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Donkey Kong Costume t-shirt at MySoti

by Andy on November 3, 2012

Post image for Donkey Kong Costume t-shirt at MySoti

Sure, it’s too late for Halloween this year, but it’s never too early to get a head start on next year’s outfit, and this Donkey Kong t-shirt would be all you need since he doesn’t wear trousers (though maybe some brown leggings would be more appropriate).

Costiness=$22.96 Buy it at MySoti


Post image for BustedTees embrace novelty with their Halloween costumes

Before you get excited about having a ready-made AWESOM-O outfit, all the tees are just the tee, you don’t get the extras which help make complete the outfit, but it’s not really that much work to draw on a box, is it?

Really big release of novelty tees (and ridiculous onesies) from Busted Tees this week in preparation for an onslaught of slackers that don’t want to go DIY with their Halloween outfit. So we’ve got Dumb & Dumber, Chuckie from Rugrats, Ace Ventura, Star Wars, and South Park all being represented… and some crazy onesies which are surprisingly reasonable at $52.


Post image for These novelty Star Wars hoodies are fun, but would you wear them?

Like I say in the title, these Star Wars hoodies are definitely fun, but I just can’t imagina actually seeing people out on the street wearing them, they just look a bit too silly to me. Still, my “different strokes for different folks” rule applies, and 80sTees have been doing this for long enough that they know what sells, so I’m sure that you’ll be seeing loads of kids dressing like Chewie, R2-D2 and Darth soon enough.


rainbow dash my little pony hoodie

I’m not into My Little Pony, but I do understand that a lot of people out there are obsessed with it, so when I saw these ridiculous hoodies over at 80sTees I just had to mention them. Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie are all represented in this collection which I’m sure will get a lot of ironic wear over the next few months, and cost $50 a piece.


Darth Vader Costume Hoodie

by Andy on December 6, 2011

darth vader costume hoodie

Considering it’s a hoodie that would be acceptable for day-to-day wear, this Darth Vader hoodie at 80sTees is actually pretty accurate to the real thing.

Costiness=$60 Buy Darth Vader Costume Hoodie at 80sTees


Glow In The Dark Ghostbusters T-Shirt

by Andy on May 14, 2010

ghostbusters t-shirt


Costniess=$21.99 Buy it at 2bhip [via Rude Retro]


got snow t-shirt you can write on from eraser tees

I know that they’re a bit gimmicky, okay, maybe a lot gimmicky, but I like the idea behind tees that can be personalised and re-personalised over time just using a pen wihtout doing lasting damage to the tee, especially if you think that your tee might last longer than your love for John & Edward. Eraser Tees offer the usual selection of designs that you’ve seen before such as “I’m with …..” and “Hello my name is….” but there are some interesting original ideas too that will actually allow you to be a bit more creative. There’s even ‘game’ tees like connect four and tic-tac-toe, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, so these certainly are some novel, novelty tees.

Oh, and as if $14.95 for a tee is too expensive for you, Eraser have made up a coupon code that will give you 15% off your purchase, HYA is the magic ticket to savings.

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A hoodie with bat wings!

by Andy on February 12, 2010

Post image for A hoodie with bat wings!

File this under ZOMG! because it’s crazy/fun. As you can no doubt tell from image above, this hoodie has bat wings and ears, which tickels me something proper (whatever that means). Clearly, this hoodie is about being a bit wacky, but I’m glad to say that the wings are removable if you’re wanting to tone it down a touch.

Costiness=£42 Buy it at Dressedbydanni


Hanger Tea, teabags in the shape of tees!

by Andy on January 10, 2010

It’s posts like these that make me glad Jason has got back into the swing of things with Preshrunk (for about the 20th time…). Tee bags!

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It’s a Satchel by Snorg Tees

by Andy on September 9, 2009

Satchel_Fullpic_2 Satchel_Fullpic_3

Anyone that’s seen The Hangover will understand what this tee is all about. I feel compelled to watch it, not only because I consider myself a one-man wolf pack, but because I own a satchel (though I just call it my ‘man bag’) that looks almost exactly the same except it’s black… and my friends mock me for having a bag like that too, much like in the movie. But seriously, where else would I keep all my stuff?

If only Snorg Tees went the whole mile and actually had the strap running all the way around the body, or at least up to the shoulder on the left and down at the side on the right. If you’re going to do a ‘fake’ tee then you might as well do it right or not bother at all.

Costiness=$18.95 Available from snorg tees


Star Wars x Marc Ecko Darth Vader Hoodie

by Andy on August 18, 2009


This Darth Vader hoodie (and the other hoodies in this series, including Darth Maul, Clone Trooper, X Wing Pilot, Trooper, and Storm Trooper, all of which can be seen in the gallery) aren’t actually going to be shipping until October 1st, but with this being a collaboration between a streetwear manufacturer and a supremely popular movie franchise, it’s a fair bet that they’ll sell out before that date arrives, so if you want it, get your order in now and prepare to be patient.

I can’t actually decide if I like this, on the one hand, they’re a lot of fun, but on the other, I can’t help but think I’d look like a bit of a tool if I ever wore one, and the novelty effect of the full-zip would tire pretty quickly, and that amount of vinyl on a hoodie could be a touch uncomfortable, but I’m sure such practical concerns aren’t important to the kind of people that are ordering this hoodie.

If you’re still game, prepare to lay down between $98 and $150 for your emergency outfit at fancy-dress parties for the next few years.

Marc Ecko x Star Wars Hoodies

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Fake Knapsack T-shirt by Graniph

by Andy on July 29, 2009

13854-0 13854-1

I’m such a sucker for ‘fake’ tees, not fake as in ‘Kalvin Clein’ or ‘Louis Vitton’ of ‘Hyde Your Arms’, but tees that make you do a double-take and question what you’re seeing for a just a second. This tee does a pretty good job of that, it raises a smile, and if that isn’t a good enough reason for wearing a tee then I don’t know what is.

Costiness=JPY 2,500 (about $23.75) Available from Graniph [via Rumplo]


Batman Costume Hoodie from NerdyShirts

by Andy on July 21, 2009


Okay, so this clearly isn’t as badass as anything from The Dark Knight, but I think that when you’re wearing a novelty/costume hoodie that you need it to be more than a little bit tongue in cheek, otherwise it’s just not going to work. The fact that this hoodie comes with a cape is pretty awesome, but it’s far more awesome that you can remove the cape for those frequent times when you don’t particularly feel like being continually mocked. You can also fold the mask into the hood, so whilst this hoodie looks as if it’s a bit of a joke initially, you can tone it down so that it’s still a bit of fun but is actually pretty wearable, good work NerdyShirts!

Costiness=$50 Available from NerdyShirts

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I’m willing to accept the excesses and oddness of hyper-hyped streetwear labels more than a lot of people, but come on, this jacket is U.G.L.Y (Utterly, Grossly, Laughably… ummm, Yorrible? You think of a better ‘Y’!).

Oh, and it will set you back about $620 too, tempted?

New Arrivals at Billionaire Boys Club [via HighSnobiety]


Halloween outfits at Fred Flare

by Andy on October 9, 2008

[No point checking out the gallery on this one for bigger pics, the thumbnails are pretty much as big as these pics go]

I don’t know when HYA turned into Halloween outfit/t-shirt/sale central, but I thought that these tees were too funny to pass up.

Here’s Fred Flare‘s Halloween selection


Real Trooper Hoodie by Marc Ecko

by Andy on September 30, 2008

Damn, why did I spend so long (about 30ish hours works) a couple of weeks ago building my Tron costume for a party when I could have just bought a hoodie from streetwear giant Marc Ecko?

I like the way that this hoodie isn’t too ‘novelty’, I must admit that I can’t imagine myself buying it based purely on how it looks, the Star Wars element is clearly a big draw for this hoodie, but at the same time it feels as if they’ve really thought about the design (something that can be seen in a lot of the Ecko x Star Wars range) rather than just cashing in on the franchise.

You can also pretend to be Boba Fett if you want.

Costiness=$98 Buy it at Marc Ecko [via Tcritic] *You can get $10 off your order when you spend $100 (yeah, $100 frustrating right?) by using the coupon code STARWARSFAN8 at the checkout, this coupon code expires on Sunday at midnight.


T-Sketch: The light up tee

by Andy on April 7, 2008


I’m pretty tempted to file this on under ‘lame’, but its a fairly interesting concept and so probably deserves a quick mention.

From what I can tell, you draw on that little section of the tee, and can then light up your message using an attached battery pack. I can’t really think of a decent use for this beyond novelty. If it could be possible to have a much larger ‘canvas’ which looked more naturally like part of the tee (rather than having a frame around it) then I think this could be a lot of fun, possibly even useful to artists who wanted to prototype designs. Imagine if you could plug in a memory card and it would scroll through several different designs automatically. Obviously, that’s a bit ahead of our time, but maybe when I’m a grey-haired, old t-blogger they’ll be commonplace.

Ive just had a thought for a DIY version of this, just glue an Etch-A-Sketch to a tee and carry a torch around. Much cheaper, and you’ll be able to make countless nipple-twiddling jokes!

Costiness=£29.95 Link (on pre-order) [thanks, DVICE]

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Mohawk Hoodzie by Rock & Rattle

by Andy on February 19, 2008

Mohawk Hoodzie by Rock and Rattle

I know that I pretty much never write about clothing for children, but I thought that this was too cool to ignore just because it would barely cover one of my arms (I’m a giant, don’t you know?).

Its pretty much a standard hoodie with a little logo on the left breast, but that dash of brightly coloured ‘hair’ running along the top of the hood is sure take your kid from ‘awww’ to ‘awwwwwwww’. One cool little aspect is that you actually get two interchangeable mohawks for the hoodie, red (pictured) and baby blue, I don’t know particularly why you’d want to change them (we’re at war, pick a side!), but I never stand in the way of people having more choice.

Costiness=$46 (seems quite high for something that they’ll grow out of, is it?) Link [via Stylehive]


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