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Three new tees and a hoodie from Myth Clothing

by Andy on February 27, 2012

myth clothing

Impressive new collection from the Myth team, these latest designs feel like an evolution of their previous release, and that’s not bad thing because I thought their old stuff was pretty neat too. You’ll be laying down £24.99 for the hoodie and £15.99 each for the tees if you choose to pick something up.


T-shirt news for January 26th

by Andy on January 26, 2012

star wars argyle t-shirt

Very nice argyle Star Wars t-shirt today at TeeFury.

Seems to me like this is the kind of design that Shirt.Woot should have been selling in the run up to Christmas.

RIPT drop a Milton Glaser-inspired Doctor Who t-shirt.

Harry Potter Muggle Ale shirt at Qwertee.

Those troublesome Tribbles are at Shirt Punch today.

Skyrim is the inspiration for this Nowhere Bad shirt.

I have no idea what the inspiration is for this design at The Yetee.

Star Wars meets Firefly today at OtherTees (who have a snazzy new site).

TeeRaiders have a Doctor Who design as well.

24tee go for the niche with one of the stars of the (surprisingly enthralling) King of Kong coin-op games documentary.

DBH love owls. On that subject, I saw a man walking down the street with an owl yesterday. Owls are great.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling one of their lesser seen designs again.

I have no idea what the kanji (presuming it’s Japanese) on this shirt says, so buyer beware at TeeMinus24.

Tee Gazette have put together their 10 favourite tees from the Storenvy marketplace for January.

Sock Monkee have released their Ampertastic Mr. Fox design as a print.

Adam over at IAMTHETREND busts six commonly held myths about his employer Storenvy.

Wrongwroks have released a parka with a faux fur trim.

Threadless have made some tees available to be put on Xbox avatars, and they cost about $1 each, but here’s the real kicker, if you want a hoodie you have to pay $2. They’re pixels, just because it costs double in real life doesn’t mean that they should cost double on the Xbox marketplace!

Glennz has made some more designs available as hoodies.

Mashable have a guide to building a strong online community around your brand.

Everything is on sale at Myth Clothing.

This Rihanna ‘thug life’ tattoo picture has been doing the rounds, but it’s her John Lennon t-shirt that interests me the most.

Here’s Katy Perry wearing a pretty cool hoodie (and I suspect a cool skull-based all over print t-shirt too).

Buy one get one free (on tees, not hoodies) at Eleven Eleven.

Typography Shop have put all their hoodies on sale.

Sehubabe have released a hoodie and t-shirt for Transardentes 2012 (a Belgian electro rock festival).

TanDan have been added as a brand store at A Better Tomorrow.


myth clothing t-shirts

These shirts aren’t really my style, but the promo photos that Myth Clothing have put out do make them look a lot more wearable than I would have initially imagined, so whilst it’s not the kind of thing that I’d buy, I would probably wear them and like them if they were already in my closet. Al three shirts are £15.99 and printed on American Apparel blanks. I found out about this release on Mintees and found the whole approach from Myth really honest and refreshing, so I’m going to copy paste their post here:


The new small Summer line is now out!

I wanted to have Craig work his magic on as much as possible so together we came up with doing Apollo as it just felt right being the Summer and Persephone which has Summer vibes to.

Scott Gunner who I’ve been a fan of before I even heard of Emptees did the Minotaur piece and I think it ties the new line in with the old one pretty well.

I killed myself on trying to make Myth the best it could be on this release. It’s still really small and some of the decisions I made wasn’t the right one in terms of finance but I thought as a customer and I’m always stoked when I get a tee from a UK company and it’s printed on AA or high quality blank.

So I printed all the new stuff on American Apparel and looked at the packaging and did custom bags with the Trident logo on.

I’m seriously so happy how it all came out and I hope you guys dig it as much as me.

So they hyped it, but not too much and were realistic about what they could achieve with the brand at this time, I like that.


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