the behavior of this primate and certain law enforcement officers is often indistinguishable.

Ummm, fight the power and all that?

Costiness=$32 Available from 57Thirtythree’s Etsy shop


Acid Wash Monkey by NYIllustration

by Andy on September 8, 2009


It’s a monkey!

Costiness=$26 Available from NYIllustration’s Etsy Shop


A Monkey Holding a Camera by Graniph

by Andy on March 2, 2009


Apparently “you can’t buy it Sunday” doesn’t just happen on a Sunday, since I was looking around the Graniph site, and I can’t see this one on sale.

Obviously I took the pictures back in England, but I do remember the tee having that high-level of quality that I’ve come to expect from Graniph. Also, these pictures aren’t too impressive, I had to take pictures of 10 tees in a mad rush before leaving for the airport, so these haven’t had the usual work that I like to put into the gallery pictures, sorry.

More average photos after the jump

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“Monkey King” by Squishi [Review]

by Andy on January 7, 2009


This is the second tee that I’ve received from Squishi, I liked the first one, and you know what? I rather like this one too. For the uninitiated, Squishi are a new-ish tee company from Southern (boo!) England (yay!) that get some totally awesome artists such as Drew Millward and Luke Drozd (who designed this tee), print them up on American Apparel tees, and sell them, yeah, I know, a new tee company that doesn’t do crowdsourcing or run a design competition, madness!


I think that Squishi and I are pretty well-aligned when it comes to artistic tastes, because there are no designs in their growing catalogue that I don’t like. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie, I don’t really like this one, but seriously, what the hell is that pink thing?

Squishi appear to like designs with a lot of elements, lots going on and a fair amount of detail too. It’s a little bit odd that this tee is called ‘Monkey King,’ I’m not questioning the importance of the simian, that monkey is clearly in charge, but my issue is that the Monkey is pretty much the last thing I noticed about tee, with all the other elements there is a definite lack of focus on the monkey. That’s not really an issue when you look at it, you see what you see, but when you know the name something about it seems a bit off. Perhaps I’m just focusing too much on the stuff going about the elephant and monkey because those are my favourite parts.


Squishi print all their shirts themselves from their Wiltshire-based HQ/garage, and I really like that, aside from the fact it is apparently troublesome to find a UK based printer that can do a good job (from what I’ve heard), it means that Squishi are very involved with their own product. Justifiably, they can be proud of what they produce, and as if to prove that they know what they’re doing, they’ve even blogged the whole printing process, which is interesting to a guy like me, though probably slightly less interesting to Joe the t-shirt buyer who just wants to get their cool tee and be done with it. Printing quality is impressive, and I know it lasts because the last one I got is still going strong. The tee felt a bit short on me compared to normal, and they mention in the notes that it is fairtrade, which makes me question whether it’s made by American Apparel like their other shirts. Do AA do fairtrade tees? It wasn’t a poor fit by any stretch of the imagination, I just thought it warranted mentioning.

Costiness=£15 Buy Monkey King at Squishi

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Justin Timberlake believes in Monkeys

by Andy on October 27, 2008

Wondering why there are so many celebrity posts on HYA today? Look here for an explanation.

Wahey! Here’s a tee where I’ve finally found somewhere that you can actually buy it (several places in fact). Admittedly, in a slightly different colourway, but hey, I’m trying my best here, okay?

The tee is ‘Lucky Strike’ and is by RVCA, you can buy it at: In red at Magic Seaweed Surf Shop, and on white with grey lettering at Swell, and Underworld.


XLarge DIY Contest

Press release first, my thoughts second:

It’s back – the XLarge Design Contest – your chance to gain immortality within the echelons of designers like Angela Johnson, G. Dan Covert, Billy Valdez, Rory Wilson and the winner last time, Winston Acosta.

GET STARTED! Check out the contest entry page and use the design templates to create your own original design. Post them up using the form. On June 30th, 2008 we’ll review the submissions and announce a winner. Entries will be judged on originality and sauce.

The grand prize winner will see his or her print make it into production for our Spring 09 season. They will receive a bunch of shirts and a $100 Gift Cerfiticate to the website. Three runners up will receive $25 Gift Certificates to the website and due props for nearly making it.

You can enter as often as you like. Don’t forget to read the rules before you enter.

Good luck!

Is it just me, or does that prize seem more than a little stingy to you? Considering that XLarge aren’t exactly a small operation, just look at the amount of stores they have, and that list doesn’t include other retails locations they’re stocked in. I guess that being able to say that you’ve designed a tee for XLarge would look good in a portfolio simply because they’re a respected name, but considering this tee is going to be in their Spring 09 collection I’d expect the prize to include something you could pay the bills with too.


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