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Let’s get this out of the way straight off, these t-shirts are €69 each, that is a lot of money for a t-shirt, but Bookman are a designer company making premium products and 290sqm is one of the coolest shops in Amsterdam, so the price is what it is, we aren’t dealing with bargain basement tees here.

290 Square Meters welcomes Bookman’s latest biking innovation from Sweden, the Cycling T-Shirt to both its Amsterdam store and online at The creative garment is perfect for the urban bicyclist. It is designed to give the wearer a sophisticated look, on and off the bicycle, and has several features to improve the riding experience as well as to increase the wearer’s safety in night traffic.

The Cycling T-shirt has a casual fit with an extended back and ventilation holes for a more comfortable ride. It also has two useful pockets, a chest pocket and a hidden back pocket with zipper. The chest pocket has a buttoned strap to prevent things from falling out when leaning forward, yet it’s easy to access when the wearer needs to fiddle with their phone. The hidden back pocket is perfect for carrying small things such as cards and coins. The sleeves of the T-shirt are equipped with inner reflective bands – easy to reveal by folding them up.

They are really interesting shirts, it’s cool to see something different and innovative, the reflect arms being an especially cool innovation. I’m going to be in Amsterdam at the start of April for a stag do, so I don’t think me and the boys will be doing much shopping, but if I happen to be near 290sqm I’ll be sure to pop in and take a look at these tees.


Untitled get logo tees right

by Andy on January 7, 2013

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I am the kind of guy that used to complain a lot about logo tees and how “I didn’t want to be a walking billboard”, but I’ve changed my tune somewhat over the past few years, gaining an appreciation for a good logo and also recognising that it is hard to make simple t-shirts look good, the less there is in a design the easier it is to notice when something isn’t quite right, but with Untitled I think they do get it right on their logo tees. It’s simple, but it looks good.

I am still of the belief that clothing companies shouldn’t launch with just logo tees, artwork is something that anyone can like, whereas you generally need to have a vested interest in a brand to want to buy one of their logo shirts, so it’s a good thing that Untitled have that Iwan Smit collaboration in their starting lineup for people that don’t necessarily dig the cleanliness of the logo shirts. You’re looking at €30 for the logo tees and €35 for the colourful collaboration with shirts avaiable in S-XL.

These guys launched from Rotterdam back in December so it’s early days but there’s definitely a lot of promise there so I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.


Maybe you already know; for the fourth t-shirt collection NO ONO will collaborate with the FIXFIXFIX. The FIXFIXFIX photographing girls on their custom bicycles so called Fixies. NO ONO have selected 6 of the hottest, but only 3 of these will end up on a t-shirt. Now it’s up to you. Let them know which of the pre-selected Fixies you think deserves to be on a t-shirt. Submit your 3 favorites on their special web page:

Tring Tring!

Andy: As usual, I need to point out that I wouldn’t be particularly comfortable wearing a shirt like this in public, or in private for that matter, but some folks must like it, maybe it’s time for Steve over at HGWT to branch out to Hot Girls On T-shirts?

This post was submitted by NO ONO // Marcel van Wijk.


“You have a new friend request.”

Social media is good for a lot of things, but who doesn’t sneaky click on the daring profile picture in the friends list of your girl-next-door? NO ONO does! Who is the babe behind that 40×40 pixel self-portrait shot in the mirror? One even sexier than the other.

NO ONO has searched the various social networks (Facebook, Flickr, Hyves) looking for the best profile pictures that would tricker your imagination and bundled them in the latest t-shirt collection titled ‘Self Shot Girls.

The third men collection consists of 3 t-shirts; Sophie, Merina and Eliana. The sexy profile pictures of these girls and their profile exposed in halftone on your chest. The t-shirts are available for €34,- in the webshop of NO ONO. As usual, the collection is presented by a girly topless model.

I hope you “LIKE” this collection and will write a review/blog. Feel free to download the full press kit // // with text- and photo’s. If you like more information, contact me with your request.

This post was submitted by Marcel van Wijk.


NO ONO sexy girls t-shirts

Boys Like Girls.

The pioneers of the sexual revolution, “John Lennon & Yoko Ono”, topped with vanilla sauce, are the inspiration of NO ONO. The driving force behind this Dutch t-shirt label for men, aren’t people but fantasies, balancing between your conscience and feelings. NO ONO can no longer retain themself from visualising their fantasies and exhibiting them on t-shirts. You’ll never understand them. You can only experience NO ONO.

The first collection of NO ONO “Uncensored”, consisting of 3 t-shirts, makes clear how instantly the mind works. If your view the collection from a distance, the prints will appear as complete graphics. View the t-shirts upclose, you’ll see that your mind played a trick with you, and that all prints are composed of squares.
Special detail is that all its NO ONO (men) t-shirts on the website by putting sexy young ladies.

NO ONO sends his t-shirts worldwide at acceptable shipping costs. Payments are made easily and securely through PayPal (Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bank).

Check the t-shirts online on Wouldn’t wanna miss anything about NO ONO, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

[Andy: Ahhh, another brand that got bored of waiting for me to return their e-mails and took matters into their own hands by writing their own profile that doesn’t just scream “WE’RE SO AWESOME!” No Ono is actually a new brand from the guy that created CottonMouth, so he’s got a good pedigree in the tee world.]

This post was submitted by Marcel van Wijk.


dutch federation world cup t-shirt

… but it isn’t for sale. [via The Cool Hunter]


zwart by wotto for ktoen

by Andy on July 13, 2009


Wow, that is a low percentage of actual words in a title.

As you can probably tell, ktoen isn’t an English company, they’re actually Dutch, and unfortunately for (most of) us despite seemingly everyone in Holland speaking perfect English their site appears to only be available in their native tongue. I’m sure you’d be able to work out how to navigate the checkout though if you really wanted to get your on yet another top-notch tee from Wotto.

Costiness=€22.50 (mens) €24.95 (womens) Available from koten

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More hot asian women on t-shirts = genius!

by Andy on October 31, 2008

Sometimes I have to wonder how I get put onto certain mailing lists (the amount of hip hop mixtapes I get sent is astounding), but the niche market of “photo t-shirts with hot asian women on them” is pretty unexpected. It’s also unexpected that there is more than one brand that does this regularly in their collections. I would say this though, once you get past the boobs and look at the regular stuff in Quolomo’s site, it’s actually pretty good.

GORILLI introduces QUOLOMO to Europe

QUOLOMO is a t-shirt, apparel and lifestyle project from Tokyo. Producing clothing under the central theme: “Design Japanese Culture,” QUOLOMO creations and collaborations draw inspiration from the array of sub-cultures, artists, pop-culture personalities and animated characters of Japan. In traditional Japanese language, QUOLOMO means “wear”. When producing t-shirts and apparel, QUOLOMO aims to create wearable garments dedicated to the time tested sensibilities and standards of quality, artistry and originality.

The first delivery of the QUOLOMO collection is now available in the Gorilli Concept Store in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and also online in the Gorilli Webshop. As always in limited quantities only. Second delivery will follow soon. So stay tuned.

Also, I don’t think anyone has ever sent me an e-mail with 27 attachments on it, but I’m going to put them all in the gallery anyway after a /more, so click on through for more pics.
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