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Monster hoodies by Wrongwroks

by Andy on September 28, 2009

monster-1 monster-2 monster-3 monster-4

I know that these hoodies have been featured way back, but these are new colourways, and the model is really cute, so quit your complaining (which none of you have ever done)!



Monster by Rosie Apps

by Andy on August 21, 2009


Rosie Apps is a young artist from London who designs & prints t-shirts, and a fine job of it she is doing too. All the tees are printed on American Apparel, limited to 50 pieces of each design in each colour (and there are quite a lot of colourways if you don’t dig the black/green like I do).

Rosie has been kind of us to and provided a coupon code, RAPPS10 , that will give you 10% off any of the tees in store.

Costiness=£18 Available from Rosie’s Big Cartel Store

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Monster T-Shirt by Frank Chimero

by Andy on August 19, 2009

Monster T-Shirt by Frank Chimero

Costiness=$20 Available from Frank Chimkero [via PCT]


Monster Boogie by Stereopanda

by Andy on November 6, 2008

I like the look of where this series of tees is going, they look damn bold and I like that. As the picture says, if you e-mail them saying what you think the next monster in the series is going to be, there’s a chance that you could infact win that tee.



Say Hello To Electric Threads Corp

by Andy on October 14, 2008

[At the time of posting this, hopefully I’m on a ferry between England and France, so please excuse the lack of commentary]

Here’s a brand that I found on Emptees:

The whole reason I started Electric Threads Corp. was because I had always enjoyed drawing and sketching, but the thing is I wanted to take that and turn it into something more. So one day I came up with the idea of putting my drawings and ideas on to clothing to sell to people to wear. A simple idea was all it took to start this.
So far I make all my shirts myself with my sister in my tiny shed and my screen printing equipment :P. I hope one day I can take Electric Threads Corp. and turn it into a huge thriving business. Who knows maybe someday I can use this to help the world or create a huge following. All I know for now is that i’m gonna dream big and go for it!

Electric Threads Corp.


Monster Doodle by Me&Yu

by Andy on March 14, 2008


Me&Yu, the Manchester-based fashion label that has a store in the delightfully bizarre Affleck’s Palace, released their Sping/Summer range fairly recently, and they encouraged me to check it out. Being a fan of all things Me&Yu, and most things Mancunian, check it out I did.
Monster Doodle hoody by Me&Yu

They’ve continued along the same theme of doing fairly weird things in a hand drawn style and having equally weird photoshoots (bigger product pics would be nice on detailed artwork though). I really like the green and grey colourway of this monster doodle hoodie (the pullover version), and I really like prints on hood linings as is shown in the zip-up version, and I get the feeling that I’d like the drawings too, but its a bit hard to make them out. Still, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that this is a cool design.

Costiness=£40/50 Links: Pullover/Zipper

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Cotton Factory’s Tokyo Pack

by Andy on March 11, 2008

4 tees for $32? Bargainous!

Like Godzilla? Like Mothra? Like Ghidrah? Like Gigan? Got $32 spare?

Good, you can get 4 tees with those monsters on for just $32 (… $8 per tee) as part of Cotton Factory’s Tokyo Pack. Personal I think that Tokyo Destruction Pack would have been slightly more accurate, but I don’t argue with bargains!

Costiness=$32 Link


Johnny Cupcakes Kitchen Monster Tees

by Andy on February 14, 2008

Johnny Cupcakes Kitchen Monster t-shirt series

JC has been getting all anthropomorphic on us, dropping three new designs on us that all involves kitchen appliance’s getting their own back. As ever, great style, funny images (yeah, I said funny, nothing scares the Andy!), and you can still get a free scarf ($35.99 value) if you spend more than $100, which is about 3 tees in Cupcake land.

Costiness=$35.99 Link (Kitchen monster designs are currently occupying the top row of the shop)


from the depths 3d tee by heavy rotation

This tee is an oldie-but-goodie. Well, old in terms of tee design, its probably not more than a couple of years old. Don’t you think that it would be really cool if you went to a cinema where they were showing something in 3D and everyone was wearing the glasses in the cinema, then you walked in late and everyone got freaked out by your tee?
from the depths 3d tee by heavy rotation

Fair enough, that would be a pretty extreme reason to purchase a t-shirt, unless perhaps you worked at a 3D cinema and they had casual Fridays, but it doesn’t stop the tee from being cool even when you haven’t got the glasses on. In their description, Heavy Rotation say that the tee is light grey, but to me it looks more like a powder blue, so who knows whats going on.Costiness=$28 Link


Some kind of monster

by Andy on February 13, 2006

m_s_monster_invasion_lrgYay, another British shop to promote! Lazy Oaf have one of the oddest web-designs that I’ve seen for a long time, it’s like a site made by hand rather than computer, but luckily it just makes me like the brand more; even if their models do look a bit depressing, big, hand drawn balding guys with bad comb overs, it’s like me looking into the mirror in 40 years (apologies to the Lazy Oaf if it’s a self-portrait).

The invading monster sweatshirt really stood out to me as one of their best items, which earns it the coveted HYA picture spot.

Costiness=£45 (including p&p if you’re in the UK),


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