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Drink Beer Save Water at Margin London

by Margin London on January 21, 2013

Drink Beer Save Water at Margin London

When you hear the name of this new Korean brand, your first instinct may be to imagine “comical” retro beer graphics with humorous slogans about getting drunk. Nothing could be further from the reality of this expertly tailored range of tees that lift Drink Beer Save Water to another level.

With a large of range of visually adept clothing, Drink Beer Save Water have created wearable conversation starters that demand a double-take with their subtle stylings. Expertly placed pockets, slashes or stitches transform the humble tee or bag into something else (or in one case, transform a tee into a bag).

Expect to see more of Drink Beer Save Water in the UK soon as the Korean brand will be making their UK trade debut at Margin London to meet with buyers and press.

The brand of quirky and cleverly cut pieces is quickly gaining momentum across the world following their appearances at trade events such as Project in New York and Bread & Butter in Berlin, but February marks the first time Drink Beer Save Water will be exhibiting in London.

Drink Beer Save Water at Margin London

Renowned amongst key buyers and press as the launchpad for new brands, Margin has been providing an affordable platform for new brands since 2002.

Men’s and women’s labels such as 1ina100, Lazy Oaf, Supremebeing, Chateau Roux, Eva Evanovitch, Camo, Sugarhill Boutique, Ruby Rocks, Diamond Supply Co, Ashley Marc Hovelle, King Apparel, My Yard, New Love Club, Your Eyes Lie, Seventyseven, Emily & Fin, and Long Clothing, all made their UK trade debuts at Margin, which celebrated 10 years of exhibitions in 2012.

Drink Beer Save Water will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013 which takes place on the 10th & 11th, and you can find Drink Beer Save Water on Facebook here.

Drink Beer Save Water at Margin London

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Daily t-shirt releases for October 26th

by Andy on October 26, 2012

Post image for Daily t-shirt releases for October 26th

Rock’em Sock’em Robots meets Punch Out at TeeFury.

‘The Monster Cookie’ is at Shirt.Woot.

Apparently, this shirt at RIPT is something to do with Fallout.
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Another week, another batch of t-shirts with buzz (the good, the bad, and the ugly)…

>She’s got the beat. [9Gag]

Le sigh...

>Accused stalker runs afoul of the fashion police with her curious t-shirt selection. [Deadspin]

Hit and run

>Here’s a compilation of 15 airbrushed t-shirts, most atrocious, a few awesome. [Buzzfeed]

Where's the dislike button?

Among the better ones:

Why so serious?

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tardis prime transformers t-shirt

For those of you HYA readers that aren’t familiar with us we are GraphicLab. We’re a young brand, actually we just turned a year old this week! Based in San Diego, Ca. we specialize in limited edition geek-culture tees we print on 100% ring-spun cotton tees and carry mens sizes up to 3XL and ladies to size 2XL. We feature a design on our homepage for a week and then it’s retired. Occasionally, we bring back our most requested designs, like this week’s design, T.A.R.D.I.S. Prime.

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary we’d like to extend a special promotional code to HYA readers good for this week’s design to thank you all for your support and interest in GraphicLab.

Use: SEENONHYA @ checkout for 10% off

Andy: Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that GraphicLab weren’t in the daily roundup today and this is why, I thought they deserved a bit more attention since it’s their birthday. Also, be sure to look out from them at Comic Con in San Diego this weekend.


Daily t-shirt releases for June 20th

by Andy on June 20, 2012

katamari damacy t-shirt at teefury

Katamari Damacy gets some love at TeeFury.

I think we all understand this design at Shirt.Woot.

‘Nestron’ design at RIPT.
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Daily t-shirt releases for June 1st

by Andy on June 1, 2012

hunger games t-shirt

There’s a Hunger Games shirt (that I’m sure we’ve seen on RedBubble before) at TeeFury.

Funny bee hive based tee at Shirt.Woot.

Doctor’s Eleven gets another run out, it’s at RIPT this time.
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Daily tee releases for April 25th

by Andy on April 25, 2012

funny mario t-shirt

Fun shirt from the Mario world today at TeeFury.

‘Missing Link’ made me chortle at Shirt.Woot.

Lovely illustration style on this Doctor Who shirt from RIPT.
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dark tower t-shirt

TeeFury are today referencing Stephen King’s “Dark Tower”.

twitter t-shirt
Shirt.Woot have a nicely designed if unoriginal Twitter tee.

battlestar galactica calvin hobbes t-shirt
Calvin & Hobbes gets mashed up with Battlestar Galactica at RIPT for some reason.

sky rim t-shirt
Qwertee give Skyrim the NES box art treatment.

darth vader playing card
I really rather like the Vader playing card at Shirt Punch.

three wolf moon
Sorry The Yetee, nothing will ever make me like the Three Wolf Moon meme.

owl t-shirt
Because everything has to be in 3D now, even the imaginary perspective of an owl on a t-shirt. Shirt by DBH.

austrian coffee thieves
Today’s Made in the Now shirt is about two Austrian thieves who stole two tons of coffee.

fidel castro t-shirt
Apparently #FidelCastro has been trending recently so Fibertopic have depicted him as the ‘Red Leader’, which surprisingly enough is a concept I haven’t seen before.

I hadn’t heard of Tee Busters before, are they new? Well, they’ve got a Darth Vader shirt that I suppose is inspired by the ads where the kid is trying to use the force on his Dad’s car. Is it a VW ad?


T-shirt news for March 14th

by Andy on March 14, 2012

sherlock holmes t-shirt

Fair to say that this Sherlock t-shirt at TeeFury is going to do quite well, they’ve already given it the pancakes symbol.

I can relate to that, right guys? Shirt.Woot.

I think that this might be one of my favourite parody t-shirts for a long time, good work RIPT.

Firefly continues to be popular with tee fans at Qwertee.

Very nice Star Wars t-shirt at Shirt Punch.

Nirvana’s Nevermind meets Friday the 13th in this shirt at Nowhere Bad.

This isn’t a split colour shirt of Pokemon characters at The Yetee, it’s a design available in red or blue, and every order comes with a ‘Yeteemon’ sticker.

OtherTees have a shirt of Lost quotes. I watched the first episode of Alcatraz last night, I liked it, and I liked the way the soundtrack was very similar to Lost.

Hey man, I think you’ve got something in your beard.

I haven’t seen the film “Blood in blood out – bound by honor” so I have no idea what this shirt at 24tee is about.

This latest shirt from DBH is fairly high on the badass scale.

Another oldie-but-goodie at Tilteed.

Made in the Now cover the story of bloodhounds being used in the Congo to help fight elephant poaching.

Monsieur Steve is offering 15€ off your order when you spend 75€ or more with the coupon code LOVE.

GhostWar Clothing are having a March Madness sale until March 16th with all tees $15 and tank tops/v-necks $20. [via IATT]

SS12 Obey has dropped at Urban Industry.

Girl wears t-shirt saying ‘all the cool girls are lesbians’ on it to school (which ,ay or may not be the astoundingly uncool shirt above), school thinks it might be a little inflammatory and asks her to cover it up, predictable storm of media attention follows.

Tee and Toast might think about cats a bit too much.

These vintage style camera necklaces are available in the Rigu store now.

Glamour Kills logo shirts are now available in a wider range of colours.

25% – 50% off select St. Patrick’s Day Merchandise. Go green with hoodies, tees, accessories and more! Offer ends March 17th.

Who would have thought that Walmart would have stocked this “trek yourself before you wreck yourself” t-shirt?
I’ve received word that this design is a rip of a Tshirt Bordello shirt that has been around for 18+ months.

New Rebel8 has hit Street Casuals.

Here’s a cute dog wearing a polo shirt.


T-shirt news for March 7th

by Andy on March 7, 2012

the wire t-shirt

Design inspired by ‘The Wire’ today at TeeFury.

The Avengers are turned into vegetables in this Shirt.Woot design.

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Goodfibres Have Been a Little Quiet…

by Goodfibres on January 3, 2012

Goodfibres Logo

It’s 2012 now and we decided to bring another entry to the on-going mutual-love relationship between Goodfibres and Hide Your Arms. We’ve been a little quiet since our first blog post back in November, where we vowed to be posting weekly or fortnightly. Unfortunately we managed to break that rather rapidly as the weight of the Christmas season came bearing down upon us. Yet now, we’re most certainly back and keen to tell you what we’ve been up to.

Smoking Gun T Shirt at GoodfibresWe’d just like to do a quick recap on the last year and what 2011 brought us, so please do bear with us, we’ll be quick and concise. Mid-2011 saw us launch Goodfibres; a concept that had been in the pipeline for a while – which involves harnessing the power of the internet and the people to rate and select the artwork that they’d like to see on t-shirts, then putting these into print. Each T-Shirt sold earns the artist a commission, and earns a charitable donation to those in need.

So 2011 has brought the world a platform for artwork and design in the shape of Goodfibres, and on this platform we’re now playing host to plentiful designs of top notch quality. A few hand-picked favourites of our 2011 designs you’ll find dotted throughout the post below.

Raining Rhythm T-Shirt at GoodfibresA large portion of the last months of 2011 were taken up by working out how to improve the user experience on site, and having clicked, tested and re-tested; we think we’ve made some great improvements site-wide, and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on it. With our site now getting to where we want it to be, we’ve got our gloves off and ready to tackle 2012 head on.

Office Warfare at GoodfibresThis glorious New Year will see Goodfibres bringing some brand new developments direct to your eyeballs. Exactly what these are, we’ll be keeping a secret for now and all will be unveiled in due course when we start to sing and shout about them.

Essentially 2011 has given us a great start and a solid foundation for Goodfibres to grow and grow well into 2012 and the future years. On top of that we have the beginnings of an incredibly responsive and creative community that we will devote our time to nurturing, growing and repeatedly showing our appreciation to.

So, we are indeed Goodfibres, and we’re frontrunners in community design, ethical t shirts and cool t-shirts. We hope to see you very soon, and a massive thanks to Hide Your Arms for remaining incredibly accommodating of our tight scheduling!

Happy New Year each and every one of you – we await your votes.


Changes are coming at MySoti

by Andy on December 22, 2011

mysoti news

I told you earlier in the week that Steve was going to be leaving his post as the head man at POD community site MySoti, but somehow I didn’t think that the change was going to come this quickly. The King is dead, long live the Kind, as they say, and new guy Aaron is already in the role of head honcho and sent out his first newsletter recently outlining what he wants to do to help move the site on to the next level:

Hey there everyone.

I’m so pleased to be writing this first blog entry from the MySoti hot seat and help Steve keep the MySoti dream alive. He said you guys are special, and he’s totally right! Just look at the new cool stuff available this week alone.

So I know there are a few things Steve wanted to sort out to give both designers and customers a smoother ride. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but we’re really working hard to accelerate the good work that Steve started. I say “we” because I have some friends helping spread the load. I guess I should give you my manifesto. Here goes:

1. Shipping times will be drastically reduced. This is our top priority, so expect to see those lead times shrinking to e-commerce friendly turnaround times very soon. I’ll make an “official” announcement once we’ve nailed it.

2. Customer service will be more rapid, and you’ll have less reason to need it!

3. More products! I’ve already started the conversations to move this on. I can’t tell you what we’ve got in store for you just yet, but I know you’ll just love it! Stay tuned.

4. More opportunities to make money! It’s all super secret at the moment, but we are in conversations to get your products in front of more people.

Many of you may also have noticed that the calculations on commission payments look as if they have changed recently. This isn’t what’s happening. Our technical drones have been working on fixing some problems that have been discovered during the hand over. None of you will lose any money, and your commission payments will be the same as before. I promise.

Both Steve and I really appreciate you guys and gals hanging in there and supporting us. You’ll soon see that your loyalty is well placed!

Happy Holidays everyone

I hope it all works out for them, they’ve had some rotten luck in the past.


HYA black friday 2011

In the past on HYA I have written individual posts for individual deals on Black Friday, and frankly that was a lot of work and made the blog very messy, even if it was probably better for traffic. This years I’m going to be creating a single post that I will continually edit and grow throughout the week. As I update the list I will post tweets to notify you all, and also put reminders into the daily news roundup.

Store owners, if you want to ensure that your deal is included please be sure to tweet me, leave a message on the HYA Facebook page, send an e-mail using the comment form, or use the news submission form, and it will be included, no matter how much your brand sucks, we’re going for quantity over quality this year!

I will also be duplicating the list over at ShirtDeck for companies that have released coupon codes for Black Friday, ensuring that it is as easy as possible to find t-shirt deals.


Daily Tees & News for November 9th

by Andy on November 9, 2011

gremlins t-shirt

Very cool Gremlins shirt at TeeFury today.

Tilteed are lucky that they’ve got such a solid back catalogue.

I don’t get it, but I like it at

Decisions, decisions. Shirt.Woot

Cool Aliens-based shirt at RIPT today, though there is a little debate in their comments as to whether there are hints of Halo in there too.

Ahh, America’s pastime, watching Star Wars whilst eating Cheetos. OtherTees

Huh, what are the chances that two shirt companies do the same logo style design, and that they’re next to each other in my daily bookmarks folder? 24tee

Really nice from Loviu today, I think this style of tee is where they shine.

This Blues Brothers shirt was at TeeRaiders last week, and now it’s at Catch of the Day Tee.

Should this Harry Potter shirt not to be do to with Butter Beer? Shirt Punch

Trippy new shirt at DBH today.

Street Casuals have dropped a load of new Actual Pain goods.

T-shirt designer Gaunty is going to be running the LA marathon and is raising money for charity the same time. Donating to a worthy cause is it’s own reward, but actual rewards are pretty sweet too, so Gaunty has lined up a bit of a competition, giving away shirts that he has designed to people that have donated money.

GAMAGO are holding a massive once day sale at their shop in San Francisco, there will be booze!

VillainPlanet have released a couple of new poker-themed shirts that I assume are to do with a tournament and league in their native Portugal.

2SickBastards will be selling their tees for £11 on the 11th by the look of things.

Sin Star Clothing just launched their own fixed gear bikes, which look cool but obviously I have no idea if they’re good, there are mountains on every side of my house, a fixed-gear bike would be insanity. They have released a 10% off coupon though, FIXIE4THEWIN, which works on everything in the store, which is why I thought we’d better mention them.

Abyss (who are new to me) just dropped two new shirts and a sweatshirt. Use the coupon code Mintees to get 25% off.


seibei kickstarter

When I heard that Seibei were going to be running a Kickstarter campaign I wished David luck, because traditionally, t-shirt companies don’t do particularly well on Kickstarter. I think that is probably because it is hard to do anything new and innovative in the t-shirt world, and that’s the kind of thing that pique the interest of the casual Kickstarter user that is browsing the site finding something interesting to invest in. However, David Murray is a popular dude, and I was previously unaware of the sad story behind why he even needed to run a Kickstarter project in the first place.

When he was preparing to do a craft show (I forget which), David’s van Beauford was stolen when it contained just about all of his stock (and that of another brand too), he eventually got the van back minus all of the shirts in the back. We can hope that someone is enjoying the shirts, though it’s unfortunately more likely that they were disposed of, because if anything can tie you to a crime it’s having a couple of hundred t-shirts with ‘Seibei’ printed on the neck.

So, Kickstarter projects are hard right? Especially fashion related ones? Not for David, he set his sights on a lofty $9,000 dollar, and already smashed that target over the weekend, and at the time of writing is well over $10,000. That says a lot about his fans and the community that surrounds one of the nicest guys in the industry, and I’m really glad that with that support there’s no need to fear that SEIBEI will be going quietly into the night anytime soon.

Just because David has reached his goal doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t back him, because the pledges are actually a good deal, and there are even a couple of shirts that will only be available through Kickstarter, which is a nice little extra for hardcore fans that already have a lot of SEIBEI designs in the closets.


New bloggers and new news

by Andy on August 8, 2011

exciting news at hide your arms

I’ve been quite busy since returning from my holiday in Cornwall. Aside from gaining a few new bloggers for HYA (that you will hear about in a minute), there have been a few changes to the way that Hide Your Arms looks and works.

    I installed the Disqus commenting system. This should make it easier for you to leave comments on HYA, using various profiles you already have around the web (such as with your Twitter account) or with your normal ‘name + e-mail’ input that has been used on HYA since day one. I like the style of Disqus and the way that replies to comments can be threaded. Let me know your thoughts about Disqus in the comments.
    Rewards for commenters! I really want there to be more interaction on Hide Your Arms, I get quite a lot of traffic but there doesn’t seem to be too much chatter considering how many of you there are. So, in the hopes of people sticking around and leaving more comments (and buying more stuff in the HYA store, to be honest), every time a new person leaves a comment on HYA they will be sent an e-mail giving them a coupon for 15% off in the Hide Your Arms shop. The e-mail will only be sent once, I don’t want to annoy anyone with spammy e-mails. I may think up other rewards in the future, but let’s just start with this and see how it goes.
    You’ve probably seen them already, but I have introduced some cool looking widgets in the right sidebar that help you see at a glance what has been getting people talking and what they’ve been looking at over the past week. The widgets display the most commented on posts of the last seven days (this widget only shows up if you’re looking at the front page of HYA) and the most viewed posts on HYA (this is always in the right sidebar and replaces the old popular posts widget). I think they look damn cool and hope you do too.

As mentioned earlier, I have gained a few new bloggers on HYA recently, as part of the continuing aim of helping the site grow by gaining new points of view from around the world to expose all of us to different brands and generally keep on top of new releases.

Umang will be joining HYA in a general role, blogging about any shirts or brands that he thinks are cool. Umang has his own shirt company, which I think will help give him a good perspective on the industry and provide a fair and balanced view in his posts. Here’s a few words from the man himself:

I like to take long strolls to the liquor store and pick up a nice bottle of Irish whiskey. While indulging in a lowball glass filled to the brim, I have a tendency to think about t-shirts. As I spill some on my 4.5 oz ringspun cotton t-shirt. The stain incurred, inspires me by its expressive, Kandinsky quality and I jump on to Illustrator. I work out some designs for my tee company, Chor Bazaar. Eventually I realize the costs associated with production and the fact that t-shirt sales are down thanks to things like the recession and the debt ceiling and pour myself another glass. My other interests are too long to bore you folks but I do love graphic t-shirts and their ability to spark conversations and or controversy with strangers. Excited to be part of the HYA crew!

Denise will also be joining HYA in a general role. Being from Singapore (and working for 9 Fountains) she will be researching emerging brands from Asia, which I think is a pretty exciting development for the site as I only know a handful of Asian brands and can’t wait to see that expand. Here’s a quick list of brands Denise is into at the moment (so that we all know she’s cool).

    9 Fountains (naturally)
    Truly Madly Deeply

Remy is joining HYA as yep, you guessed it, a general blogger. The man is clearly a total shirt-nerd so I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s going to be showing us. Here’s a few words from Remy:

My name is Remy Warren. I am an expat currently in South Korea. I started collecting t-shirts about four years ago as a game with my friend. Two hundred shirts and several thousand dollars later, t-shirts have become a passion. Art and design are two things that have recently become super influential in my life. Traveling around the world, having a vodka and tonic in every country, and collecting t-shirts are my top priorities for the next several years.

I have got a few more people lined up for blogging positions (all with the specific roles covering individual brands), but I’ll leave it at that for now as I haven’t sorted the bios yet. Please say hello to all the new bloggers and make them feel welcome!



Over the past few months HYA has been growing, and this is a good thing, but I am just one man, and I can’t expand the amount of hours in the day that I can sit in front of my screen typing about t-shirts and handling the surprising amount of admin that comes with running a t-shirt blog.

It hasn’t been long since HYA stepped up from having a VPS to having it’s own dedicated server in a datacenter in Los Angeles, but now we have stepped up again to a content delivery network (CDN). CDNs are essentially clusters of servers all over the world that have copies of Hide Your Arms stored on them, so if you’re in Korea and trying to access HYA you’ll get be downloading the pages from a server located in Asia, but if I try and access pages they will be downloaded from a server in Europe (London in my case). This means that when you access HYA pages will be downloaded quicker, more people will be able to visit the site at a time (which has been an issue recently, darn this popularity), and overall everyone should be happy.

As well as expanding the amount of servers powering HYA, I am also expanding the amount of people that will be writing for Hide Your Arms on a regular basis. I am and always will be the main blogger, I’m not bringing in anyone expecting them to put out the same 6+ daily posts that I do, that would be too much. The new bloggers will be adding a post or two per week, providing a different viewpoint to mine, uncovering coll brands that I have missed, and providing more in-depth analysis of brands like Threadless and Design By Humans that I write about frequently, but want to cover a lot more comprehensively. Over the past couple of years I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I’d like to providing photo reviews of shirts that have been sent to me, with these new bloggers coming along that have a lot of experience with t-shirts (as both producers and consumers) companies can now have their samples sent to the new bloggers for a review by someone who knows what they’re talking about, which will hopefully help HYA become the go to place for finding out how good the quality of t-shirt brands.

Dee has been covering Threadless news on HYA for the past 3 weeks now, so you should be getting used to her posts on a Monday and Thursday providing news of all Threadless’ releases.

Matt is a 26 year old lover of life from Philadelphia, PA. He is the Art Director for the Ropeadope Design Collective, a limited edition t-shirt line put out by Ropeadope Records. Matt is also very involved in the Philadelphia music scene. He previously booked and promoted live music at the legendary North Star Bar and currently manages a up-and-coming rock band called Carousel. Other than t-shirts and music, Matt enjoys eating out at new restaurants, trying new beers (especially those of the wheat variety), collecting dunnys, and hanging out with his 4 year old pug, Oliver.

Matt will be posting every week covering releases from Design By Humans. I’m a big Design By Humans fan but haven’t been giving them the attention they deserve, so Matt will be plugging that gap, and providing some general posts here and there too. Also, he’s from Philly, so we know that this dude’s legit.

Abigail is from Birmingham and has a general blogging role, something of a free-reign to help expand our horizons beyond what I usually post. She is part of the Treacle Clothing team, which I think will provide a lot of good experience and knowledge for this position. I still don’t know a lot about inks and the nitty-gritty of t-shirt production, so hopefully Abigail will provide us with another perspective on the quality of a t-shirt in reviews. She is also passionate about street art and streetwear, so I’m really looking forward to what she will be blogging in the future.

The final addition to the team (for the moment, at least) is Jeremiah, and he put together a quick bio:

Hello, my name is Jeremiah Johnson, I love t-shirts and have a large beard! ( Yes, I am painfully aware that the is a movie titled Jeremiah Johnson about a mountain man with a big beard. )
I have a Bachelors of Art – but thats a piece of paper, and nothing teaches like experience and actually trying. I am a fan of all Art in general, but t-shirts are my main love because it is Art that I can carry with me. I have worked at a local t-shirt shop for 5 plus years and have recently started to branch out on my own with All things lead back to t-shirts for me. Glad to be on board.

I was unaware of the movie, but that is pretty awesome, not as awesome as that beard, but still pretty cool. Jeremiah will also be in a general blogging role, hunting down cool shirts & sites.

Please give a hearty hello to all the new bloggers and make them welcome. If you are interested in being a blogger on HYA please leave a comment on this post (and mention a few of your favourite brands too) and I will get back to you when I get the chance.


wrongwroks free shipping

Not the best deal of all time ever ever, but worth mentioning neverthless since they are a premium retailer so it’s not that hard to hit the $100 minimum, and this offer is worldwide shipping too.



A couple of updates from Big Cartel

by Andy on May 5, 2011

big cartel updates

As the HYA store is now running on the Big Cartel platform I’ve been taking a rather more keen interest in developments over the past few months since they now directly effect me (what? You thought I ran this blog for you?) and I thought I’d pass on the message about a couple of new features that they recently brought online. I would imagine that if you aren’t a store owner this would be of no interest to you, so you might as well just move on, it’s just not that exciting.

Firstly, they introduced the ability to easily charge different prices for different options with a product. Sometimes XXL t-shirts cost more to produce or purchase from a supplier than a medium-sized shirt, often companies just absorb that cost into all the sizes and just charge one flat fee for the shirts, effectively subsidizing the extra cost of the XXL shirts. That’s a simple system, but what if you wanted to charge those XXL folks a couple of dollars more since their shirts cost more to make (and possibly also to ship)? That was clunky and awkward before on Big Cartel (you’d probably have just created a new product solely for XXL shirts), but now is much more streamlined and easier to manage.

Secondly, pages. In the past it used to be the case that you could only have a set amount of pages depending on what level of plan you were using, the more you paid, the more custom pages you could get. It was a bit of an unnecessary constriction in my opinion, as it’s not a particularly expensive aspect of their service (they’re just HTML pages, image hosting and the like would be handled off-site in most cases), so I’m glad that they’ve opened up the amount of custom pages people can created to the magical number of ‘unlimited’ no matter what price plan you’re using (free or paid).

One thing that remains on my wishlist for Big Cartel is the ability to have an ‘Europe’ shipping option, since it costs me exactly the same amount to send a t-shirt anywhere in the EU using Royal Mail (I don’t know if it’s the same in other European countries, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was). I don’t know the ins and out of the Big Cartel system, but I can’t imagine it’s that hard to create a shipping option that includes every European country, surely you just need the system to recognise that certain countries are banded together in a group? I’m sure it’s a lot harder than I’m making it sound, otherwise they’d have probably already implemented it by now.


Highly Accurate T-shirt Lifecycle Infographic

by Andy on January 10, 2011

t-shirt lifecycle infographic

It’s almost scary just how much this infographic (large, readable version here) reflects what happens to my t-shirt collection, even if it’s only mentally categorised in this way rather than actually placed on different shelves in my wardrobe.

sleepinginmyhead: Tshirt Lifecycle

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