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Post image for LOTS of New Tees, Hoodies, and More Over at Venus Fallen!

Venus Fallen added 33 new items into their shop, wow, what a selection of products AND styles. A wide variety including tees (of course), long sleeved crewnecks, pull-overs, hoodies, baseball tees, sweatshirts, belts, wallets, buttons – it’s a lot, I’m telling you! It was hard for me to pick only a few to show you, so go take a look in the shop for the whole selection.

Also, the popular and obviously fun Science Gives Me A Hadron tee (that was even shared by the one and only, George Takei) has been made into a zip-up, neat!

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Captivate Clothing Releases New Line!

by Leah on June 23, 2012

Post image for Captivate Clothing Releases New Line!

Captivate Clothing JUST released their new line for pre-order, and it’s looking good. I’m especially loving the mark-making of the skull tee, just gorgeous and talk about big prints. Check it out, go shop – I just might!

Buy at Captivate Clothing, only £10.99

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Post image for Tribe’s NEW Legacy Collection Released Today – Three New T-shirts!

Tribe released their new Legacy Collection today adding three more outstanding tees to their shop (I want them all!) Take a look, these tees are definitely worth the time. Oh and one more good thing – free shipping on orders over $50.

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Post image for Time Won’t Wait – Eerie Devil T-shirt and New Line, I’ve Fallen in Love!

Time Won’t Wait – I don’t know much about you, (not yet anyway), but I couldn’t help but notice this tee from the new line – designed by Gavin McGregor, this tee is creepy and of course that intrigues me, but not only that, the nice contrast plus the eerie composition really pull me in even more. Appropriately titled, Devil, this tee lives amongst a nice selection of other designs from Time Won’t Wait, so go take a peek.

Buy Devil for £12.00
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Post image for Venus Fallen Clothing Launches New Line – Eleven New Tees and Two Zip-ups!

Venus Fallen Clothing is new – very new – barely a year old, and when I came across this brand I was (without a doubt) very excited and eager to explore… and that I did! Once you explore what Venus Fallen offers, you can tell there is a lot of personality, passion, and dedication that goes into the creation of this brand from it’s owner, Matt Haydu. The designs to me are very reminiscent of the style and quality of that of Miles to Go, but of course, Venus Fallen has it’s own style and speaks especially to the progressive thinker with it’s science, space, and futurism themed designs. Matt Haydu refers to Venus Fallen as his baby and he is nothing but excited and positive about his work – so that tells me this guy is dedicated and that the brand will only get better and better.

Now moving on to the tees! Venus Fallen just launched a new line with an impressive eleven new tees and two new zip-up hoodies! All printed on American Apparel, Venus Fallen offers a variety of blends with 50/50 cotton/poly blends, tri-blends, as well as a variety of styles: tees, raglan, zip-ups and from the previous lines: tanks, a cardigan, pullover, jacket, polo and long sleeve are available – So much to choose from, you’re bound to fall in love with something. (I surely did!)

Posted above are just two of the many tees that are available at Venus Fallen. What attracts me most is the color, as well as the big, detailed prints and the vintage/sketchy style that accompanies a lot of the designs offered. Also, I can’t help but smile knowing they are all printed on nice blanks and at a really great price at that. I can’t say I am a person that is knowledgeable or interested in the wonders of science and things of that nature (sadly I am far too dense for that), but the good thing is that doesn’t stop me from being really interested in the themes and style of Venus Fallen’s new line – actually it’s quite the opposite.

Another smile-inducing moment came when I read what Matt Haydu had to say about his Venus Fallen:

Living in a world where most people follow the norm makes it difficult for those to step out of comfort zones and enter truth and individuality. I created VF so that I could connect with others emotionally, positively, and creatively on a level that is scientifically awe inspiring. This truly is more than clothing to any fan that wishes to join the global think tank and transcend the human mind.

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Origin68, New Site and New Line!

by Leah on February 8, 2012

Origin68 Enjoy Life

Origin68 has made-over their site and it certainly is looking quite nice. In addition, they have added eight new tees making their 2012 Spring/Summer line. My favorite t-shirt from the bunch would definitely be Enjoy Life (pictured on the pretty girl above). It displays an incredible use of type to create a design – first of all, it grabs my eyes with it’s bold use of red on heathered gray, and then I am intrigued by the way LIFE flows into a circular shape to form something almost organic or whimsical, while ENJOY is tucked away elegantly within the top of the design, that I love! Oh, let’s not forget the subtle details; the placement of their name at the bottom of the design, as well as the hem tag – ah, so refreshing and just right.

Cost: £20.00 Buy it: Origin68

MORE from their new line (and honestly, I enjoy them all!)

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Tribe’s New Winter Line – Impressive!

by Leah on February 1, 2012

Tribe Longhauler

Go ahead, take a good look at the new Winter line from Tribe, I sure did and it impressed me (a lot.) Between the six new tees and the new crewneck, I am not sure what I love best, but you can definitely call me a fan. I prefer the simple aspects about all the designs; their name placed amongst well designed, clean motifs – it’s pretty stunning. While you’re there, take a look at their Fall 2011 line, the entire collection will be on sale until Sunday, February 5th.

Tribe also released a lookbook for the Winter line, showcasing  their cool tees (and a lot of pretty people), which is guaranteed to get you excited about the new line! So go take a peek, you won’t be sorry – that’s a promise!

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Our friends over at Black Sea dropped me a line to say that they’ve dropped a few new tees, and that they’ve got a fun new photoshoot to go with it, which is why the gallery above is a bit bigger than usual. On the subject of galleries, I accidently turned off the wrong plugin in WordPress a few days ago, which is why you wouldn’t be getting any lightbox effects when you clicked on an image, but that’s been fixed now, apologies for any inconvenience.

Black Sea Apparel

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