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It turns out I’m not the only person turning out new sites at the moment, as two new tee sites based on broadly similar concepts have cropped up in the past week. For years, literally years, I’ve wanted to create a site that was notcot but specifically focused on t-shirts but I never round to it, largely because I didn’t think I had the skills. Thankfully, or ruefully in my case, two sites have came along in the past week (with another one coming up) that appear to run along the same lines as “NotCot for t-shirts.” Heartees comes from Tom Neal, who some of you may recognise if you’ve ever used a t-shirt mockup, and comes from Brad Tennant, the guy that made Indie Threads.

Neither of the sites are perfect, at least not for what I’d want to get out of them (the designers are both probably pretty happy), Heartees offers a minimal t-shirt discovering experience, whereas is a bit more traditionally blog-like with user-voting thrown into the mix. TSR are also offering the 100th t-shirt company to submit a shirt the opportunity of a free ad spot, and thereafter will be giving an ad spot to the top tee at the end of each month.


Notcot’s Holiday Coupon Book

by Andy on November 22, 2008

Whenever someone asks me what my favourite website is, I don’t hesitate to say, and Jean’s holiday gift guides are definitely one of the reasons why I’m such a big fan. This years gift guides are set to be bigger and better than ever, and there have already been some really cool giveaways. I thought I’d point you in the direction of the Notcot Coupon Book, which is a load of coupons (which seems to grow day by day) that are Notcot exclusives at stores which will provide you with enough inspiration to sort out most of your Christmas shopping.

The Notcot Holiday Coupon Book



A company in Thailand needed to get the word out about how great their detergent was, so they did what everyone else does and sent a package with a sampler of the product to households across the country. They did a little something extra though, they wrapped the package in a white t-shirt. As expected, the Thai postal service got the tees good and dirty, and what do you need to clean a t-shirt… detergent!

Advertising companies really are having to push themselves nowadays, aren’t they?

More pics, and the rest of the story, here. [via notcot, which still has taste even if it doesn’t have tastespotting]


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