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Red Light: Blue Turtle Tees Review

by Carlos J. Morales on July 10, 2013

Before diving into the review, let me start by apologizing for this latish post. It amazes me how packages, in this day and age, can get lost in the system. Now that my sample from Blue Turtle Tees has escaped the United States Postal Matrix, we can finally sit down and discuss the contents of the package. Any guesses on what it could be? If this is your first time visiting Hide Your Arms, the answer is a t-shirt.

Blue Turtle Tees – a brand that was started between friends who are into art, music, photography, and self-expression. The concept sounds reasonable and a lot of potential can come from it. A wise man once said, a team of creative minds is better than one creative mind. Okay… I am not sure if anyone has said that exact quote, but it is not a far fetched idea. Keeping this concept in mind, Blue Turtle Tees comes off as incomplete. In other words, it is at its skeleton stage – a solid concept, but lacks meat on its bones. However, I am not here to review the brand or its identity, it all comes down to the t-shirt itself.


At first glance, you will notice the subtle red and white of the design on this navy blue shirt. The bright colors pop just enough to reel you in; the beauty of printing on dark color shirts. Another thing to note is that Blue Turtle Tees prints on American Apparel, so do not fret when thinking about the colors dulling after a few washes. The print quality also matches the thread quality; smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear. All in all, I think the shirt does the Roxanne reference justice. To be honest, the only thing I could live without was the random use of their logo on the bottom-right side of the t-shirt. It felt out of place and did not improve the presentation by any means.


If there is anything to walk with, it is this: the t-shirt itself is a decent debut t-shirt from a young brand. Given the right series; this shirt would totally be worth the $24.99. However, the lack of website presentation and sub-par collection alienates this design. While I understand this is not a brand review, the price tag of a t-shirt should reflect the overall presentation of the brand thus making this offer a bit over priced. Blue Turtle Tees is young and probably full of wonderful ideas, if they continue to put out designs similar to this one they may attract more t-shirt wearers.



I’m not too excited by My Main Man Pat this week, probably because I’ve never listened to a whole album by either the Beastie Boys or Snoop Whateverhewantstobecalledthisweek so the meanings of these tees are lost on me.

Shirts are $20 as usual including shipping, and are available until the end of the week.


Let’s be honest, Snorg have had much better weeks, haven’t they?

The new tees are $14.95 until the end of the week before going up to the normal price of $19.95.


Dutch clothing company Fresh Folks got in touch a while back to let me know about their musically-inclined selection of tees, crew necks and hoodies, amongst a few other things (including a fixed-gear bike!). They’ve got a good consistent style and I really like their product photography. Well worth checking out if you’re into music.

Costiness=€33.28 Buy it at Fresh Folks


50% hit rate this week for me at My Main Man Pat, meaning that I’ve heard of Aesop Rock but not Nujabes. 50% hit rate in terms of me liking the designs too, the Nujabes tee feels a bit off to me, it’s probably due to the shape of the stylized image, though with me knowing nothing of Nujabes work this might actualy be a very fitting tribute to the artists’ work.

As usual tees are available for one week and are $20 including shipping.


Usually when I saw “haha, I don’t know anything about hip hop” I’m playing it up a bit, but in this case I have literally never heard of EPMD in my life, so this one is completely lost on me, but perhaps I can regain a couple of cool points by knowing that Slick Rick is a… person?

Tees available at My Main Man Pat this week only for C$20 and that includes free shipping worldwide.

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For what I think is the first time at My Main Man Pat I actually understand the subject matter on both tees, which is nice, but I’m not really a massive fan of the designs, the Mos Def one in particular looking too much like merchandise you’d see at one of his shows rather than artwork that was inspired by Mos Def’s work.

Tees are $20 each including free worldwide shipping and available until April 21st.


As ever, my knowledge of hip hop is limited, but even I know what these two are:

The Low End Tiger – A clever take on A Tribe Called Quest’s 1991 “Low End Theory” album cover. This one comes from the brain of Ready2Rumbl out of the Netherlands, our first design to come from mainland Europe.

Creativity – A tribute to the legendary film maker Spike Lee, this piece was created by American designer Maikeru and is meant to inspire.

These shirts are just $20 and include shipping anywhere on the globe. Available until April 14th.

My Main Man Pat


I’m a little bit late with this post since the designs were released on Monday, but the long weekend here in the UK has moved things back a bit and since the shirts are available until Sunday then you guys haven’t missed out on much really.

This week we have a shirt about Nas and his extensive library or songs with the image being made up of titles in the fine print, and also a tributre to the Tribe Called Quest album that was released back in 1996.

Shirts are $20 a piece with free shipping and are available at My Main Man Pat until midnight on Sunday.


I’m a little bit disappointed in how much that I chortled at the ‘No Sheep Till Brooklyn’ design at My Main Man Pat, you should be better than that Andy!

Other designs in this week’s releases feather The Fugees and Snoop Dogg/Lion.


Regular readers of HYA will know that hip hop is not really my thing, I’ve tried and failed a few times to get into it as a genre, and there’s a few songs I like occasionally, but rarely is it something that I would search out. For that reason, it’s hard for me to get excited about My Main Man Pat, a hip-hip themed t-shirt site that launched last week, but I do still like the idea and know it could be popular with some of you guys. Unsurprisingly, the brand is run by a guy called Pat, every Sunday at midnight (EST) he puts up three new designs and they’re then available for one week, once that week is up the shirts are gone and won’t be reprinted.

The basis of the concept isn’t that original, but unless I’m mistaken I think that a limited-time tee company focused on hip hop is pretty novel, and considering how massively popular it is as a genre there’s no reason why MMMP can’t be a success. Even I recognise the Nas song and 2pac in this week’s designs, but the Gangstar design doesn’t mean anything to me (but probably does to everyone else), so I guess that this means they’re having a mix mainstream artists and smaller names that still had a big impact but never reached global status. That’s probably a smart idea and it’ll be interesting to see how the balance sways as time goes on.


Grateful Dead Kennedys

by Travis on February 5, 2013

A most curious mashup…


$20 at Retard Riot.

Cap tip: BuzzFeed

Read more of Travis’ work at It Goes To 11.


Ashley Green totally loves Pink Floyd

by Andy on February 1, 2013

ashley green pink floyd t-shirt

Hell, she probably does like them, just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean she can’t like good music.

[via Daily Mail]


Post image for Coffee & Cigarettes release a hoodie & crew neck, and do some charity work

If I were to be completely honest, and I might as well be because this is my site, I don’t really care for the C&CCC crew neck. If you’re closer to the brand and a supporter of Coffee & Cigarettes then you’re probably going to like it, but there’s not enough there for a casual fan like me since it’s just a circle and a bit of text. The hoodie on the other hand is a different matter altogether, it’s still a circle and text but it’s just so much more interesting. It’s $40 for the hoodie, and the same for the crew neck.

Apart from releasing clothes C&CCC have also been doing their bit for charity by releasing a compilation of punk, hardcore and indie brands to benefit a hunger charity called Action Against Hunger, which I wholeheartedly recommend you check out here: http://www. coffeeandcigarettesclothingco.


The Generic Band T-shirt [Submitted]

by Andy on January 8, 2013

Post image for The Generic Band T-shirt [Submitted]

We run a very small T-shirt shop in West London in the UK. The most asked for t-shirt is The Ramones t-shirt. The people who ask for this T-shirt are invariably under 18 years of age and have, I suspect, never listened to The Ramones in their lives. We don’t stock Ramones t-shirts for the simple fact that EVERY high-street clothes shop in the UK already does. We thought we’d design our own band T-shirt that everyone can wear, and you don’t even have to listen to them. Just for the record, we liked this band first.

Andy: I like this concept, funny stuff. Also, Balcony Shirts forgot to mention that they have 3 for 2 on all t-shirts this month so go wild and fill that virtual basket.


Post image for “Rock on” t-shirt and tank top from Atslopes

I do like the style of this t-shirt and tank top at Atsolpes, but it’s hard to deny that’s it’s fairly generic, which leaves me a bit conflicted over it since I like it, but do feel it isn’t their best work. Tees are $27, and the tank top is $25.

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Boston Tee Party Recap Winky Boo Style

by Amy_F on August 19, 2012

Boston Tee Party 2012

Last weekend was a huge weekend for the indie clothing community.  Months of planning lead to the First Annual Boston Tee Party & Artist/Design Expo.  Hosted by Kelly Murphy (owner of Saucewear & The Tee Gazette) and co-hosted by (yours truly) Amy Fiedler (owner of Winky Boo & blogger/contributor for Hide Your Arms), the Tee party took place in where else? Boston, MA!

Brands from all over gathered in Boston to take part in the Boston Tee Party.  From New Jersey, to California, Florida and UK, we all traveled to take part in this extraordinary event that didn’t disappoint.  Starting the day off with 3 guest speakers which then lead us into the shopping and networking part while the live music played.

For the rest of my recap of the First Annual Boston Tee Party and to check out photos from the event head on over to the Winky Boo Blog for a closer look at this outstanding Indie Event!!

Take me to the Winky Boo Blog


Post image for Upper Playground Tupacabra and B.I.G.Foot T-Shirts SS’12

Upper Playground’s Alex Pardee uses Hip Hop legends Tupac and Biggie thus creating them into unlikely living cryptic creatures unto these two well designed t-shirts. The Tupacabra t-shirt comes in athletic heather gray and light blue and the B.I.G.Foot t-shirt comes in charcoal and white. Price is $26.


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