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Two new tees from Fuzzy Ink

by Andy on July 9, 2013

Gotta love Fuzzy Ink, they’re on a good run of design releases at the moment. The designs are available as a regular shirt as shown above for $22, or as a v-neck for $26.


Post image for Celebrate the end of Movember – One Less Mustache [Submitted]

While Movember has men around the world sprouting facial hair and raising awareness on important men’s health issues, it also has many a girlfriend counting the days until December first. One Less™ Nemesis is happy to help the ladies celebrate with its brand new design, One Less Mustache.

The One Less Mustache design features a full and fluffy mustache being chased by its arch-nemesis, the razor. Printed in Seattle on 100% combed, ring spun cotton quality t-shirts, the light blue One Less Mustache shirt is a great gift or a great way to celebrate the end of the unwanted ‘mo.

One Less Mustache, along with One Less Rainy Day and One Less Cupcake, are all on sale for $19.99 (reg. $24.99) through December 14.

Andy: With all that Movember talk I was expecting there to be a charity angle to this submission, but apparently not.

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Post image for Movember Tees, Regular Tees, iPhone cases, and their website: All new at Fuzzy Ink!

Loads of new stuff up at Fuzzy Ink, including 6 new vintage-style shirts from their collaboration with the Movember Foundation, three new designs from their regular line of mustache-inspired tees, some of their most popular designs being put on cases for the iPhone 4/4S, and last but not least, a very clean and slick new website. I like the new site, it puts the new products front and centre, making it easier for a customer to see what they’re all about.


Post image for Boardwalk Empire, Voter Apathy, Power Rangers and animals with facial hair this week at Busted Tees

Wow, that is one informative title!

I have to wonder about the Chalky/Boardwalk Empire shirt though, because the name/term Chalky is racist (this is possibly better known in the UK because of a character played by racist comedian Jim Davidson), and not everyone in the world has seen Boardwalk Empire so wouldn’t get the reference, which I can see upsetting a few people. I’m going to push the concept here, but if Chalky’s nickname was ‘the N-word’ would BustedTees have released a similar tee? My guess is no. I realise that I’m probably over-thinking this, but the design made me think.

Oh, and the Power Rangers lived in Angel Grove, so that’s the connection with that high school shirt.


Motivate Clothing T-Shirt Review

by Amy_F on July 3, 2012

Motivate Clothing Company

I was so excited when I got home from work a couple nights ago as my mom places all my mail on my work desk and I was pleasantly surprised to find amongst all my bills was a pretty package from Motivate Clothing Company.  Still fairly new to blogging on here, this will be my very first review and this is the perfect company for me to start with!

Let me begin with the customized poly-bag mailer that Motivate’s clothing arrived in, was not only sophisticated but simple and classy.  A slick black bag with a gold circle logo yet with a handwritten return address label.  Though you’d assume that if a company is spending the money for custom mailers they’d splurge for a custom return label – yet I have to say it was a nice personal touch.  Owning my own clothing company I actually do the opposite – no custom mailer but a custom return label.  Hey, personally I think either way balances the scale nicely!

I had no idea what shirt I was getting but I had secretly mentioned to Andy that I was kind of obsessed with the Fingerstache T-shirt off their website.  Well what do you know, I ripped open the package and I guess a little birdie squealed on me or it was fate, because exactly what I wanted was inside!!

I reached in and grabbed what items were floating around and what I ended up pulling out totally made me laugh.  Alongside a small zip baggie of custom buttons was a small baggie of Warheads!! Yes, the candy!  I burst into laughter because well as a second job aside from running my own business I am a Nanny.  A few days ago I confiscated a HUGE bag of Warheads from the kids to which I had absolutely no idea where they got them from and they had no idea I took them away and hid them with my own stash of food.  So when I pulled out a small baggie of Warheads, it was just too ironic and I couldn’t help but chuckle.  Needless to say aside from the buttons and candy there was also a lot of stickers and business cards.  I’m not sure how I feel about a bag of candy placed in with my clothing item.  I mean if they send that out with all the orders, I’d just worry that if the package sits too long in a hot area, those things melt.  Even though they have them in a small ziplock bag, I’d still be concerned that it’d melt, leak and/or ruin the stickers or even worse, the clothing.

I really do enjoy when a company takes the time to include a little hand-written note in the package.  It really adds to the charm and appeal of an indie brand.  Of course Motivate Clothing didn’t disappoint and sent me a small hand-written note with an awesome discount code that I predict I’ll be using in the near future!  It was a nice touch as well as throwing in the clothing companies business card and the owner’s personal business card.  I’m not sure if this is done in every package or was just for me but Cory (the owner/designer/creative director at Motivate) has some pretty rad business cards!! (Check them out in the above photo ie: Witty Walrus haha)

My only reservation about the little extras companies include in a package is ‘less is more’.  Again, I’m not sure if some of these items were thrown in just for me being that I blog and am a fellow business owner and were for my personal keeping or they’re included in every package but I mean I would have been satisfied with 1 or 2 stickers; 5 might have been over-doing it.  Then again, who can ever have enough stickers, right?

Now onto the design, Fingerstache!  Motivate Clothing Company donates 10% of proceeds from each different shirt to a particular cause.  I really love this about them and think it makes shopping a bit more fun knowing that you’ll be somehow contributing to a meaningful cause meanwhile having a keepsake that you can wear.

Fingerstache’s proceeds (10%) are donated to Movember.  Movember is where men usually don’t shave for the whole month of November to raise funds and awareness for men’s health; specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.  Having been unaware (because I didn’t read their website description when I first noticed the shirt saying how much I liked it) what this particular design stands for, after reading the hang-tag on my shirt that Motivate so cleverly includes, I was very very pleased.  Some of these particular heath issues and cancers hit close to home for me which made this shirt that much more meaningful to me!

I like buying t-shirts that have an incredible product description or that have a really great/deep meaning so this is a definite 2 thumbs-up for me for Motivate donating to such great causes.  Check out their website to see what other causes they donate to and which shirt belongs to which!!  Very inspiring and motivational (pun intended).

Overall the t-shirt was super-soft and the design simple yet creative.  I’m not sure if it bothers me or I like the fact that the hand on the shirt reminds me of those clip-art directional hands.  You know what I’m talking about.  Either way this design is meant to be simple with the emphasis on the stache on the finger and I thoroughly enjoy it.  The shirt is a dark grey and the print is a lighter grey.  Looking on their website the shirt looks black which may be slightly confusing for some because they don’t have an actual product photograph up.  I have to say though the one thing that I was a bit sad about was that this is a unisex fit t-shirt and I love the design so much that I wish it were on a women’s fit for myself so I would be more willing to wear it on a daily basis.  I wear a lot of t-shirts to work and out and about but only if they fit me nicely and usually unisex ones I save for when I’m at home lounging or sleeping.  Even though it’s a small it fits me pretty large and I’m sort of hoping if I wash it once or twice I’ll shrink it enough to want to wear out – though it’ll never fit like an actual women’s t-shirt fits, so that’s a bummer and really the only downfall.

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on Motivate Clothing Co. and what they come out with next and more importantly what cause it’ll be for.  Their shirts are only $20.00 and are top quality!  I love what they’re doing and will be ordering from them in the future hopefully for myself if they produce some women’s cuts :) !!  Be sure to check out their website  for a shirt that may inspire or hit close to home for you.

Thanks for the awesome tee & goodies Motivate!!

Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter as well – I know I will be!


Daily Tees & News for December 12th

by Andy on December 12, 2011

breaking bad t-shirt

Everyone have a good weekend? I did until last night when I had a nasty fall during my snowboarding lesson at the dry slope. Fell on my front, my jakcet rode up and my stomach turned into ‘brakes’, my tummy new resembles those crisps that are meant to look like streaky bacon, oh, the pain!

I really want to get into Breaking Bad, but after a couple of episodes of the first season it was just too depressing so I stopped, I will probably try again though. Shirt is $10 today at TeeFury.

I haven’t read Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, but apparently this Qwertee shirt has something to do with it.

Apparently this RIPT tee is something to do with a cartoon show that may or may not be on TV anymore but to be completely honest I don’t recognise it and no one mentions it in the RIPT comments, your suggestions please!

And what band is this Owl at Shirt.Woot listening to? The Who, of course!

Pretty rare that you see a Gremlins tee, but this is a lovely example of the breed at The Yetee.

Seinfeld Festivus shirt over at TeeMinus24. Funny how you don’t hear much about Christmukkah nowadays.

I haven’t seen Donnie Darko so this shirt at OtherTees may or may not be genius.

You want an Angry Birds t-shirt? 24tee have got it!

A melting Portal companion cube greets us today at TeeRaiders.

I really like this Star Wars design at Graphic Lab, but I do question the black on dark grey colour choice. Then again, it would probably look a bit naff if it was on a white t-shirt.

Ahhh, one of my favourite Loviu designs.

Pikachu gets an outing on this Shirt Punch design.

Tshirt Contest ensure that we have at least one Doctor Who t-shirt today, thank goodness.

Very nice shirt of the day at DBH.

BustedTees deal of the next couple of days is their attachment that you put on a beer to make it look like you have a mustache. Presumably it’s like those little win trinkets people buy so that you know who’s wine glass belongs to who, except for beer. $8.99 for 6 instead of $11.99

Expansion II comes out to play once again at Tilteed.

Tee Mashups is a site I found out about at the weekend that offers designs on sale for 48 hours. Today and tomorrow they have a Dick Tracey vs Carmen Sandiego shirt available.

Megan Fox may be a very attractive lady, and that’s a pretty cool sweatshirt, but I will never understand why people wear stuff that looks like it has spent a few months with a bunch of moths.

Wrongwroks have added hiking boots to their product range, of course.

There’s 25% off everything today only at Loserkids.

Mashable have a good resource for increasing Facebook engagement through custom tabs that should be useful for store owners.

Yes No Maybe have a few coupon codes available. The more you spend the more you save, all the way up to 20% off.

Original Music Shirt, who I still think took a lot of inspiration from Threadless with their redesign, are offering free global shipping with the coupon code ILIKETOMOVEIT if you spend 25€+ before December 14th.

Springleap are holding a contest that is only open to previous design winners, which should make for some pretty tasty entries.

OMUNKY are offering 18% off from now until December 19th with the coupon code 18off2011.

PalmerCash are now selling shirts, the kind with buttons!

The Quiet Life are running a holiday promo, if you spend $100 or more they’ll give you a free duffel bag that they usuall charge $40 for. It would be perfect for carrying around your gym gear since that will inevitably be your new years resolution. Go to the gym more dammit Andy! They’ve also restocked their hat selection.

Terratag are knocking 10% off all orders. No coupon necessary, the discount will automatically be applied at the checkout.

Whilst I do like the idea of ‘ugly’ Christmas tees I think that this Kickstarter project might be a bit too late, it won’t be funded (if it reaches 100%) until January 9th, and then when will you receive the shirt? I’m pretty sure everyone’s Christmas cheer will be long gone by that time.


Daily Tees & News for December 1st

by Andy on December 1, 2011

teefury reported attack page

Welcome to December. Naturally a lot of brands will be focusing on making sales during the run up to Christmas, and I suspect we’ll see a lot of coupon codes and discounts revolving around that, so the news portion of these roundups will likely grow. These roundups do take quite a lot of time, so if you like it, share it please!

When I try to visit TeeFury Firefox comes up with this. Now, I am 100% confident that Teefury has not been an elaborate phishing scam from the beginning, but after checking out their Facebook page it seems a lot of people have also had this message come up, so I feel that their site may have been compromised in some way. This happened to HYA once and it was hell getting it fixed as someone that doesn’t have much technical expertise, hopefully they will have it sorted soon and it doesn’t cause too many headaches, but I recommend anyone who has visited in the past few days to run a virus scan. There has been no response that I can see from Teefury as of yet.

Quite a clever shirt from Qwertee today, showing fictional books based on movies such as Ghostbusters and Back To The Future.

There’s a lot of excitement over at RIPT for this Star Wars x Transformers mashup.
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“Mustache” t-shirt by SuperFancy

by Andy on July 26, 2011

mustache t-shirt

When I saw this tee, I really liked it, then I looked at the flat mockup they’ve put on their site I thought it looked quite boring. This is a perfect example of why if you own a t-shirt brand you absolutely MUST put real photos of your shirts on your website, or at least a decent mockup of a person wearing it (which I suspect this might be).

Costiness=€27 Buy it at SuperFancy [via Rumplo]


“Queen” by SuperSuperficial

by Andy on April 13, 2011

queen with a mustache

Thinking about it, if you had made this a couple of hundred years ago your head would have been on a pike atop the Tower of London and your eyes would have been pecked out by crows, but as it is this seems like quite a fun tee for people that have caught Royal Wedding fever.

Costiness=£35 Buy it at SuperSuperficial (sizes S & M only)


mustache cookie cutter

I think this whole moustache trend might have gone too far, seeing as now you can bake cookie in the shape of a mustaches which will inevitably be used as photo-props for those lacking in a ‘manbar’, and as annoying crumbs amongst the bristly hairs for those that have invested the time in looking like Ron Burgundy. Who am I kidding, unusual cookie cutter shapes are cool, and using the cookies as props would jazz up any Facebook photo album.

Costiness=$15 Buy it at Fuzzy Ink


Guy Fawkes Mustache T-shirt by Block 33

by Andy on February 16, 2010

guy fawkes mustache t-shirt

I don’t wanna ruin this tee for you since the meme is strong with this one and I like the concept… but they misspelled Ringo StarrBuy it at Block 33 in a varitey of colours [via ATshirtBlog]×640.png


New from Fuzzy Ink: I Am The Walrus

by Andy on January 6, 2010



One of the things that having my own shirts printed has taught me (they were shipped last week, incidentally, should be here any day now) is just how important colour, and the amount of colours used is to a design. Sure, before I thought that a colourway might look nice, but it’s hard to appreciate just how much a designer is expected to do with such a small palette. In this case the entire image is made of three colours, two printed and the base of the shirt, and yet it feels like so many more. I’m not a bealtes fan as I’ve mentioned before, much to some people’s disgust, but even I recognise this iconic song, and whilst you don’t really need the reference to enjoy the shirt it does add a certain something.

Costiness=$20.95 Available from Fuzzy Ink


Mustache by Busted Tees

by Andy on November 10, 2009


I was a bit tempted to get involved with Movember (the annual charity drive based around growing mustaches) this year, because I’m a pretty hairy guy and it would be nice to have an opportunity to be lazy and not shave, but I got a cool electric shaver for my birthday so I’m still having fun with that… cop out much?

This tee is on sale during Movember, but I don’t think that means BustedTees are giving any of the sales are to charity.

Costiness=$12 Available from BustedTees


Mustache Bandanas by archicraft!

by Andy on September 2, 2009


This is less Hide Your Arms and more hide the lower half of your face, but these hipster-pleasing bandanas (“OMG it has a mustache on it, I’ve got to buy one ironically”) are so damn cool that it makes me wish I was afraid of swine flu.

Costiness=$18 (multiple colourways available) Available from the archicraft Etsy store [via Josh Spear]


Ask Me About Moustache Mode by PopCap

by Andy on August 20, 2009


I’ve never heard of the game Plants vs. Zombies (which this tee is apparently based upon), but that lack of knowledge doesn’t stop me from enjoying this damn fine tee.

Costiness=$14.95 Available from PopCap [via BB Offworld]

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101 Robot T-Shirts [Lists]

by Andy on June 19, 2009


With the release of what is almost certain to be the greatest movie of all time today in the UK and across the world over the next week, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for me to hunt down some robot t-shirts, especially as the previous robot-themed lists have are two of Hide Your Arm’s most popular articles to date. I must admit that I was a total child for the first Transformers live-action movie, even though I realise that in many, many ways it is utterly terrible, but I still smiled throughout the whole thing because it was goddamn awesome. Robots, fighting, and Megan Fox, what more could I possibly want? I’m pretty sure that you could rob my house whilst that film is on TV and I’d only realise you were doing it once you unplugged the Blu-Ray player. I guess you could say I’m a little excited about Revenge of the Fallen being released, which is why I went a little robot crazy and compiled this huge robot tee loving list. Enjoy!

*Update* If you’re in the mood for lists of t-shirts, check out this post: The Ultimate List of T-Shirt Lists!


1. Robots in Disguise by getslapt – $15 – Available from getsplapt


2. Terratag x Hokkusai’s Great Wave – £19.99 – Available from Urban Retro


3. Paintbot by digisin – $19.49 – Available at MySoti


4. Robotic Tacos – $18 – Available from Foe Paws Apparel [previously featured here]


5. Robotrock (Gundam x The Clash ‘London Calling’ Album Cover) – $20 – Available from Chop Shop [previously featured here]


6. Robot SMASH – $16 – Available from Raygun Robyn


7. Mighty Robot – £24.99 – Available from Rimo-To [previously featured here]


8. How awesome would it be if the Dinobots were in one of the movies? – $20 – Available from 80s Tees


9. RoboShake – $17.95 – Available from Nerdy Shirts [men’s small only, more options for the ladies]


10. Robots wish they could do the human – $15 – Available from Threadless


11. The Robot Blues – $20 – Available from Always Urban


12. Run R2! – $17.95 – Available from Split Reason


13. Robot Leg by Digisin – $19.49 – Available from MySoti


14. Krushbot – Available from Zero Boutique


15. Terror Bot T-Shirt – $19.99 – Available from Jinx!


16. Atomic Robot Smash – $28 – Available from Raygun Robyn


17. You Complete Me – $11 – Available from BustedTees


18. Mr. Roboto – £25 – Available from Drop Dead Clothing


19. Johnny 5 – $21.90 (CAD) – Copyright infringeingly available from Wordans


20. Ocu-Cop by Mediocre Design – $25 – Available at MySoti


21. The DaVinci Hax – $18.95 – Available from


22. Mr. Roboto Goes Sightseeing – $18 – Not available from Threadless [sold out but too awesome to skip over]


23. Robo Power – $30 – Available from Epic Props


24. Torchbot 3000 – $17.95 – Available at Fuzzy Ink [robots and mustaches, what more could a hipster want?]


25. Helbotica (a robot made of Helvetica characters) – $20 – Available at Chop Shop Store


26. Terratag Hizashi White – £19.99 – Available at Urban Retro [previously featured here]


27. New World Order – $15 – Available at Threadless


28. Robot Decapitation – $19.99 – Available from Stabb


29. Robots in Disguise – $17.99 – Available from Jinx!


30. Toi Robot – $20 – Available from Toi


31. Flaming Robot Destroy – $28 – Available from Raygun Robyn


32. Dtoid Kamikaze – $15.95 – Available from Split Reason [ shirt]


33. Dead Robot by Mediocre Designs – $25 – Available at MySoti


34. Primordial Duel – $20 – Available at Design By Humans


35. Panda 2K – $15 – Available at Threadless [in women’s sizes, at time of writing]


36. Robot Gorilla Suit – $19 – Available from Springleap


37. J-5 is Alive – Available from Slowshirts [actually, no, sorry, it’s sold out]


38. Sunbot – $22 – Available from Enclothe


39. Duh Zombie – $19.95 – Available from Split Reason


40. Klaatu – $17.95 – Available from Jinx! [was Klaatu a robot or an alien? Or an alien robot? Or a robot alien?]


41. Skull Cahote – $12 – Available from Alphabet Arm


42. Prepare For Robots – $18 – Available from Robit Studios


43. Make Love Not War by Paul Burgess – $18 – Available from Threadless


44. Robots No Follow – $20 – Available from Chop Shop


45. Funkbotics (if you look hard enough you can see that it looks cool) – £25 – Available from Funkrush


46. AL Robot – $49 – Available from Tookata People


47. Roskel – $20 – Available from One Way North


48. Sleeping Robot – $20 – Available from Ha Ha Press


49. Humans are Dead – $17.99 – Available from Jinx!


50. The 209 (Robocop) – $22 – Available from Mini Cassette Tees


51. Horsebot – $19 – Available from Enclothe


52. Robot Chasing Horses – $15 – Available from Robot Shirts (who only have one robot-based design)


53. Recycle – £20 – Available from Funkrush


54. Shoot the Baddies by Olly Moss – $18 – Available from Threadless


55. Big Robot – €16.90 – Available from RDTS


56. Brobot – $19.49 – Available from MySoti


57. weRobot – $20 – Available from Chop Shop


58. Robot Attack – $19 – Available from Design by Humans


59. Glasgow Robot Riot – £15 – Available from My Robot Overlord


60. Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – $17.99 – Available from Jinx!6


61. Grandpa! – €22 – Available from Conkershop


62. Tofu Robot – $24 – Available from Spicy Brown


63. Obey Your Robot Overlords – £15 – Available from My Robot Overlord


64. Robot by digisin – $19.49 – Available from MySoti


65. R2 Manual by Reece Ward – £14.73 – Available from RedBubble


66. I taut I taw a torm-trooper by Reece Ward – £14.73 – Available from redbubble


67. Modern Science by Travis Pitts – $20 – Available from Kindercore


68. Kid-Robot by Studio8Worx – $25 – Available from designbyhumans


69. Halftone-Robot by Old30Bastard – $20 – Available from designbyhumans


70. H1-N1 – $17 – Available from Loiter Ink


71. Deconstructo-Bot – $12 – Available from Suburban Hijinx


72. Bear vs Robot – $21 – Available from Bear Annihilator


73. Don’t Be A Robot – $10 – Available from Out Loud Clothing


74. Giants – $10 – Available from Scale the Summit


75. Robots Like Art Too – £15 – Available from Bang Bang T-Shirts


76. Wind-Up – £15.21 – Available from redbubble


77. R21DT – $18 – Available from Single Second


78. Cruelbot – $24.90 – Available from E.T’s Tees


79. Diamond Geezer – £20 – Available from Funkrush


80. The Robotanist – $19.99 – Available from Uneetee


81. Chaos came from the Ocean – $19 – Available (for women only at the moment) from designbyhumans


82. Robotz – $11.99 – Available from the Appreciation Post


83. Bedo Bot – $19.95 – Available from Bedo Shirts


84. Nouveau Mechanica – $21 – Available from Enclothe


85. Giant Squid Eating a Robot – £12 – Available from Lhome


86. Robots Are a Nerds Best Friend – $13 – Available from Crazy Go Lucky


87. Roboticus Carpalium – $12.48 – Available from thinker Clothing (featured on The Big Bang Theory… obviously)


88. Robots by luchaworkshop – $20 – Available in womens small or large from Etsy


89. Robot by happyfamily – $16 – Available from Etsy


90. Robots In Disguise by jamjamtees – $12.99 – Available from Etsy


91. Robot Attack by rainbowswirlz – $25 – Available from Etsy


92. Wise Robots by binarywinter – $24 – Available from Etsy


93. Robot Philosopher by ScreamPrinting – $19.95 – Available from Etsy


94. Robotech Valkyrie – $24 – Available from Etsy


95. Robot Brain by dylanS – $21 – Available from Etsy


96. That robot owl from that one movie…. [that’s seriously what it’s called] – $14 – Available from Etsy


97. Astroborg by spaghettikiss – $20 – Available from Etsy


98. Do the Robot – $9.99 – Available from 80sTees


99. Optimus Prime 84 – $24 – Available from 80sTees


100. Optimus Prime says ‘Stay In School’ – $20 – Available from 80sTees


101. What Would Optimus Prime Do? – $20 – Available from 80sTees

This post took around 15 hours to compile, if you could take a few seconds to tweet about the post, stumble it, bookmark it on delicious, digg it, possibly even mention it in a blog post, I would be incredibly grateful, not only because it would send more visitors to my site, but also because it would help to support the brands featured, many of whom are pretty small and need all the exposure they can get.

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Fuzzy Ink’s Latest Tee Puts Its Face On

by Andy on January 30, 2009


Fuzzy Ink continue to push the still-popular trend of mustaches with their latest release, which is another play on Lego men and their many possible identities. For me, the most fun part of this tee is the other heads that are strewn across the floor, especially the mime artist style heading that is peaking out on the right side of the pile.

Costiness=$15.95 (only for the first pressing, tees to be shipping February 9th) Buy ‘Identity crisis’ at Fuzzy Ink

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Stubble Trouble by Fuzzy Ink [Review]

by Andy on July 9, 2008

Fuzzy Ink

When you receive a sample package and a fake mustache falls out of the envelope, you just know that you’re dealing with a company that gets what selling tees on the internet is all about. I know its just a fake mustache, but I always think that unnecessary extras are what separate indie clothing stores from mainstream labels, these guys are cutting into their profit margins just to have a bit of fun and put a smile onto someones face, and that is most definitely a good thing.
Fuzzy Ink

The design itself is quite an odd thing to find on a t-shirt. I wore it on a night out, and it got a decent amount of reaction, most people were confused by the tee, thinking that the character was someone from a movie, or at least someone that they should recognise. As far as I can tell, this design is just a regular Joe Everytache getting a hefty punch in the face, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a rather odd choice for a design subject, but there’s no denying that this is a very well finished design. The paint splatters on the disembodied wrist are a good way to deal with the common problem of how to draw a limb when you don’t want to put a whole arm or body in the design, the spit and tooth popping out of the characters mouth is a great touch, and the swirling background is a great way to portray the stunning effect of the punch.
Fuzzy Ink

Fuzzy Ink to do not disappoint when it comes to quality. I’m not sure what their stock tee is, but it does feel very soft, and has a slightly stretchy quality to it. When I was taking the pictures it looked as if this tee was pretty wide in the body, which is odd because they claim an athletic cut to their tees on the Fuzzy Ink FAQ page, although I guess that my unfortunately still-rotund frame may well have given it a bit of a stretch when I wore it since I haven’t washed it yet. Print quality is decent too, good and bright. There is a tag printed on the inside neck and a small logo print on the neck, I think they’ve kept the print subtle to ensure that it isn’t too intrusive for those of you that don’t like logo prints.Costiness=$17.95 Tee Link (Flash site, so no product links available)
Fuzzy Ink Fuzzy Ink Fuzzy Ink Fuzzy Ink Fuzzy Ink



I feel kinda sorry for Fuzzy Ink, every time someone mentions them, they also have to mention Fantastic Bonanza’s Fancy Mustachio design, and of course, Mustache & Friends. Some people might be thinking that they’re jumping on some kind of mustache based band wagon, but let’s think about this, take a look at their site, you don’t wake up one day and go “mustache’s are popular at the moment for some reason,” whip up a site and some t-shirt designs, it takes time, quite a lot of time judging by the polished job they’re done on the site.

The designs are surprisingly original, I never thought I was going to see another original ‘Say Anything’ parody until I saw John Cusack holding a mighty mustache aloft, so clearly the Fuzzy Ink crew are willing to put ‘taches pretty much anywhere that they see fit.

One really cool idea that they’ve had is to give people the chance to get an 11% discount their order by answering a trivia question correctly. I don’t know what the questions are, but it might be a good idea to bone up on famous people who have mustaches.

Fuzzy Ink


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