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Up to 50% off sale at Roktic

by Andy on July 21, 2009


Oh, is that another sale today? Why yes, yes it is, I’m almost getting bored of savings now.

Hey Andy!

Just wanted to let you know we are doing a end of season sale with all summer stock discounted up to 50% off for a limited time to make space for all the new stock and brands arriving next month! Brands discounted include Sixpack France, RVLT, Wemoto, Ctrl, Monsieur T.and Le Sucre.




Monsieur T. Summer T-Shirt Collection

Who doesn’t love a bit of Monsieur T.?


Road Trip by Monsieur T. [Review]

by Andy on June 8, 2009


I get sent a lot of tees, but I don’t think I’ve ever been sent one with a specific event in mind. This was the last tee I received when I was in Philly, and I warned Monsieur T. that there was a chance that it wouldn’t arrive because I was going to be heading to the West coast to get some hardcore touristing done. Luckily the package arrived, and I found a very appropriate tee inside: Road Trip.


Of course, it could be purely coincidental, but I prefer my story. Naturally, I wore this tee during my road trip, whilst we were driving through Death Valley (aka the place where I drank my bodyweight in water). I really like the design, and I’m sure I’d love the original photo, it conveys the feeling of a road trip perfectly, freedom, going somewhere just because you can, because you want to, but not because you need to, and because you stick your arm out of the window to see if it really is that damn hot or if the AC is broken.


In terms of quality, in comparison to American Apparel, the cotton is a little thicker, and the cut a little less forgiving (it doesn’t stretch as much to hide what 4 months of sampling America culinary delights did to my stomach). Printing an all-over tee can be troublesome, and you can usually expect some problems, but Monsieur T. have performed admirably, and you’d have to look pretty hard to find any errors.

Costiness=$17 (down from $34) Buy it at Monsieur T.
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50% off loads of stuff at Krudmart

by Andy on June 3, 2009


Including The Quiet Life, Monsieur T., Mishka, DURKL, amongst others, and if you spend more than $50 your order will be shipped free of charge (presuming you live in the US, of course).

No word on when the sale ends, but as this is being described as a Spring Cleaning event then I would assume that it will run until most of the items have sold out.


Spring Clearance Sale at Monsieur T.

by Andy on April 29, 2009



Monsieur T.’s 5 year anniversary sale!

by Andy on January 14, 2009


Seems like it’s the time for birthdays, because Monsieur T. has turned five years old and is celebrating with a 30-50% off sale that I guess will be going on until Friday.

Oh, and how beautiful is that tee?


Monsieur T. is quite the mainstream of the indie tee world, consistently releasing great designs, and always deserving of the respect that he gets in the industry. This fall collection is no different, though the designs do seem to have gone bigger than in the past.

I checked out the checkout, and as we often find, the free shipping offer only applies to the US, so bear that in mind when placing an order my non-American friends.

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Monsieur T. releases his fall collection

by Andy on September 23, 2008

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “you know what I need? A t-shirt where a skeleton is bursting out of a care bear.” Well, consider this your lucky day, because that very design is available in Monsieur T. latest collection. There’s also loads of other cool tees, as you can see in the gallery, but how on earth could I not mention the care bear tee?

Monsieur T. (range also available at krudmart)

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Huge Clearance Sale at Monsieur T.

by Andy on September 11, 2008

To make room for their upcoming Fall collection release, Monsieur T. is having a huge clearance sale. Everything in their sale section is 50-60% off! The stock is very limited and this may be the last chance to get select designs. The sale ends Sunday, September 14th at midnight PST.

Monsieur T.


Super Hot Summer Sale at Monsieur T.

by Andy on July 29, 2008

For the next three days you guys and girls can get 40% off all apparel and hats at Monsieur T.


Monsieur T.: Summer Line available!

by Andy on June 17, 2008


It seems like it wasn’t all that long ago that I was blogging about their Spring line being released, so I guess summer has been creeping up on me because the summer line has been released and is now available in very limited quantities (something that was stressed in the press release) on their website. Click on the thumbnail to see the whole line up.Monsieur T.


Monsieur T.: Spring Line available!

by Andy on May 13, 2008


Monsiuer T. have dropped their Spring line which looks totally awesome, every design a potentially popular tee on Rumplo (except for the single hat of the collection). One of them was even worn by a member of The Roots on the freakin’ Colbert Report! See!
Apparently, stocks are very limited for this line so get on it if you want something.Monsieur T. Spring Line


Monsiuer T.’s Huge Clearance Sale

by Andy on April 3, 2008

50% off sale at Monsieur T.

Monsieur T. is getting ready to launch his Spring/Summer line, and we all know that means he’s going to need to spare room on his shelves, and what’s the best way to clear some room?

A big ass sale of course!

The fella’s need to look here, and the ladies should peep this page.


Monsieur T’s 4th year anniversary sale

by Andy on January 29, 2008


Straight from their mailout:

Monsieur T. is excited to celebrate their 4th year in business. They want to thank everyone for all of the support throughout these years. As a token of their appreciation, they’re offering discounts of 30-50% off for 4 days.

The sale section for guys is here!
And the sale section for ladies is here!

Sale ends Thursday, January 31st at midnight PST.

Just a couple of days, so buy it if you want it!


The Cotton Filter – 040606

by Andy on June 4, 2006

No recommendation tonight because I have my last ever university exam tomorrow afternoon and I need to study more, but I’d already written this weeks cotton filter, so I thought that’d do instead:

Steve Rosswick Clothing: The failed math geek in me really loves this tee, even though I don’t have a particular fondness for white tees, but those graph paper details are freakin’ sweet! (via A Piece of Shirt, good to see APS back in the tee game)
: There’s a lot of tee blogs out there, but this one seems to post more than anyone else…. probably because it’s all copy/pasted (or cleverly RSS posted) from other tee blogs, with a little “all credit for this post goes to ‘x'” at the end of the post. It would seem that Preshrunk doesn’t like this practise (and nor do I, which was why I notified Jason about it) and changed one of the images in a post of his to reflect his feelings, which was of course duly posted on Tshirtlog. I know web 2.0 is about sharing, but bloggers spend a lot of time writing their content.

Split the Atom: They may well be very similar to Threadless in terms of business model, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (the above paragraph excluded) and STA have got some great shirt designs as well as a well designed site, and their prices are very reasonable for a British site (£15 each and it was £1.40 postage when I tested the checkout). (via T-shirt-alert and TeeJ ages ago)

Monsieur T: Free shipping on all orders in the US and Canada throughout June (including this lovely piece of self-promotion)

Owl Movement: New series of tee’s now available from OM, with a wide variety of styles, the tees run along three themes, ‘future perfect’, ‘your brand new love’ and ‘nostalgic notions’.


Just go! go! go!

by Andy on March 7, 2006


I lined up a load of Monsieur T links in the, and what does he go and do? Has a massive sale, so most of the stuff I’ve picked may well be gone by the end of the month. If only he’d stop thinking about designing and selling excellent wearables and start making sure that the clothes bloggers could keep their ridiculous posting schedules on track. Does he realise that I’m (probably) going to have to spend like 30 MINUTES looking for new stuff now… shudder.

You can see the front, and it’s obivous that it’s nicely designed, only a fool would disagree, and as a child of the 80s, like so many, I pity the fool!

My favourite part is actually what you can’t see in my chosen pic, on the back, on one of the shoulders there is some handwritten-style text that says ‘Lets travel’. So if you ever wonder what you should wear when you’re about to go on a flight, I just found it for you.

Costiness=$35.40 (down from $59), URL here.


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