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Post image for Fantastic Monty Python collage shirt at Chop Shop

I must be honest and say that I haven’t actually seen the whole back catalogue of Monty Python, I’ve watched bits here and there and know about the major things they’ve done, but quite a lot of the references on this epic collage tee from Chop Shop are a mystery to me. I’m sure it will look pretty great to the hardcore fans though.

Costiness=$23 Buy it at Chop Shop


Post image for Game of Thrones, Monty Python, Geeky and I know it, and Bioshock t-shirts invade 604Republic

Seems like not that long since 604Republic unleashed a bunch of new tees on us pop culture nerds, so let’s call this a timely treat (which may also be them getting ready for Christmas). Really solid bunch of releases.


Post image for Nowhere Bad T-shirt: “The Knights Who Say…” Go Ahead, Finish That Line – You Know You Want To!

Ni! Well I think this tee says it all…  Buzatron, you did a really great job on this one – it’s Leah approved, for sure!

Buy at Nowhere Bad, $12, until July 16th, so go go go!
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hunger games t-shirt

Hunger Games shirt at TeeFury today (FYI, the epic Hunger Games list took a battering by takedown requests at RedBubble).

The Ministry of Silly Walks makes an appearance at Shirt.Woot.

Bioshock meets Disney at RIPT today. Does anyone know if there’s a particular reason why Disney has been picked for this mashup?
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pokemon t-shirt

I hope you guys all enjoyed Christmas and the New Year, it was a great break for me not thinking about t-shirts (much) and enjoying guilt-free eating. Good luck to everyone in 2012!

TeeFury have a Pokemon t-shirt that I don’t understand.

RIPT drop a Harry Potter-insipred shirt.
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snorg tees

Can’t say that any of this weeks tees at Snorg are particularly inspiring, but of the three I think that the Wizard of Oz t-shirt would get the most laughs.


mario t-shirt

I’ve only got 5 sites to report on today, I can’t help but think I’ve forgotten some of them (it can get confusing trying to remember which ones are daily and which ones bring in a new shirt every 2/3/4 days. Let me know if I’ve forgotten any!

Usually I show you the mockup on the two TeeFury models, but there’s a lot going on with this Mario-themed shirt, so I thought we’d better get closer in to appreciate it. You could do a lot worse with $10 than buy this shirt.

Yes, this is a Monty Python referencing shirt from RIPT today, but can anyone tell me why they’re ninjas, or is it just randomly funny?

I thought this shirt from Loviu was a bit generic at first, but when when I saw it was called “we built this city on rock & roll” it got kicked up a notch in my book.

I don’t think I’ve been able to get up without hitting snooze for a good 5 years now, am I the only one that sets their alarm 9 minutes before they intend to get up because they know they’ll hit snooze. Cool shirt from Shirt.Woot today.

Once again I like the style of Tilteed’s daily tee, and would I be right in thinking that’s a seafoam coloured shirt? Delightful!


Ministry of Alien Silly Walks

Once again I feel compelled to point out that I’ve never really delved deep into the archives to explore the world of Monty Python, but even I know what’s going on here. Whoever thought of putting it together with the Alien universe clearly has a very unusual brain to make the connection between the two.

From $10 today at RIPT.


“The Optimist” Monthy Python t-shirt

by Andy on August 12, 2011

monty python t-shirt

I don’t think I’ve actually watched a huge amount of Monty Python stuff, nothing that really sticks out in the mind anyway. Feel free to call me an idiot in the comments and question how British I can be because I don’t watch a show that was over by the time I was born.

Costiness=$10 Buy it today only at TeeFury


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