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king od dark side star wars playing card t-shirt

We’ve seen a different iteration of this shirt before but I will dig this design in any form, and this colourway is pretty tasty, just wish we had an actual pic instead of a mockup.

Also, yes, NZD$40 isn’t that cheap, but things cost quite a bit in New Zealand compared to the US and they need to make a living.

Costiness=NZD$40 Buy it from Sneaky Studios


Post image for “Power to the Peaceful” is a brilliant t-shirt for the Anonymous crowd

I really like this, it takes a familair item and puts a great artistic spin on it, and the tattoo style has been becoming more popular recently too so I can see this being a pretty good seller for them.

Costiness= NZD$40 / $35 T-shirt / Singlet


Post image for Classy Crooks release their first tee and hoodie, I approve

If this is what they’re kicking off with then I very much look forward to seeing what Classy Crooks give us next. The tee is NZD$40 and the hoodie is NZD$75.


Post image for “Xenomorph Anatomy” t-shirt by Cuppa-T at Sneaky Studios

Shirts like this remind me that I still need to see Prometheus, even if it is apparently very confusing.

Really good looking shirt, and if you use the coupon code XENOMORPH at the checkout you can get free shipping on this and any other tee at Sneaky Studios.

Costiness=$40NZD Buy it on black or white

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Post image for Cuppa-T Classics Retirement Party at Sneaky Studios

Last chance to pick up these three designs from Cuppa-T (now known as Sneaky Studios), and they’re now at a price that none of you can complain about!


Post image for Science and Star Wars restocks at Sneaky Studios

It’s not often that I’ll give a simple store restock much attention (unless it’s at Rigu, of course, in which case it is huge news), but I really like these designs from Sneaky Studios so I thought you guys would like to see it mentioned. Oh, and anyone that mentions the price (which is in NZD, FYI) in the comments will receive and overly long reply from me telling you to stop being so cheap.


Star Wars t-shirts

I really like these Star Wars t-shirts from New Zealand’s Cuppa-T, it’s a subject matter that has been done to death but they’ve still managed to find a couple of concepts that I haven’t seen before so you’ve got to applaud them for that.

They’re running a competition on Facebook to promote the new designs, anyone who shares a specific album will be entered to win the tees and a Lego Darth Vader keychain. Check out this blog post for more details.

Costiness= NZD$50 Buy it at Sneaky Studios King of Dark Side / Dark Lord


“Witch Doctor” t-shirt by Take Heart

by Andy on January 23, 2012

witch doctor t-shirt

The artwork for the Witch Doctor on this tee would have been fine on it’s own, but adding that big splash of colour really works for me, it adds another dimension and gives this shirt another level of interest. Be sure to check out the rest of Take Heart too, there’s some cool artwork to take a gander at.

Costiness= $25 (NZD) Buy it at Take Heart [Mens / Womens]


doctor who science t-shirts

I say new, the bottom two have been featured on HYA before, so I assume that they have been released in a different colourway or maybe they were only on sale at the recent expo they exhibited at and this is the first opportunity to pick them up online. The Doctor Who t-shirt however I believe is ‘new new’, and mighty fine it is too. Personally I like the red version on the left, but both colourways are nice.

The shirts are NZD$50 and available now at Cuppa-T.


Two new science tees at Cuppa-T

by Andy on August 24, 2011

science t-shirts

Really cool artwork on these shirts. One strange thing about this release is that they are Cuppa-T shirts, yet they’re being sold in something called the Sneaky Store. Still, I don’t mind where they come from, though it would be nice if they weren’t from New Zealand so that they could be a bit cheaper.

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Half Price Sale at Cuppa T-shirts

by Andy on April 4, 2011

cuppa t-shirts sale

I like Cuppa T-shirts, but I’ve always recognised that there is an issue with their prices. They’re pretty high, and I’m almost entirely certain that’s because they’re from New Zealand and it’s just more expensive for stuff over there, so running a clothing company must be hard over there. I feel the pinch with my prices in the HYA store compared to being in the US, so I can only imagine how much of an uphill battle it feels for them.

So for us consumers the notion of a half price sale at Cuppa T-shirts is very welcome, even if it means that their shirts have become ‘only’ $22ish, which brings them in line with most American companies. If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on one of their shirts now is probably the time to do it.


Ethcs Clothing is a little brand based in Aotearoa (New Zealand). We just launched our new website and to celebrate we have a cracking 40% off with the discount code ETHCS40 valid till 26/03/11 NZT.
We’d welcome any sort of feedback, so have a peek and tell us what you think.

[Andy: Thanks for the submission!]

This post was submitted by Shane Gosnell.


“Lightguns” by Cuppa T

by Andy on March 23, 2011

lightgun t-shirt

Whilst I can’t help but feel that it is the concept of this tee that interests me more than the execution, I’m sure that it wouldn’t stop the TSA from pulling out the rubber gloves as soon as they saw you at the airport.

Costiness=$59 (NZD) Buy it at Cuppa T


monster t-shirt

Here is another of those rare times when I get to mention a t-shirt company in New Zealand, as the only other one I can think of off the top of my head if Cuppa T-shirts.

Costiness=$49 NZD (about $36 USD) Buy it at Common


back to the future hoverboard t-shirt

It’s so obvious I was born in the 80s sometimes. Oh, and how cool does Cuppa’s hangtag look?

Costiness=$70 NSD Buy it at Cuppa T-shirts


Post image for Moon Property by Cuppa T-Shirts (win part of the moon)

Here’s a curious promo to get the word spread about your new tee; giving away an acre of the moon.

New Zealand-based Cuppa T-Shirts have launched a competition in which all you have to do to win an acre of the moon is become a fan of them on Facebook, and comment on this video. I’m fairly sure that by winning the competition you don’t actually own part of the moon, as I don’t think that the people selling plots on the moon actually own it, but it’s still fun to look up at the moon and think that part of it might be yours.

Costiness=NZD$55 (about USD$38) Available from Cuppa T-Shirts



Much like I keep seeing Star Wars tees since writing the Star Wars tee list, I keep seeing new robot tees after writing the 101 robot tees list. Cuppa T-Shirts is a New Zealand-based store that is themed around techno-culture & robots, which would have really come in handy when I was writing the robots list. Anyway, quite a lot of their designs play on the idea that there is a robot uprising in the future and that the tees are part of the propaganda push, which seems to be a concept that people are pretty comfortable with judging by the amount of time it takes for the word “robot” to be followed by the word “overlord” on the internet.

Costiness=$55NZD (around $37USD) Available from Cuppa T-Shirts



Even with 25% off everything they sell the prices ain’t exactly cheap, but I guess that when you’re producing tees and hoodies that 100% certified organic, and using fairtrade cotton, you are going to have to pay a bit of a premium. Plenty of good designs to choose from as well.



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