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What’s new at laFraise this week?

by Andy on October 1, 2012

Post image for What’s new at laFraise this week?

Four new shirts at laFraise this week, that’s what!

The design with the moon is an absolute delight, and I look forward to picking that up when I have enough Brouzoufs (the laFraise in-house reward currency), but the other three aren’t really for me, there’s nothing wrong with them, just not my style.


Daily Tees & News for December 20th

by Andy on December 20, 2011

night of the living dead t-shirt

This TeeFury shirt has everything, horror, a movie parody, 80s games, 8-bit, and lots of criticism in their comments about the head looking pasted on!

Not often you see an orange shirt, usually it only happens when Tilteed pull this design out of the closet.

This Shirt.Woot design is simple but I like it. I’ve never ordered anything from Shirt.Woot, what are their delivery times like? Any chance you’ll be able to wear this before Egg Nog season is over?
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muppets E.T. t-shirt

One of the few things I remember about a childhood holiday my family had in Florida was that the E.T. ride at Universal Studios was so amazing that as soon as we got off it we went straight back on. I’m sure that if we went back it wouldn’t nearly be as magical (presuming it is still running). Ahhh, childhood.

From $10 today at RIPT.



Has anyone else seen Moon? I really enjoyed it. I don’t actually remember this tee being in the movie but I am assured that it was. I get the feeling that if you went as Sam Rockwell’s character in Moon to a fancy dress party that about 99% of the people there would think you hardly put any effort in, but there would be one guy (or girl) that would think it was pretty awesome.

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at Found Item Clothing


Post image for Moon Property by Cuppa T-Shirts (win part of the moon)

Here’s a curious promo to get the word spread about your new tee; giving away an acre of the moon.

New Zealand-based Cuppa T-Shirts have launched a competition in which all you have to do to win an acre of the moon is become a fan of them on Facebook, and comment on this video. I’m fairly sure that by winning the competition you don’t actually own part of the moon, as I don’t think that the people selling plots on the moon actually own it, but it’s still fun to look up at the moon and think that part of it might be yours.

Costiness=NZD$55 (about USD$38) Available from Cuppa T-Shirts



Apparently I’m not the only person that thinks Rumplo Rocks, seeing as, at the time of writing, they’re ranked in joint second in a BusinessWeek “Best and Worst of Web Design” poll, which rather ironically has an error itself, saying that Google has 3% of the vote, whilst placing it at the top of the list (I suspect that it has something in the 30-39% range).

I think the quality that draws me towards this tee is that it reminds me of looking up at clouds and trying to find shapes, you can look at this tee design and make up your own mind what its meant to be… or you could just read the description on the site.

Costiness=$28.95 Tee Link Rumplo Link


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