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Post image for Nowhere Bad T-shirt: “The Knights Who Say…” Go Ahead, Finish That Line – You Know You Want To!

Ni! Well I think this tee says it all…  Buzatron, you did a really great job on this one – it’s Leah approved, for sure!

Buy at Nowhere Bad, $12, until July 16th, so go go go!
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202 Star Wars T-Shirts [Lists]

by Andy on July 16, 2009


I think that you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a series of movies that have gained as much of a following as Star Wars, and as you’d expect that has resulted in a huge amount of t-shirts being produced that reference the films in one way or another. So, being HYA, I thought that I’d better make an unnecessarily large list of them. As always, the t-shirts are not ranked, the numbers are merely there as an illustration so that we all know which is which, so being #1 or #202 means nothing. Some of these tees will be pretty recognisable as they’ve been featured on HYA before, and some were also in the 101 Robots List from last month, but if you know of any I haven’t featured then please let me know in the comments. The list has also been split up into pages to ensure swift loading times (my server may probably wouldn’t like people loading 202 pictures at a time).

As you would expect these lists take quite a long time (this one took about 30 hours, seriously), so if you deem it worthy, it would be fantastic if you could promote this article in any way. Twitter, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, your own blog, carve the URL onto a tree, anything!

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Wondering why there are so many celebrity posts on HYA today? Look here for an explanation.

I think I might have seen the Transformers movie about 6 or seven times now (in a normal cinema, in an IMAX in Hong Kong where I was the only person in the whole place, on DVD, and on Blu-Ray), so its fair to say that I thought it was awesome. Obviously, the story and acting were pretty terrible… but it was sooo cool!

I can’t find the exact same Transformers t-shirt as being worn by Josh Duhamel here (at what I presume is an Asian premiere of the film), but 80sTees have got a pretty substantial range of Transformers gear that is in a similar style.

Photo credit: Just Jared

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Quicktees: Mini Cassette Tees

by Andy on March 25, 2008


This brand has far too many great designs for me to just give them a quicktees link, which is why I intend to come back to them at some point in the near future, but I thought I’d let those of you that are interested in movie/horror/zombie/sci-fi tees have a look at them now rather than waiting for me to feature an individual tee. Cool vector art on the site too.

Mini Cassette Tees

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I don’t really watch many horror movies anymore, not because I’m particularly scared of the content (I’m a man who proudly boasted in his Facebook status of my opinion that Sweeney Todd ‘wasn’t that gory’), just because there aren’t that many premises out there for horror movies that really appeal to me. One of the things that I don’t like about most t-shirt designs that attempt to appeal to horror fans is the way that they seem to be covered with blood splatters and unnecessarily gruesome images, its as if the designers are trying to create an offensive image that, to me, renders it unwearable in most everyday situations. Dance Party Massacre aren’t like that, if you’ll allow me to get poetic for a second, they’re like a breath of fresh air in a haunted house filled with the stench of stale blood (ooooh, dark!).


Let’s get this out of the way at the start, the face-mask glows in the dark. So you know that I’m gonna love this tee, and especially in the context that the thing that’s often so scary about horror movies is that you can’t see the scary thing, so DPM turned that concept on its head by making sure you can always see their object of terror. This design is typical of Dance Party Massacre’s style, they try and put ambiguity and angles for interpretation into each tee and this is no different. In their own words:

There’s evil out there, and in every slasher film it’s represented as the masked psychopath. This is our version of the boogeyman coming for us. And those hands inside of it—are they dancing, or reaching out for help?


In terms of quality, Dance Part Massacre manage to put out a pretty impressive package. In my envelope (I don’t know if they sent me any special freebies) there was the tee, a DPM printed plastic carrier bag, a load of promo postcards, a pin button, and a sticker. There’s big pics of all of them at the bottom of the post. The tee itself feels good, it doesn’t have a stock tag in it but I get the feeling that it might be AA, but I’m not too used to handling Large sized AA tees (no, I haven’t dropped the pounds yet, DPM don’t to up to XL yet) so I could be wrong. The print feels quality too, and I’ll be interested to see how the glow-in-the-dark treatment lasts with multiple washings.

Costiness=$28 Link

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