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In the weekly e-mail I get from My Main Man Pat it said “you’ll definitely recognize the tribe piece, and am curious to see if you are up on your Erykah Badu.” Once again I have to disappoint them because whilst I have heard of a Tribe Called Quest and I’m pretty sure there’s a song on my iPhone by Erykah Badu my knowledge once again falls short. That said, I do like the design on the black shirt, it works really well for a tee. Here’s the deets:

Do That Huh” is a tribute to the Tribe Called Quest classic “Find a Way”, created in the style of the iconic Low End Theory album cover. From designer Alan J. Thatcher “’Find a Way’ is a sexy song. I decided to use Q-Tip’s famous quote since its popular and people know who said it. Nothing sexier then the form of a fly lady, especially when their covered in those red and green stripes.”

Driving Across America” represents a couple of firsts for the company. Firstly, it is the first time we are featuring the work of an Artist from Africa, as D. Gud hit us up from all the way from Zimbabwe. Secondly, it is the first time we are featuring designed inspired by a female, and we are somewhat sheepish to say so given all they have contributed to the culture. Erykah Badu’s impact on the genre is easy to note, having worked with such legends as J.Dilla, The Roots and Common.


As usual, I have no idea what the inspiration is this week at the hip-hop inspired t-shirt site My Main Man Pat, so here’s their explanation:

The story of “Tim Dog Lives” is a somewhat sordid affair. He had some moderate success in the hip-hop game, but first made headlines for a weird-ass online dating scandal in 2011. Then, back in February it was reported that he “died” due to complications stemming from diabetes. However, one of his victims was not convinced, hired a PI, who could not dig up a death certificate. She was able to convince a Mississippi judge, and a warrant has been re-issued for the arrest of one Timothy Blair. This is the type of stuff you cannot make up.

“DOOM” and his trademark metal-face mask have been kings on the underground scene since Operation: Doomsday dropped in ’99. His name and costume were based on the supervillain Dr.Doom from the Marvel comics series, so this designs cartoony feel is just perfect.

I don’t really understand why they feel the need to release a shirt about this Tim Dog guy, it’s an intriguing story, but what would be the motivation behind wearing the shirt when it seems like he wasn’t that popular of an artist anyway?

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I’m not too excited by My Main Man Pat this week, probably because I’ve never listened to a whole album by either the Beastie Boys or Snoop Whateverhewantstobecalledthisweek so the meanings of these tees are lost on me.

Shirts are $20 as usual including shipping, and are available until the end of the week.


50% hit rate this week for me at My Main Man Pat, meaning that I’ve heard of Aesop Rock but not Nujabes. 50% hit rate in terms of me liking the designs too, the Nujabes tee feels a bit off to me, it’s probably due to the shape of the stylized image, though with me knowing nothing of Nujabes work this might actualy be a very fitting tribute to the artists’ work.

As usual tees are available for one week and are $20 including shipping.


In their own words: is back at it with two new designs for the week of May 13th. This week we are featuring two artists representing the Nethlerlands, and we’ve got a couple of dessert themed designs.

“Donuts” is a tribute to the late J-Dilla. He has been hailed as one of the greatest producers in the game, working with talents like Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, and founding Slum Village. One of his most popular solo works was the instrumental album Donuts, and artist Delano Limoen has clearly been impacted by the work.

“Ice Cream” was inspired by the works of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, specifically the single off Raekwon’s first solo project, Only Built For Cuban Links. I think the line “French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Deluxe holds a spot in all hip-hop fans hearts.

This week’s shirts are available until May 19th. As always, they are just $20 and include shipping anywhere in the world.

As usual, my lack of hip-hop knowledge means that there’s not much I can do in terms of critiquing the designs, but I do think that this week represents a step forward for them in terms of design quality, I really like the style on that Wu-Tang shirt.


Graphic t-shirt brand My Main Man Pat just launched it’s website back in March 2013. My Main Man Pat makes nods to the golden era of hip-hop. The company accepts artist submissions for all of its t-shirt designs. Basically, each week only two different graphic tee designs are available, and they’re only available for that week alone. Thus, the tees are extremely limited in shelf time, but also in production. For example the tee we received was number 6 out of only 15!

This week, the two available tees are nods to the Wu-Tang Clan and the Beastie boys. However, due to the high-speed rate of turn in production, we will be reviewing a previously released design.

In the mail package I received, there was the shirt and also a thank you note from My Main Man Pat that included the shirt number and original artist contact info – a nice touch for sure. And, although the My Main Man Pat website FAQ stated that all shirts were printed on unisex garments, they did in fact label this specific style online as a “female fitted shirt,” so there was no surprise upon receiving the garment in the mail.

This sample was a size medium in a wonderfully soft 100% cotton fabric. The graphic on the shirt was based on the infamous “Fu-Gee-La” track from The Fugees’ 1996 album, The Score. The lyrics on the shirt read, “Find me in my Mitsubishi, eatin’ sushi, bumpin’ Fugees.” The lyrics are appropriate for a girls graphic tee style, as, according to the popular lyric-reporting site Rap Genius, they translate into, “[Lauren] will be partaking in ‘non-hoochie’ past times, like riding around the suburbs of Jersey in her Mitsubishi Eclipse, listening to her own CD and eating a California roll.”

bumpin fugees

The shirt felt great and the delivery and presentation of the package was fairly good, but the graphic content on the style seemed to be lacking something. The simplicity of the idea behind the My Main Man Pat brand – and, might I also mention, the website – was more than appealing. The site was clean, straight to the point, and easy to navigate. There are some strong points in the company. However, accepting artist submissions could be a tough process and being critical of what art gets edited in and what art gets tossed out for more revision (or for good) is important.

Most everyone can find in themselves a bit of, if not a helluvalot of, respect for hip-hop’s original icons and their lyricism; there are enough fans out there to support the idea behind My Main Man Pat. Perhaps with a little advertising and social media marketing, the company can attract more and more artists, and perhaps some who can bring a strong illustrative hand to the table. Still, there have certainly already been some winners in the My Main Man Pat weekly releases – like a Snoop Dogg one I would share here, but, it’s been slept on.


For what feels like the first time at My Main Man Pat I think I recognise both of the groups being referenced, but we haven’t quite reached the Holy Grail yet because I must admit that the lyrics are a bit lost on me, still, not bad for me!

Both tees are available this week only and are $20 a piece with free worldwide shipping.

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Usually when I saw “haha, I don’t know anything about hip hop” I’m playing it up a bit, but in this case I have literally never heard of EPMD in my life, so this one is completely lost on me, but perhaps I can regain a couple of cool points by knowing that Slick Rick is a… person?

Tees available at My Main Man Pat this week only for C$20 and that includes free shipping worldwide.

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Here’s what’s new at hip-hop themed weekly tee site My Main Man Pat this week:

White Labels – This design pays homage to Common’s line about white label vinyls. “White Labels” were bootlegged records (often put out by the artists themselves) and were often the only way record collectors could get studio tracks on vinyl.

Jamaica Queens – “Jamaica Queens” is a tribute to the Southside section of Queens, which A Tribe Called Quest shouted out on Midnight Marauders in ’93.

Is it just me or does Pat put out an A Tribe Called Quest design pretty much every week? Maybe I should check them out!

Tees are $20 with free shipping and will be available until midnight on April 28th.

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For what I think is the first time at My Main Man Pat I actually understand the subject matter on both tees, which is nice, but I’m not really a massive fan of the designs, the Mos Def one in particular looking too much like merchandise you’d see at one of his shows rather than artwork that was inspired by Mos Def’s work.

Tees are $20 each including free worldwide shipping and available until April 21st.


As ever, my knowledge of hip hop is limited, but even I know what these two are:

The Low End Tiger – A clever take on A Tribe Called Quest’s 1991 “Low End Theory” album cover. This one comes from the brain of Ready2Rumbl out of the Netherlands, our first design to come from mainland Europe.

Creativity – A tribute to the legendary film maker Spike Lee, this piece was created by American designer Maikeru and is meant to inspire.

These shirts are just $20 and include shipping anywhere on the globe. Available until April 14th.

My Main Man Pat


I’m a little bit late with this post since the designs were released on Monday, but the long weekend here in the UK has moved things back a bit and since the shirts are available until Sunday then you guys haven’t missed out on much really.

This week we have a shirt about Nas and his extensive library or songs with the image being made up of titles in the fine print, and also a tributre to the Tribe Called Quest album that was released back in 1996.

Shirts are $20 a piece with free shipping and are available at My Main Man Pat until midnight on Sunday.


What’s new at My Main Man Pat this week?

by Andy on March 26, 2013

Seeing this week’s designs make me realise that I know even less about hip hop than I thought, so I’m just going to let Pat of My Main Man Pat tell us what they’ve got up for sale this week:

Emotion – A line from the classic “Hip-Hop” by Mos Def (Yasiin Bey?) off Black on Both Sides. I’ve been trying to get the guy to let me use this design for weeks.

Dropping Science – Well….not likely what Marley Marl had in mind when he coined the phrase in 88, but an interesting take. Plus I hear this MC Hawking guy is popular?

Lumberjack – A very visual take of the classic Biggie line from “Juicy”.

Yes, those are all things I’ve definitely heard of because I have a well rounded taste in music.


I’m a little bit disappointed in how much that I chortled at the ‘No Sheep Till Brooklyn’ design at My Main Man Pat, you should be better than that Andy!

Other designs in this week’s releases feather The Fugees and Snoop Dogg/Lion.


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