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I like this design, but something about it seems a little bit unfinished to me, know what I mean? Maybe I’d prefer if if there were more colour in there, I’m not sure. Still, it’s pretty cool.

Costiness=$24.60 Buy it at MySoti


I feel a bit awkward about this shirt, because I like it since the show was really funny, but at the same time, MySoti shouldn’t be selling it since it is just stealing the logo from the people that own Better Off Ted.

Costiness=$23.50 Buy it at MySoti

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contemporary robot t-shirt

Love the style on this tee, anyone remember when I used to post robots all the time? Ahhh, happy days.

Costiness=$26.65 Buy it at MySoti


Coupon code for 20% off at MySoti

by Andy on November 22, 2012

Use the coupon code holidays2012 to get 20% off at POD store MySoti for an unknown amount of time (aka I have no idea when it will expire).


Donkey Kong Costume t-shirt at MySoti

by Andy on November 3, 2012

Post image for Donkey Kong Costume t-shirt at MySoti

Sure, it’s too late for Halloween this year, but it’s never too early to get a head start on next year’s outfit, and this Donkey Kong t-shirt would be all you need since he doesn’t wear trousers (though maybe some brown leggings would be more appropriate).

Costiness=$22.96 Buy it at MySoti


Post image for “Hallows Kitty” Harry Potter x Hello Kitty shirt at MySoti

I shouldn’t really post this shirt since it’s one of those mashups where I think it pushes the boundaries a bit in terms of copyright, especially as there are so many Hello Kitty collaborations which play with the iconic character which mean that a parody or mashup shirt could easily be confused with the real thing. Still, fun looking shirt!

Costiness=$22.38 Buy it at MySoti


Post image for ‘Abstract Mortal Kombat’ t-shirt by AshRB at MySoti

Slightly less recognisable than some of the other abstract tees I’ve posted based on pop culture characters (well, to me at least), but still very cool.

Costiness=$22.96 Buy it at MySoti


Post image for Franck Ocean is not God but he is something similar

I don’t know the story behind this shirt, but was posted by Frank Ocean on Instagram in August. I looked for the shirt at the time but couldn’t find it, maybe it was a one-off made for him or he even made it himself, but some enterprising fellow has swooped in and created a very similar shirt that you can now pick up on MySoti for $20.50.


daft punk x mario t-shirt

I think I speak for everyone when I say that this design is awesome.

Costiness=$24.60 Buy it at MySoti


Matthew Dunn

by Mr Four Fingers on June 5, 2012

matthew dunn

I really dig these graphic novel-esque t-shirt designs by Mathew Dunn. I’m a massive fan of the genre and I feel that his style and placement suits these t-shrits. I’m also a sucker for textures and people with masks. Dunn’s character poses are great and capture an exciting moment.




You can grab on of these t-shirts from MySoti for $28. What is also cool about MySoti as you may well be aware, is that you can choose the colour of fabric that the design will be printed on.

He also has a profile on Society 6 if you would like to buy a print instead.

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robocop t-shirt

Love the style on this shirt at MySoti, I wonder what the Japanese text says on the bottom right? Here’s hoping that Seibei will be lurking to provide our usual translation service.

Costiness=$26.65 Buy it at MySoti


Coupon code for 10% off at MySoti

by Andy on April 26, 2012

mysoti coupon code

I post quite a lot of MySoti printed tees here on HYA, so I’m sure that this coupon coude will be more than welcome. Use code fpst3e4 from now until May 1st to receive 10% off shirts, artwork and lampshades.


Justice ‘Cross’ t-shirt at MySoti

by Andy on March 30, 2012

justice cross t-shirt

Copyright infringement be damned, Justice is my favourite band (do you call a DJ duo a band?) and this is my favourite album, so I any moral qualms that I would have normally had threw out the window when I saw this design up at MySoti.

Costiness=$24.60 Buy it at MySoti

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adventure time daft punk t-shirt

I may not have seen Adventure time, but I really like the style of this mashup at MySoti.

Costiness=$27.30 Buy it at MySoti


farmville t-shirt

My girlfriend is seemingly addicted to an iPhone game called Farm Mania, she sits there for hours playing it, it may be time for an intervention. Well, an intervention after I’ve written this blog post, and sent that e-mail, and checked the stats of Rigu, and scheduled a few tweets, and thought up more jokes to use as posts when I can’t think of anything to say about a t-shirt.

Costiness=$26.25 Buy it at MySoti

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Changes are coming at MySoti

by Andy on December 22, 2011

mysoti news

I told you earlier in the week that Steve was going to be leaving his post as the head man at POD community site MySoti, but somehow I didn’t think that the change was going to come this quickly. The King is dead, long live the Kind, as they say, and new guy Aaron is already in the role of head honcho and sent out his first newsletter recently outlining what he wants to do to help move the site on to the next level:

Hey there everyone.

I’m so pleased to be writing this first blog entry from the MySoti hot seat and help Steve keep the MySoti dream alive. He said you guys are special, and he’s totally right! Just look at the new cool stuff available this week alone.

So I know there are a few things Steve wanted to sort out to give both designers and customers a smoother ride. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but we’re really working hard to accelerate the good work that Steve started. I say “we” because I have some friends helping spread the load. I guess I should give you my manifesto. Here goes:

1. Shipping times will be drastically reduced. This is our top priority, so expect to see those lead times shrinking to e-commerce friendly turnaround times very soon. I’ll make an “official” announcement once we’ve nailed it.

2. Customer service will be more rapid, and you’ll have less reason to need it!

3. More products! I’ve already started the conversations to move this on. I can’t tell you what we’ve got in store for you just yet, but I know you’ll just love it! Stay tuned.

4. More opportunities to make money! It’s all super secret at the moment, but we are in conversations to get your products in front of more people.

Many of you may also have noticed that the calculations on commission payments look as if they have changed recently. This isn’t what’s happening. Our technical drones have been working on fixing some problems that have been discovered during the hand over. None of you will lose any money, and your commission payments will be the same as before. I promise.

Both Steve and I really appreciate you guys and gals hanging in there and supporting us. You’ll soon see that your loyalty is well placed!

Happy Holidays everyone

I hope it all works out for them, they’ve had some rotten luck in the past.


wayne enterprises batman t-shirt

There’s been a lot of hubbub about the new Batman movie Dark Knight Rises over the past couple of days since the new trailer has been released for the film, which gave me ample opportunity to mention this t-shirt over at MySoti which has been languishing in my bookmarks for far too long. Lovely style to this design.

Costiness=$23.40 Buy it at MySoti


onions for crying out loud t-shirt

This shirt made me ALOL (actually laugh out loud), which is more than enough reason for me to post it.

Costiness=$23 Buy it at MySoti

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pixel t-shirt

This probably isn’t a piece of design that Yanmos had to agonise over for months, but it certainly looks cool, and I’d like to wear it.

Costiness=$24.57 Buy it at MySoti

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i hear banjos t-shirt

It made me laugh, and that’s more than enough to get me to post something on HYA.

Costiness=$24.38 Buy it at MySoti


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