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Post image for Movember Tees, Regular Tees, iPhone cases, and their website: All new at Fuzzy Ink!

Loads of new stuff up at Fuzzy Ink, including 6 new vintage-style shirts from their collaboration with the Movember Foundation, three new designs from their regular line of mustache-inspired tees, some of their most popular designs being put on cases for the iPhone 4/4S, and last but not least, a very clean and slick new website. I like the new site, it puts the new products front and centre, making it easier for a customer to see what they’re all about.


Post image for A great new site and a great new contest winner from A Better Tomorrow

I’ve been looking forward to seeing the redesigned A Better Tomorrow for quite a while, and I’m glad to see I’m not disappointed now that it is live, and especially happy to see that they now have an English-language version of the site to go along with the fresh new site design which I feel removes a lot of the clutter and helps make the t-shirts more prominent and new designs easier to find.

Really nice new contest winning design to help launch the new site too, I’m sure you’ll agree.


Origin68, New Site and New Line!

by Leah on February 8, 2012

Origin68 Enjoy Life

Origin68 has made-over their site and it certainly is looking quite nice. In addition, they have added eight new tees making their 2012 Spring/Summer line. My favorite t-shirt from the bunch would definitely be Enjoy Life (pictured on the pretty girl above). It displays an incredible use of type to create a design – first of all, it grabs my eyes with it’s bold use of red on heathered gray, and then I am intrigued by the way LIFE flows into a circular shape to form something almost organic or whimsical, while ENJOY is tucked away elegantly within the top of the design, that I love! Oh, let’s not forget the subtle details; the placement of their name at the bottom of the design, as well as the hem tag – ah, so refreshing and just right.

Cost: £20.00 Buy it: Origin68

MORE from their new line (and honestly, I enjoy them all!)

Keep in touch with Origin68: Facebook, Twitter, and Blog



LUVD are back with a hot new site

by Andy on September 2, 2011

luvd new site

They’re back? I didn’t even know they’d gone away!

Now that is a good looking website. I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to say that it is one of the nicest looking websites I’ve ever seen for a clothing company, it’s very clean and cohesive, and it really fits with their brand too. They’ve got some great looking shirts in store that I don’t remember seeing before so I guess they’ve had a few releases since I last checked, I wholeheartedly recommend that you check them out too



guy vernes t-shirt

Looks like Guy Vernes have been busy recently, dropping a new website with lots of cool looking effects (everything has a snazzy rollover), and a couple of new designs too. Of the two I think that the tear-drop style of Atlantis (heather/cranberry) is the more interesting, but I can certainly see how Mark of Eros (black/white) would appeal to people too, it’s a wearable night out kind of a shirt. Both shirts are on the edge of acceptability in terms of pricing at €29.99 each, but I think that they might be custom fit shirts which certainly would push the price up, and if you really like the shirt then I’m sure that you’ll be able to get over the price.


wrongwroks new website

I haven’t mentioned Wrongwroks for a while, not because they’ve been quiet or releasing rubbish, in fact, I don’t really have a reason, I just have so much stuff to post all the time that it’s easy for me to miss stuff. Last month they overhauled their website and the result is a vast improvement. The old version was a bit of a step back in time, there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with it, but it was suffering in the usability stakes, so the new version is a big step forward in those terms.

From now until the 13th they’ve got a bit of an offer on too, spend over $100 (they’re Canadian, so that might include the U.S. too) or $200 (international), then you will receive a refund on your shipping costs via PayPal. Yes, I know that’s quite a high bar to set for free shipping, but if you’re the kind of person that’s into Wrongwroks stuff then $100/$200 isn’t going to make you spit out your milk.


shirt hive

This is a project that I have been thinking about for quite some time. If you follow my tweets and read Emptees you’ll know that I floated this idea months ago, but now things are becoming a lot clearer, and we (yes, we) shouldn’t be too far off deciding upon a launch date. What the hell am I talking about you may ask if you aren’t an Andy stalker? Well, ShirtHive is going to be the best place on the web connecting t-shirt brands with amazing t-shirt designers.

At the heart of it, if you just wanted a bullet-point version, it’s going to be a t-shirt industry job board, and a t-shirt design marketplace, but I’d like to think that in reality it will feel like a lot more. New brands don’t have all the contacts they need, they could come to ShirtHive, post a listing saying what kind of designs they’d like creating for them, designers check it out (and have posted jobs e-mailed straight to them) and if they think the job suits their style they can submit their resume/portfolio and send a message to the poster. We’ll also be providing guidelines to brands and designers telling them the best practices in the industry, so that everyone gets treated fairly and with respect, ShirtHive will not be home to lowballers, design has value and we’ll be treating it that way.

But what if a brand doesn’t need something specific created for their line, what if they want some pre-made designs? Well, we’re going to offer that too, in the form of a curated marketplace. High-quality designers will have their t-shirt designs on sale in the marketplace, which can be purchased by brand owners, with print-ready files being available to download immediately. Currently we haven’t approached any designers for the marketplace but are drawing up a list of designers we would like to have on there, like I said, it will be a curated marketplace to ensure that there is quality across the board, but if you would like to be considered for the marketplace please leave a comment on this post (using your portfolio as the URL linked to your name), or send me a tweet/e-mail.

At the moment is just a holding page where you can leave your e-mail address which we will hold to give you updates when the site gets going, but it shouldn’t be too long before we’re open for business, and I will be giving you status reports over the coming weeks and months with how the site is going. I could go on and on about this project, I’m really excited about it, but I don’t want this article to run long, so if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback of any kind please leave a comment on this post and I will answer them all as fully as I can. Your feedback is very important at this stage and will be very much appreciated.


candy pulse urban retro

Urban Retro was a name that whilst kind of generic and bland, at least you kind of knew what you were getting when you clicked a link, whereas Candy Pulse is a bit more ambiguous, even if it does sound an awful lot cooler. Quite a lot of their items (iPhone skins, vinyl toys, plush toys) do share many similarities with candy, you know you shouldn’t have them but really want them, and eventually give in and tell yourself this is the last time you’ll eat that delicious, delicious chocolate/MacBook gelaskin.

The new site is a big improvement on the old one though, this is definitely an onwards-and-upwards move from the UR/CP team, it’s nice to know there’s somewhere like this in the UK where I can pick up a present for a graphic designer-type friend if I need to. I’ve just noticed that this post is bit heavy on their non-clothing aspects, they do of course still sell a wide variety of tees, hoodies, and accessories.

From now until midnight on August 30th you can get 25% off your order using the coupon code hello25

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shirt launch

Ironically, I should have posted about this site a few weeks ago, which illustrates my point perfectly. I can’t write about everything all the time, I need to sleep (even if that doesn’t always work out), and that frequently means that there are companies I’d love to write about that get slid into the queue, and sometimes they get stuck in there like a 100km long line of Chinese traffic.

Shirt Launch is pretty much the opposite, instead of e-mailing someone to then post about their new line, the brands can just post about it themselves, letting people know when their new shirts will be released and where you can buy them. It’s a well put together site, which is hardly surprising since I Am The Trend are behind it, and seems to be getting some decent support from brands, which is good because without brands submitting their lines there wouldn’t be any point visiting the site. Am I worried about Shirt Launch destroying HYA? Of course not, you guys visit because of my witty banter and insight, right?…. I’m doomed!



It turns out I’m not the only person turning out new sites at the moment, as two new tee sites based on broadly similar concepts have cropped up in the past week. For years, literally years, I’ve wanted to create a site that was notcot but specifically focused on t-shirts but I never round to it, largely because I didn’t think I had the skills. Thankfully, or ruefully in my case, two sites have came along in the past week (with another one coming up) that appear to run along the same lines as “NotCot for t-shirts.” Heartees comes from Tom Neal, who some of you may recognise if you’ve ever used a t-shirt mockup, and comes from Brad Tennant, the guy that made Indie Threads.

Neither of the sites are perfect, at least not for what I’d want to get out of them (the designers are both probably pretty happy), Heartees offers a minimal t-shirt discovering experience, whereas is a bit more traditionally blog-like with user-voting thrown into the mix. TSR are also offering the 100th t-shirt company to submit a shirt the opportunity of a free ad spot, and thereafter will be giving an ad spot to the top tee at the end of each month.


top weight loss blogs

Following the success of and, I thought I might as well keep going with this new-site frenzy, and I’d try and break out of my usual niche of t-shirts and blogs with something I know very little about (though if yousaw me might think I should!); that subject is weight loss blogs. Thus, I bought and built, which aims to be the ultimate list of user ranked weight loss blogs on the internet. Since I sold out of small Hide Your Arms t-shirts before any other size, it would appear that hardcore HYA fans probably don’t need to lose much, if any, weight, but if you would like to check it out, rate some blogs, add some URLs if you know any cool weight loss blogs, and leave feedback that would be much appreciated. If I can create a network of sites like this that tick along nicely by themselves they will help me towards my goal of becoming a full-time blogger, and if I can mange that, it means an awful lot more t-shirts coming your way in the future.

Also, what sites would you like to see me producing in the future? I get the feeling that there might be quite a few sneakerheads in the audience, do you think that a sneaker site list would go down well?


New Uneetee site

I think you’d struggle to find anyone who thinks that this redesign is a step backwards for the Uneetee crew, it’s a fresh new site, and would that be a new logo for them? I think so.

If I remember correctly tees used to be around the $20 with them, so this $15 sale is fairly generous, and will be running until tomorrow.



Finally, finally, finally, I can now link to products on the Terratag website now that they’ve had a redesign!

And even better, all of those items that I can now link to have got 10% off.


Holebrain gets redesigned

by Andy on November 15, 2009

Holebrain - Welcome_1258205306353

I wouldn’t usually cover this kind of thing for a brand that is as new as Holebrain, but it’s Sunday afternoon and I think I’ve made it pretty clear in the past that I like Holebrain, so any chance I get to mention them I’m going to take it. The site wasn’t exactly terrible before, but this new look should help them to grow a bit more, and I always like to see a blog being included on a t-shirt site because I love seeing all the background stuff and with a new brand especially it’s fun to see how their cotton-based adventure unfolds.



Storenvy have a good rep for printing tees within the indie community, by which I mean that people on Emptees rarely bitch about them, and from what I can tell their storefront hosting service is also held in high regard. A couple of days ago they released a new version of their site which aims to help those stores owners make more sales, and help make it easier for t-shirt buyers to find shirts across their network of stores. To put it basically, you can search what they sell, it’s that simple, I’d add more words to this sentence but they’d be superfluous.

Search isn’t the only new feature to be included in the new Storenvy site, they’ve also introduced a concept called ‘Markets‘ which groups together stores that have something in common (such as fine art, eco-friendly, or urban wear), it’s an idea I like and thin that as it evolves it would work well for people trying to discover new companies in the same vein as ones that they already like. The forum is likely to be a useful hub for store owners, though as you would imagine so soon after launch things are still a bit quiet around there.

In the past if someone asked me about a third-party storefront to run their brand from I would have immediately said Big Cartel, but Storenvy could be an option worth looking at for a lot of budding tee-preneurs.



PopJunkie are always good value for an attractive shirt & hoodie or two, and their latest offerings are no exception, the new site looks great too so swing on by and check it out. They’ve also expanded their non-body covering range, with more tote bags and pillows, and an all new product, beer bags. If you want 25% off their prices (and why wouldn’t you?), use the coupon code hookmeup at the checkout and you will receive the discount.


Chateau Roux have a new site, take 10% off

by Andy on September 4, 2009


Chateau Roux have got a spiffy new site, and I saw in this week’s Popbitch newsletter (I may have just gone down in a few people’s estimation with that admission) that you can get 10% off your order with the coupon code POPBITCH.

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Back To School Sale at Thriving Ink

by Andy on September 1, 2009

thriving ink sale

It seems kinda dumb that Thriving Ink have launched a new site with new tees designs and here I am talking about their old stuff just because it’s got 25% off, but since you’ll probably click through to see the $12 tees then you’ll get to see the new site anyhow (deffo worth a look, they’ve done a great job) so it doesn’t matter what I say….. banana hammock!

Thriving Ink

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I Am The Trend gets more trendy

by Andy on March 15, 2009


It seems like lots of people are dropping new sites at the moment, maybe HYA needs a new lick of paint too? Gosh, maybe even an actual logo?

I Am The Trend‘s new site looks pretty damned sexy, here’s what’s changed:

Anyways we just relaunched our site complete with a ton of new features:
-Forum w/facebook connect
-Weekly Video Blog
-Free Swag
-More concentration on Music, Art, Products
-Guest Articles
-Larger product pictures

Check it out, hopefully this can propel IATT on greater things, I think that the indie clothing world needs a well-run directory (though it’s cool they’re covering music & art too), and they’re well on the way to coming through on that potential. Now, any chance we can do something about that ridiculous 2 star review of mine?

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My thoughts on the new Assault Shirts site are summed up in that title, so all that’s left for me to tell you that if you use the coupon code hideyourarms you’ll get 30% off your order. However, during this launch phase of the new site all the tees are discounted anyway, so the code won’t work quite yet, so file that one away for future use.


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