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Post image for Milk N Cookies NY still have quite a long way to go on Kickstarter

Milk N Cookies NY is a start up from a young man called Harrison Bruhn who is trying to push his brand to the next level with a Kickstarter campaign is currently into it’s last four days of running. At the moment he’s managed to get more than $2000 of pledges, and you’re probably thinking that he must be close to reaching his goal, but unfortunately not, he’s set himself the whopping target of $8701 before the project will be funded.

Do be frank, I think it’s unlikely that this project will get funded, but Harrison seems like a good guy so I thought I’d give it a mention and hopefully send a few more pledges his way.


IM NY t-shirt by Ludlow Threads

by Andy on September 6, 2011

I'm NY t-shirts

Crying out for an apostrophe, right?

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Ludlow Threads


new york crimes t-shirt

I see what you did there Brooklyn Industires, very clever.

In my visits to New York I must admit that I never really felt it to be a dangerous city, maybe I was sticking to the nice parts, but I did get around and I never felt like my safety was at risk or I’d get mugged. I’m sure it would have been a different case a couple of decades ago.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Brooklyn Industries


NY Don’t Sleep! by OnlyNY

by Andy on January 12, 2010

OnlyNY have been getting quite a lot of blog attention recently, probably becasue of their restrained, borderline minimal, graphic and type style, and I think you guys can count me as a fan of them as well (speaking of fans, why the hell aren’t you a fan of HYA on Facebook yet?).

I picked NY Don’t Sleep as my pick from their store not necessarily because it’s their best shirt, but because it reminded me of when I was in Brooklyn at four or five in the morning as me, Tigg, and David were leaving a party, and I was thinking we’d have to get a taxi back to Manhattan, but was amazed to find that we could still take the subway, considering the tube in London gives up before 1am this totally blew my mind (I may have had some liquid assistance in reaching this state of blown mindedness). That’s what I like, a city that isn’t sleeping when I’m not, but I was also glad of double-glazed windows when I was sleeping!

Costiness=$25 Available from OnlyNY


Tourist! by GUS for laFraise

by Andy on January 9, 2010

During my 4 visits to New York last year I did feel somewhat like a tourist, which is fair enough because I was, though by the 2nd/3rd visit I was able to get around without looking at my guidebook much, so I’d like to think I blended in a bit, but do you know who look like tourists? British people.

It’s ridiculous, we stick out like sore thumbs, and it makes us look bad as a nation because they always seemed to be complaining or doing something dumb and touristy. There’s nothing wrong with being a tourist, and I don’t expect people to get off a plane and become a local, but at least try not to be so obviously confused by your surroundings. And yes, if you’re from a different country you can probably substitute the word British for your own nationality and have the same feelings.*

Costiness=€23 Available from laFraise

*I know, this is a really badly written article, but it’s not like anyone’s really reading on the weekend anyway.


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These tees are in no way cheap, but they also in no way suck.

Costiness=€47 Tokyo/London/New York available from Norse Projects

They can also be purchased from Stussy directly for about $17… which is a bit of a saving.

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ps_001 ps_011

Niiiiice, right?

Random Objects


I Can’t Afford to Love NY by Head Hoods

by Andy on January 19, 2009


Very cool design, first spotted by Pop Culture Tees.

Costiness=$14.99 Buy it here


Wondering why there are so many celebrity posts on HYA today? Look here for an explanation.

I really, really wish I could find this design somewhere on the internet because I think its pretty cool, but alas, like so many of these celebritee posts that I’m running today, my searches are turning up nothing except for other blogs with the same images.


A Photee by 410BC [Reviews]

by Andy on October 23, 2008

I don’t want to be a tease with this shirt, so I’m going to lead with this; I don’t think this shirt is actually for sale anymore, or perhaps it was never available, or maybe it is going to be released in the future, all I know is that it is not available in their store at the time of writing this post. The tee arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago, but since I’ve had this whole France thing going on I haven’t had much time to clear the backlog of tees to review, so I’m really sorry if it was for sale when I first received the tee, but maybe if you really, really like it, and enough of you ask for a reprint the 410BC crew will print a few off, or maybe not since their latest collection of tees has gone a in a different, wolf-loving direction.

I really like the idea of tee designs that are based upon photographs, but only when they’re done ‘right’. By ‘right’, I mean pretty much the way 410BC have executed this tee, not an iron-on of a poorly taken photo being worn by a group of guys drunkenly ambling through Prague on a stag weekend. Admittedly, I think that 410BC’s I-Fell Tower tee works better than this New York based one, but this one works pretty well too. It’s kind of like a New York souvenir shirt, but instead of having night images of well manicured landmarks, we’re treated to seeing the reality of New York.

As I alluded to in the above paragraph, it is pretty easy for a photo-tee (photee?) to go very wrong when it comes to quality, but since the photo used by 410BC is black and white they are able to use a regular printing process (possibly with water-based ink, you can’t feel the print on the tee), so they’ve managed to avoid those potential problems. I’m not entirely sure what the stock tee is that they’re using since they have their own hang tag in the back of the tee, but like a wise man once said, if it looks like American Apparel, it’s cut like American Apparel, and it feels like American Apparel, it may very well be American Apparel.

Check out 410BC’s site


Another grab bag from Mishka NYC

by Andy on June 13, 2008


Ahhh press releases, the saviour of the rushed blogger:

So here we go! The big online sale that took us almost a week to get
ready for. Everything is inventoried, and most importantly almost
everything is marked down!

We’re offering you two ways to shop during the sale…

1) $200 Duffel Grab Bags – Those of you who like to live on the edge
and take gambles always seem to love the grab bag sales. As usual, you
get way more in value than you pay for! For $200 you will get at least
$500 worth of merchandise and the chance for one-offs, samples for
upcoming seasons and never before seen or produced items and/or colorways!
Please be sure to include your waist and New Era size in your order
comments when purchasing a Grab Duffel Bag!

Click below to go direct to the Duffel Grab Bag:

2) 30-50%Off Select Stock – For those of you who like to play it safe
you can enjoy 30-50% off almost our entire current online stock and shop
piece by piece by piece.

Click below to go direct to the Online Store:

And if your read this far down without running straight to the online
shop then please enjoy a 10% discount code* on your purchases (excluding
the Duffel Grab Bags) by typing in CHEAPSKATE when checking out!

*Discount code may not always work when choosing to pay with PayPal

I don’t actually know for sure if your grab bag order comes in that rather nice looking duffel bah in the picture, but that’s what they’ve put on the product page, so it kinda makes sense.

Mishka NYC


Up until the end of the month you can get 20% off everything in the MishkaNYC online store* by using the discount code MishkaMay during the check out. Simple!


*Excluding denim, online exclusives & the Odds & Ends section

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Not pictured: two stories of beer bong awesomeness

When a blogger like me sees a picture of such a fine mustache he feels compelled to shoehorn it into a post in any way he can. But I would assume that at least a few of you would be interested to know that Seibei is going to be setting up shop at the Renegade craft fair in Brooklyn, and from the sounds of it has a pretty sweet spot right next to team Etsy.Get the full deets @ the Seibei blog

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I Funk NY by BBP @ Karmaloop

by Andy on April 22, 2008


I know that this tee is called ‘I Funk NY’, but I’m pretty sure that if you walked up to anyone and got them to read this tee they’d say ‘I rock NY’ unless throwing the horns has changed its meaning since back in the days when I used to rock hard.

Whatever its name, this shirt is yet another fun twist on the classic ‘I [heart] NY’ tee that still gets so much love from tee designers.

Costiness=$32 Link (get up to 20% off your order by using the rep code AS7594)


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