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DBH Discharge – Hands On Review

by Matt on May 7, 2013

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I recently received a couple tees from Design By Humans, specifically two that they used discharge inks for. If you’re not familiar, discharge is a special type of ink/screen printing process that basically dyes the fabric of the shirt, instead of laying ink on top of it, so it leaves almost no feel on the print.

Craig Watkins (you probably know him as Wotto), the Art Director over at DBH, sent me two of their discharge tees. “Lost” by carbine and a DBH logo shirt that they’ve been giving out for free at different events around the country. Lost depicts a skeleton astronaut being attacked by some sort of multi-legged space creature, all done in neon inks. Neon discharge inks! This design recently took 3rd place in the Bright Futures Neon Tee contest and just a few days ago was named as one of DBH’s “Top 5 Best Illustrative Tees”.

Ok…so on to the print. The beauty of discharge is that the print has virtually no feel at all. It’s as if you’re just wearing a blank shirt, but you get the awesome bonus of having an incredible design printed on it. And not only is this one super soft and bright, cause of the neon discharge inks, but super big as well. As you can see, it pretty much takes up the entire front of the t-shirt.

Not surprisingly, Design By Hümans has impressed me yet again. They’re always taking that next step and improving their game, putting out the biggest, brightest, softest, and best prints around. Every time I receive one of their shirts in the mail, it looks even better than it does on the website. Do yourself a favor and check them out if you haven’t yet.




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antisparkle neon summer 2012

Do you like bright things? If so, good, because if there’s one word that you can use to describe this ‘Neon Shades’ collection from Antisparkle it is BRIGHT. With a name like that it’s hardly surprising that there’s plenty of neon amongst the tees, tanks and jewelry. The jewelry in particular is a nice addition to their store, I feel as if it rounds things out for them and provides something extra for potential customers.
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Roktic pointed out this new sweater from Le Sucre that is being sold exclusively in their store, and whilst I was under the impression that people were start to move away from the nu-rave text on a somber background, I actually quite like the 80s charm of this sweater and its meaningless text.

Costiness=£50 Buy it at Roktic


Ethics by King Apparel @ Urban Retro

by Andy on May 28, 2008

Ethics by King Apparel @ Urban Retro

Bats, trees working their way across the zip, some sweet neon piping contrasting with the somber colourway, and even a custom zipper, what’s not to love? (first person to say ‘the price’ gets a pat on the head’)

Costiness=£64.99 Link

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Neon Hello Kitty tee @ Fred Flare

by Andy on January 23, 2008

hello kitty riding a scooter with a neon print
Hello Kitty. Neon Print. Big Print. Hello Kitty on a freakin’ scooter!

I’m sure someone just lost their mind (in both the good and bad way) when they saw this tee.

Costiness=$26 Link


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