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I’m slightly underselling TIMcity in that title, because I do think that these are really cool t-shirts from a brand that is founded by a t-shirt fan studying urban planning. The Amsterdam one was the most immediately recognisable to me as I’ve spent a few weekends navigating my way through the little streets and canals of Amsterdam (and will again next month), but it’s the New YorK design that stands out as being a bit abstract yet still iconic to me.

When you’re a brand that creates designs based upon various cities of the world there can often be a danger of making what look like tourist tees, the kind of thing you’d only buy if you were in the city, but I think these are cool enough to get away with it, especially with them being ‘world’ cities that people see as aspirational locations. There are 10 more cities on the way, so it will be interesting to see if the concept works on a larger scale with cities that have slightly less wanderlust attached to them. The shirts are priced at a premium of €39 a piece, which is quite high for us spoiled Brits and Americans, but if you like it then I’m sure that won’t be too much of a hindrance.


“NYG” t-shirt by Atslopes

by Andy on October 15, 2012

Post image for “NYG” t-shirt by Atslopes

Congratulations to Atslopes on their second anniversary (which is today, I’m actually on time for a change). I must admit that I’m not 100% on the details of this shirt despite visiting New York a number of times, is it something to do with the New York Giants?

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Atslopes


Post image for New London Based T-Shirt Store ‘The Crown Tees’ [Submitted]

Hi, I’m Benny and I have recently started my own online T-shirt store. I draw influences from urban street wear using inspiration from 2 of my favourite cities; London (my hometown) and New York (my favourite city).

Please feel free to check out my website

Andy: I like the tees and I like the concept, but I must admit that I do have some concerns regarding copyright when it comes to this brand. I presume that the images used have been taken by Benny (or licensed), but I’m not 100% sure of the status of using images of certain buildings, such as the Orbital Tower from the Olympic Park or Tower Bridge in the LDN t-shirt. I’m not a lawyer so I really, really, don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s just something I thought when I saw the tees. As ever, it would also be nice to see images of the real shirts rather than just mockups, even though these are decent mockups.


Amy wearing her Global Warming T-Shirt

I’ve been getting a lot of goodies in the mail lately from reviews to purchases I made for myself.  Typically I know what it is from the packaging.  I’ll give it to Gage + Desoto, because they totally stumped me on this.  I knew ahead of time I was receiving a package from them and when it arrived it was really professional looking in a white large envelope with 1 simple mailing label.  I honestly though it was some legal documents I was waiting for, that’s how smooth it looked.  Low and behold, it was not legal papers, it was my Global Warming T-Shirt to review!!

Either people are really reading my reviews and noting that I enjoy a hand-written letter or everyone is just really polite these days, because as you can see above, Gage + Desoto sent along a nice note on their letter-head just for me!!  They kept it very simple with a simple note, the t-shirt and 1 small sticker for me to enjoy.  I appreciated that, because sometimes less is more.

Now for those who don’t know, Gage + Desoto are a unique resource for road cycling and design.  What does that mean exactly?  Well they like anything dealing with bikes and cycling and design.  Yes it’s actually pretty straight forward.  They sell items from books, to magazines, apparel, prints & stationary and even bikes!  Their shop is located in New York and they call it the The Red Hook Office: part offices, part bike studio, part clubhouse, and part storefront.  They are only open 2 days a week, but everything in store is also sold on their website – aside from the bikes of course.  So let me get to the point, Gage + Desoto partnered up with Pajamahouse to collaborate on a t-shirt.  Pajamahouse is a small studio located in New York and Tokyo dedicated to making fun and creative projects.  So now you see, these aren’t our typical t-shirt clothing brands (so I’ll cut them a little slack), these are design studios working together to bring you a brilliant t-shirt with baby arctic animals zooming down a bike lane.

The t-shirt is white and the design is very flattering placed right in the center of the tee.  The Gage + Desoto and Pajamahouse logos are screen-printed in the inside neck area (as seen in the photo above this).  They don’t give much of an explanation behind the design or tee on the website.  Why is it called Global Warming?  Why are there arctic animals on a bike?  Clearly putting two and two together the bike’s there because Gage + Desoto enjoy bikes.  Let’s go on…the animals?  I don’t know much about Pajamahouse but on G+D’s website they give reference to a “hit” by them called Desi Leaves Town .  I watched the trailer and it has animals in it.  It appears to be a game you can purchase to play with puzzles and tasks to complete, etc, etc.  Not really my cup of tea but if they’re making the games I mean I know how hard animation is so definite props to them for that.

Without much of a back-story to go on with this design I can only speak from opinion on what I see.  I”m a huge animal lover myself so the cute little cartoon-ish animals definitely captured my attention.  The word I’d use to describe this is “cute and quirky”.  It’s illustration at it’s finest from the bike to the animals.  Speaking from a design standpoint the lines of the bike draw your attention inward towards the animals, then up, down and around.  It’s a nice composition to look at.  Very flattering and the colors are subtle and friendly.  I think it’d be an outstanding children’s t-shirt, but as you can see in the photo at the top I totally rocked it by tying it up in the back, rolling up the sleeves (because they seemed to be longer than normal) and throwing it on for the day over my bikini.  It is a longer t-shirt, appears to be a unisex fit (not my 1st choice) which is why I’ll probably sleep in it or wear it as shown in the photo.  Being that it’s really one of the only t-shirts either of these companies have put out and it isn’t what they focus on as a whole; I think they did an incredible job with it.  It’s a really soft cotton and it’s a playful design.  I’m not sure of their target audience but as I mentioned, I would have suggested it on a children’s t-shirt or even a tote bag for that matter.

It’s for sale on Gage + Desoto’s website for $30 – which is way too much for a shirt like this in my opinion but their products are all on the pricier end so that’s to be expected.  After thinking about it for a bit, I’d guess that perhaps the name of the shirt “Global Warming T-Shirt” is a play on words relating to the design.  Arctic animals on a bike (you usually bike when it’s hotter outside and clearly these animals belong in a colder climate).  For those of you who caught on to that way before I do, let’s keep in mind I am a blonde.

Check out Gage + Desoto’s website and Facebook and Twitter !

Check out Pajamahouse’s website and Facebook and Twitter !

Thanks for the t-shirt Gage + Desoto & for allowing me to review it :)


Daily Tees & News for January 5th

by Andy on January 5, 2012

frogger t-shirt

Not often you see a Frogger design, and especially not one this not, good work TeeFury.

One of my favourite designs from RIPT for a while, several pop culture doctors (including a few from Doctor Who) forced into glass jars, Futurama-style.

Cool Muppet design at Shirt.Woot today.

The Yetee have more video game characters than you can shake a stick at on this shirt.

Clever shirt from 24tee today creating the T.A.R.D.I.S out of the names of every companion the Doctor has had.

Slave Leia gets turned into a mudflap girl for this Shirt Punch design. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that would buy these as actual mudflaps.

Qwertee don’t love New York, but they definitely like it.

I’ll buy this shirt… when pigs fly!

Who doesn’t like owls? I for one am something of a fan, and apparently DBH are too.

Hmmm, I’m fairly sure that BustedTees didn’t come up with the artwork on this t-shirt… still, it’s $13.99 in their daily deal instead of $20.

It’s nice to see Tilteed rolling out some of their lesser seen designs for a change, things were getting a bit samey.

‘Colourful chords’ makes a reappearance at Loviu.

Catch of the Day Tee haven’t had anything on their site all week, hopefully they’re just taking an extended break for the holidays.

laFraise are offering free shipping when you buy two or more t-shirts with the coupon code SHIPFREE2012 until midnight on Sunday.

All Mighty have put all their Christmas goods on 50% off clearance for all y’all that want to get a head start on next year’s goodies.

ThinkGeek have a big sale on a the moment, and you can get $10 off when you spend $50 or more with the coupon code RAWKING until midnight tomorrow (ET).

Lead & Light are running a Tumblr contest to win a shirt (and not necessarily the one above, either), all you have to do to enter is reblog the post I just linked to.

Shrimp Sauce have released a lookbook video for their latest release.


New Gotham NYC make some interesting shirts

by Andy on November 23, 2011

Apple Core New York t-shirt

Digging around in my inbox today I found New Gotham NYC, who I later realised are actually an advertiser on HYA, and thought I’d better take a look at their shirts.

They’re pretty new but by the sound of things they’ve been thinking about entering the industry for a couple of years, which shows in their choice to go straight into cut & sew for their launch, unlike most brands (including well established brands) that stick with stock blanks like American Apparel. It’s a bold move that has pros and cons (it fits just how they want, but on the internet the consumer doesn’t know how it fits, unlike a dominant blank like American Apparel or Gildan), but it definitely shows how serious they are about the business because that’s an investment of both time and money. Theat investment is reflected in the prices of the shirts, coming in between $28 and $40, which is fairly high for an online brand, but if you were to see them in a store you probably wouldn’t have any sticker shock.

I’d say that of their launch shirts (and there’s more than the three that I’ve posted above) my favourite is the apple core shirt, I haven’t seen that concept before on a shirt and it works really well, nice choice of colourway too.

New Gotham NYC


IM NY t-shirt by Ludlow Threads

by Andy on September 6, 2011

I'm NY t-shirts

Crying out for an apostrophe, right?

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Ludlow Threads


new york crimes t-shirt

I see what you did there Brooklyn Industires, very clever.

In my visits to New York I must admit that I never really felt it to be a dangerous city, maybe I was sticking to the nice parts, but I did get around and I never felt like my safety was at risk or I’d get mugged. I’m sure it would have been a different case a couple of decades ago.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Brooklyn Industries


I like New York Facebook shirt

I wonder if the person at Facebook who designed that little thumb ever envisaged it having such a large impact on the world. Sidenote, I watched ‘The Social Network’ a couple of weeks back and really enjoyed it, good thing I’ve kept HYA to myself until now, if anyone tried to sue me now claiming they started the site it could cost me tens of pounds.

Costiness=$30 Buy it at Brooklyn Industries: Mens / Womens

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Destination NYC by Random Objects

by Andy on December 6, 2010

destination NYC t-shirt by random objects

The idea behind thisshirt comes from a quote, as many of the shirts from Random Objects do, “In New York City, every street is its own city and every borough a nation.” That, apparently, is an original quote from Anthony Simpson, who runs Random Objects, so in this instance he wasn’t being inspired by someone else’s words when coming up with the design. To a degree I agree with him, walking around New York (I’ve only visited Brooklyn twice so can’t really comment on the Boroughs) it is amazing just how quckily things can change from street to street. Chinatown is probably thr strongest example of this, as I feel parts of it are really similar to parts of Hong Kong, and then a couple of minutes walk away you’re in Little Italy, which is just such a strange transition, but it certainly does mean good noodles for lunch and good gelato for dessert.

Costiness=$23 Buy it at Random Objects


t-shirt day 2010

I was lucky enough to be invited to T-shirt Day 2009 in Berlin and I had a really great time, meeting people that loved t-shirts and the Spreadshirt/LaFraise team, and from the looks of things the events planned for 2010 are going to be even better on June 21st 2010.

Tshirt Day events are being held bars in Berlin, Boston and New York will be following a similar format to last year with the Open Runway taking centre stage (literally), meaning if you turn up wearing a t-shirt (and why wouldn’t you?) you can join me in the “dubious claims club” by saying you’re a clothing model, because anyone can go down the Open Runway, that’s why it’s open. You are also encouraged to set up your own events.

There is also a competition to win “a year of t-shirts” which works out to 52 shirts, coming from Spreadshirt and laFraise. The winner will be crowd as the T-shirt Fan of 2010. How do you win? You just have to show them how much you love t-shirts, and presumably it’s going to have to be a lot to stand a chance of winning, but I like how open this competition is, there are so many possibilities for fun entires. Find out a lot more about how to enter at this page.

Are any of you guys planning on heading to any of the events? If so, take pictures and let me know about them, I want to hear about what goes down since I can’t be there this time around.

T-shirt Day


NY Don’t Sleep! by OnlyNY

by Andy on January 12, 2010

OnlyNY have been getting quite a lot of blog attention recently, probably becasue of their restrained, borderline minimal, graphic and type style, and I think you guys can count me as a fan of them as well (speaking of fans, why the hell aren’t you a fan of HYA on Facebook yet?).

I picked NY Don’t Sleep as my pick from their store not necessarily because it’s their best shirt, but because it reminded me of when I was in Brooklyn at four or five in the morning as me, Tigg, and David were leaving a party, and I was thinking we’d have to get a taxi back to Manhattan, but was amazed to find that we could still take the subway, considering the tube in London gives up before 1am this totally blew my mind (I may have had some liquid assistance in reaching this state of blown mindedness). That’s what I like, a city that isn’t sleeping when I’m not, but I was also glad of double-glazed windows when I was sleeping!

Costiness=$25 Available from OnlyNY


Tourist! by GUS for laFraise

by Andy on January 9, 2010

During my 4 visits to New York last year I did feel somewhat like a tourist, which is fair enough because I was, though by the 2nd/3rd visit I was able to get around without looking at my guidebook much, so I’d like to think I blended in a bit, but do you know who look like tourists? British people.

It’s ridiculous, we stick out like sore thumbs, and it makes us look bad as a nation because they always seemed to be complaining or doing something dumb and touristy. There’s nothing wrong with being a tourist, and I don’t expect people to get off a plane and become a local, but at least try not to be so obviously confused by your surroundings. And yes, if you’re from a different country you can probably substitute the word British for your own nationality and have the same feelings.*

Costiness=€23 Available from laFraise

*I know, this is a really badly written article, but it’s not like anyone’s really reading on the weekend anyway.


60225533b5c99e02611dcd87d1568e8f_h356w534_max be02546461b66a6326263a8a0557fec8_h356w534_max 0f2bbae04f70357c915eb12b3896a87c_h356w534_max

These tees are in no way cheap, but they also in no way suck.

Costiness=€47 Tokyo/London/New York available from Norse Projects

They can also be purchased from Stussy directly for about $17… which is a bit of a saving.

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RIMG0126 copy

Ok, I’m probably going to take another day or two off from posting, because I simply don’t have the time at the moment, but should be able to get a lot done at the weekend. It would probably be prudent to give you early warning that I’m going to be taking most of May off because I will be traveling around America before returning to England, and with an extremely packed schedule (5 cities in 18 days), t-shirts will have to take a backseat for a little while. Also, people of Los Angeles/Las Vegas/San Fransisco/Boston/New York (for a 4th and final time since I arrived in America), you may need to prepare yourselves for the HYA invasion, better known as “Andy asking for advice about where is cool to go in your city.”

Anyway, when I was in New York at the weekend I went for a night out on the town with David from Seibei (left of picture) and had a great time, we ended up at a house party in Brooklyn because of the girl in the middle of this picture (David knows her), who it just so happens I had actually written about in the past (she put mittens on a hoodie and made it cute). Small world, right?

Okay, I promise the next post won’t have a picture of me at the top of it, it will definitely have more to do with t-shirts other than me going drinking with someone that owns a t-shirt line.

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SDC15000 copy

Long weekend in NYC with this dude for me, so no posts until… let’s call it Wednesday just to be safe. If you know of any fun places to go (in terms of nightlife, I’ve got tourism nailed now), comments/e-mails would be greatly appreciated, if someone suggests something cool that I end up doing and having a great time, I’ll send a Threadless gift certificate your way.


ps_001 ps_011

Niiiiice, right?

Random Objects


I Can’t Afford to Love NY by Head Hoods

by Andy on January 19, 2009


Very cool design, first spotted by Pop Culture Tees.

Costiness=$14.99 Buy it here


Say Hello to Twon Clothing

by Andy on November 19, 2008

It’s nice to see someone trying to design a tee that is all about New York without having any reference to the iconic ‘I [heart]…’ design. Twon continues the NYC loves throughout their latest range, the best word I can think of to describe it with is ‘fresh’, check out the gallery (in which they take a swipe at the ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ crowd) and see if you agree.

Twon Clothing
[click to continue…]


Say Hello to Evenagamba

by Andy on October 29, 2008

Looking through the archives of HYA, I think its pretty clear that I’m usually more concerned with what is on the front of a t-shirt or hoodie than the actual piece of clothing itself, but I can also appreciate it when people produce a really high quality hoodie with a slightly different cut to the norm.

EVENAGAMBA is a New York based company that designs fashionable hoodies combining comfortable materials with unique cuts. Our styles delineate sexy silhouettes for women and provide flexibility for men.

I’d imagine that just by looking at the pictures you can tell that this is a premium brand, and as such we aren’t exactly talking American Apparel-style prices, but the clothes certainly are different, and there’s lots of little touches that you can’t see in the pictures (iPod pockets, earphone eyelets, suit jacket style linings, leather patches) that help you to justify treating yourself during these troubled economic times.



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