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glennz ninja t-shirt

I think that this is one of Glennz stronger releases for the past couple of months, I really like it. You can pick it up for $19.95.


I feel as if I haven’t described a tee as being ‘badass’ for a while, especially as it is one of my favourite descriptive words for tees that are, well, badass, and don’t you find that Design By Humans are pretty good at printing this kind of tee? That said, that sword placement going onto the collar looks a little risky.

Costiness=$17 Available from Design By Humans


[Unsociable work hours=a lack of HYA time=posts based upon blurbs]

Design is love…that’s the motto. 180ronin is a team of designers whom like to think outside the box. Regardless the project or task at hand, 180ronin creates and brings unorthodox designs to the masses that demand to send a message or crave attention. From ninjas, robots to sexy pin-ups those are just the few subjects that invigorate 180ronin’s imagination to generate interesting designs for your wearing and viewing pleasure. By not following the normal traditions of everyone and just doing what they love, 180ronin will travel from client to client not to serve but to execute whatever message he/she desires to display for the public eye. Design is love and love is what 180ronin juxtaposes into their work.

I’ve just finished watching Transformers on Blu Ray (a present from my brother), so this post timing is actually pretty apt!



Ninja Attack by Fat Rabbit Farm

by Andy on February 4, 2008

ninja attack by fat rabbit farm

Our friends over at Fat Rabbit Farm dropped me a line to let me know about their latest ridiculously cute design. It’s called Ninja Attack and is a continuation of this design, called “FRF Platoon.” Its a little hard to make out the image, but it sticks to their tried and true formula of being cute and funny in an almost equal measure. This design also marks FRFs second foray into the world of zip-up hoodies, though it is also available as a womens tee.If you click through you’ll also notice that they’ve redesigned the site, and also have some comics for you to look through that are drawn in the same style as the tees.

Costiness=$58 Link


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