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Colus Havenga expands his wares

by Matt on May 1, 2012

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Colus Havenga, one of my personal favorite t-shirt designers and brands, just added some jewelry to his line. Two necklaces are now available at for $20 each. “rune” and “flora” are simple yet bold. Laser cut from acrylic plastic and hung from a long chain, they’re a great addition to any collection.

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Seeing as I am the most manly of men you won’t find me doing this, but it is a pretty neat tutorial on how to turn that old t-shirt you never wear into a cotton necklace.



There’s not much more for me to add after such an informative headline, except that I should probably point out that the razorblade on th necklace has rounded edges so it’s safer than it looks (safety first!), and that Dance Party Massacre sell the necklace for $17.95, so it’s a pretty high value freebie to be getting with your order.



I like dance Party Massacre, they don’t seem to feel the need to be constrained to one particular style, but they do keep on topic, which allows them to be creative but also leaves me in the comfort that their name actually means something, because aside from being a catchy title for a B-Movie, when you look at their tees you do think “yeah, that name goes well with that design.”

This latest offering also marks something of a departure for them (and yes, I know what my last sentence said), they’re branching out from and have added a couple of bandanas and a necklace that your parents would hate to go along with the new tees.

Dance Party Massacre (and here’s their post about the new releases)

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recycled t-shirt necklace

This cool looking scarf/necklace was featured in Instructable’s weekly newsletter, and I thought it looks no nice (and presumably easy though I haven’t actually looked at the tutorial properly yet) that I’d share it with you, so if you were wondering “what should I do with this old t-shirt?” wonder no more!

Recycled T-shirt Necklace


Snakes & Suits: Fall Line Out Now

by Andy on October 28, 2008

Considering I’ve never seen their site before, the whole lot is new to me, but Snakes and Suits released their latest line, and guess what? They have an ampersand design!

Snakes & Suits – Fall Line Out Now
We are proud to present our brand new Fall Line! We’ve been working for months
and months are so glad to finally release it! We hope you love it as much as we
do. We’ve got 7 new T-Shirts (including our first V-Neck!), 1 new hoodie and 2
new necklaces. Some brand new designs and some fresh new colorways on some of
our favorite designs from the past.

Also, we made a special Snakes & Suits shirt that we are giving away for
free to the first 100 orders over $50! There is no other way to get this shirt.
It’s limited to 100 and will never be printed again. Yes, it is a surprise as
well! Our way of saying thank you to the loyal and the quick! Thank you for
being a part of this.
-Snakes & Suits

PS – Thank you to A Rocket To The Moon and Brighten for modeling everything in
our web store. We’d also like the send a special thank you to Adam Elmakias for
taking the photos.

Snakes & Suits Big Cartel Store
Snakes & Suits Main Site


Chateau Roux spotted on Skins

by Andy on March 18, 2008

Chris (Joe Dempsie) wearing a Chateau Roux ‘I Heart Hate’ T-shirt on Skins Series 2 Episode 4

Its taken me until now to realise just how great Skins is, I really think that its the best British TV show on at the moment, and I watch a lot of TV, so I must know what I’m talking about. So I was pretty excited when I noticed that Chateau Roux was all over Skins like a rash, and a very sexy rash at that.

I noticed Chris (played by Joe Dempsie, pictured) wearing an ‘I [heart] hate’ tee in the 4th episode and realised that it was from CR, then in episode 5 when Jal (Larissa Wilson) wore a badass looking Chateau necklace (pictured above, with a little box incase you didn’t know what a necklace is) I figured I was compelled to write a post about it. To their credit, the creators of Skins maintain a blog that has a style section on it where people discuss what was worn by who in different episodes, apparently prompted by the volume of request they receive on the subject. They don’t link to where the stuff is purchasable, but it certainly does make things easier in case you are desperate to look like Maxxie or Sid.

*Excuse the pictures, my TV has developed a yellow spot problem with a broken colour tube, and trying to correct the colours in Photoshop made them look a bit funny.*

Both items are available through the Chateau Roux website, and possibly in their retail store at 17 Newburgh Street, London (near Carnaby Street).


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