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Let’s be clear, I like Facebook (it kept me in touch with my friends whilst I was in America), and I like Twitter (even if I am a bit guilty of posting about my lunches more often than I should), though I’m done with MySpace, but they can be a little creepy. Actually, it isn’t that the services themselves that are creepy, it’s that they tend to be such a one-way conversation rather than being social. When I came back from America I would be telling people stories from my trip, and they already knew about them because I’d written about them on Twitter, or my personal blog, or posted photos on Facebook, and this was usually from people that hadn’t left a comment on the posts. Also, I mentioned that I was in Las Vegas on Twitter, and then for a few days after that all the “hey, can you write about my brand” e-mails I received were curious as to whether I’d survived the onslaught of mediocre buffets and dudes in the street trying to “get dancers in your room in 20 minutes!”

So, it’s kinda creepy, but then again, no one is forcing me to write or post any of this stuff, so I have no one to blame but myself.

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Need a Website or MySpace designer?

by Andy on May 13, 2008

I know that there a few people who read HYA that want to start their own t-shirt lines (I’m one of them… eventually friends, eventually), so when I found this list on Emptees of website and MySpace designers that would probably be of help to those of you that know how to design a badass t-shirt, but don’t know the first thing when it comes to designing a website.

Big fat list of web designers at Emptees


Syndicated odds and ends

by Andy on May 15, 2006

Just dropping a little note to say that I have now added syndication functionality to Hide Your Arms, I personally only use and enjoy being able to tag things from the Firefox toolbar, but I don’t know much about the other social bookmarking networks, so hopefully this will make it easier for you to remember your favourite Hide Your Arms posts (and digg me into bandwidth oblivion).

I have removed the AdBrite box saying ‘your ad here’, no one was biting, so there’s no point wasting space on the sidebar when it isn’t going to effective use. There is an advertising page now though, in case anyone wants to get their name out there, prices very flexible, if I like your company I might even give you a weeks skyscraper for free.

Thanks to the people I don’t know who added me as their friend on MySpace. I certainly was right about us being an attractive bunch!


Myspace makes me feel young

by Andy on May 4, 2006

Yeah, HYA got a Myspace, but I swear its just for networking, since loads of companies have them and release bulletins that will really make my job here easier.

So if you’re a clothing company, add me as a friend and I’ll be able to keep tabs on your updates. And if you’re just a fan of HYA, then it would be great if you’d add me, even if it just allows me to gather conclusive evidence that this blog has the most attractive readership on the whole internet. Yeah, take that!

Just because I don’t like planting links too much:


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