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Shirtcity have unleashed a new site.

by Andy on March 12, 2009


Shirtcity is all new.
Though no one gave us 10.000.000€*, we can continue and evolve. We gave our site a total makeover, rearranged the structure and added more functions. In short:

– The new look : eye-friendly and tidied up
– The new shop : Just buying t-shirts, no fussing about the designer
– The new T-shirt designs : Edit design colours, add text to designs
– The new design classification: easy to link, easy to access
– The new presentation: friendly faces instead of grey icons

They’re also giving away tees to people who blog about them, I’m not sure if I’ll be getting anything for writing this, maybe, so I may or may not be a shill for writing this, I guess we’ll find out at a later date.

*Meeoooow, saucer of milk, table two!


Design By Humans…. change places!

by Andy on February 13, 2009


Design By Humans, the design competition for people that got a bit bored with Threadless, have unleashed (which sounds way more badass than ‘unveiled’) a brand-spanking-new (last Sunday) website which is largely an improvement over the last one.

Yes, I like the new front-page, it rams the ‘one tee a day’ aspect down your throat in the best way possible, but I quite liked the charts that they used to have on the bottom of the front page, it provided a quick overview of what was hot on DBH. Another thing I like, forums, and DBH has one now, which can only be a good thing for bringing the community together more cohesively.

Looking at indivdual tees, well, you can look at individual tees, from several angles, which is exactly what tee buyers are looking for, and a decent lightbox-y zoom function too. I am fairly surprised that there is no image of the artwork though on the tee pages, or am I missing something?

Oh, and apparently the art submission section has been vastly improved, I’ve got no idea about that angle, any designers have any experience with it that they could share with us?

Design By Humans

Click through to see a load of screengrabs, which is as awesome as looking at their site without being able to click on the links


Waterloo: New Site, New Designs, New Sale

by Andy on February 9, 2009


Like it says in the title, Waterloo have revealed a brand new site that I believe is a big improvement on the old one, along with a loads of new tees (pictured), and pretty much all of their older designs have got money off, ranging from 10-50%. Their usual offer of ‘buy 3 get 1 free’ still applies so it could be a good time for you buy some tees dripping in retro-nostalgia.




A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the new Krudmart website and how much of an improvement I thought it was. Turns out that they weren’t quite ready yet, or there was too much traffic, or some other boring problem, and they had to disappear for a few days. Now they really are back and things really are working, so if you visited krudmart recently and found things to be somewhat lacking give them another chance and see if things are more to your liking now.

Oh, and there’s free shipping (US only) if you spend $50 or more at the moment.

*Sorry about the tease of a coupon code in the title, it was only after I wrote this post that I realised the coupon code had already expired, and so removed it from the post before it went live, but clearly forgot to change the title.


Beautiful/Decay are a Mystery

by Andy on January 10, 2009


I was perusing Beautiful/Decay’s new site dedicated to their apparel line (the actual store is still served by Indie Merch though), and I noticed that they’re offering mystery grab bag’s of their hoodies and tees. 2 random hoodies for $60, 3 random artist series tees for $30, and 3 random tees for $25. Considering that B/D don’t make bad clothes (it’s as simple as that), this is a very, very good deal.

It’s good that B/D have given the apparel line its own separate site, previously it had felt as if the line was just tacked onto the main magazine site, but now you can get a much better sense from the brand without the magazine over-shadowing it, and it’s cool seeing all the behind-the-scens stuff that they’re posting to the blog.


New Designs & Website from Origin 68

by Andy on December 2, 2008

HYAs software has decided to start misbehaving, so whilst I sort it out don’t expect much in depth blogging, plenty of errors coming up, and possibly no blogging at all.

Origin68 have released a couple of new designs (the other one is in the gallery):

The first is IT BEGAN IN ’68 which pays hommage to our name and references the world changing year that was 1968. The second is simply RETRO ELECTRO. Both retro and electro at the same time. Check out the tweedy goodness!

They’ve also redesigned their site to make it a bit easier to navigate.

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Ucon… not be serious!

by Andy on November 26, 2008

This post has nothing to do with John McEnroe, or tennis at all, but sometimes I just like to run with these silly titles.

Ucon have got new designs, new flash catalogues (which are actually quite cool), and a new website too. I know that Ucon aren’t the flashiest brand I’ve written about, but I think I’d happily wear absolutely everything that they produce, and that is a great quality for a company to have.

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Its taken them way too long, but the new Ten Bills site (which I like a lot more than the previous versions) finally allows us to truly see the tees with previews big enough to do the their designs justice.

The new tee is pretty cool too, riffing on the now familiar subject of making your chest look like an AV nerds wet dream. I’ve seen quite a few tees like this, but I think that the hand-drawn look adds a fun little twist on the theme.

You can get 10% off your order from now until the end of the month (which is Sunday) by using the coupon code SQUASH.

Ten Bills

More shorts of the tee (including a grey colourway) and a screenshot of the new site in the gallery.
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What’s new with Johnny Cupcakes?

by Andy on October 6, 2008

Johnny Cupcakes has dropped a few new designs, and also revamped his site to make it look even more bakery-esque than it was before.

Johnny Cupcakes

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EIO’s new website is AOK

by Andy on September 19, 2008

EIO Clothing, who you may well have noticed started advertising on HYA a couple of days ago (and isn’t it a pretty ad?), have just launched their freshly designed website. Considering they’re called ‘Excess is OK’ the website is pretty minimal, but I like it, everything is within easy reach and the look follows EIOs signature style.

They’ve also released a new collection of tees and hoodies that are very much worth a look.

EIO Clothing


Vintage Vantage get fresh, kinda modern

by Andy on September 11, 2008

Y’know, you leave a company alone for a few months and the next time you check in they’ve gone and had a facelift, its like when you see a girl you know from high school that has become almost inexplicably hot (not that Vintage Vantage was an uggo to start with). They’ve also got a load of new tees for you to enjoy (only a few of which are in the above gallery), some of which don’t seem all that vintage in their style, although perhaps ‘vintage’ style has pervaded society so completely that their designs are vintage, and I just can’t tell anymore.

Vintage Vantage


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