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Destination NYC by Random Objects

by Andy on December 6, 2010

destination NYC t-shirt by random objects

The idea behind thisshirt comes from a quote, as many of the shirts from Random Objects do, “In New York City, every street is its own city and every borough a nation.” That, apparently, is an original quote from Anthony Simpson, who runs Random Objects, so in this instance he wasn’t being inspired by someone else’s words when coming up with the design. To a degree I agree with him, walking around New York (I’ve only visited Brooklyn twice so can’t really comment on the Boroughs) it is amazing just how quckily things can change from street to street. Chinatown is probably thr strongest example of this, as I feel parts of it are really similar to parts of Hong Kong, and then a couple of minutes walk away you’re in Little Italy, which is just such a strange transition, but it certainly does mean good noodles for lunch and good gelato for dessert.

Costiness=$23 Buy it at Random Objects


RIMG0126 copy

Ok, I’m probably going to take another day or two off from posting, because I simply don’t have the time at the moment, but should be able to get a lot done at the weekend. It would probably be prudent to give you early warning that I’m going to be taking most of May off because I will be traveling around America before returning to England, and with an extremely packed schedule (5 cities in 18 days), t-shirts will have to take a backseat for a little while. Also, people of Los Angeles/Las Vegas/San Fransisco/Boston/New York (for a 4th and final time since I arrived in America), you may need to prepare yourselves for the HYA invasion, better known as “Andy asking for advice about where is cool to go in your city.”

Anyway, when I was in New York at the weekend I went for a night out on the town with David from Seibei (left of picture) and had a great time, we ended up at a house party in Brooklyn because of the girl in the middle of this picture (David knows her), who it just so happens I had actually written about in the past (she put mittens on a hoodie and made it cute). Small world, right?

Okay, I promise the next post won’t have a picture of me at the top of it, it will definitely have more to do with t-shirts other than me going drinking with someone that owns a t-shirt line.

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SDC15000 copy

Long weekend in NYC with this dude for me, so no posts until… let’s call it Wednesday just to be safe. If you know of any fun places to go (in terms of nightlife, I’ve got tourism nailed now), comments/e-mails would be greatly appreciated, if someone suggests something cool that I end up doing and having a great time, I’ll send a Threadless gift certificate your way.


ps_001 ps_011

Niiiiice, right?

Random Objects


Tokidoki Capsule Store in NYC

by Andy on March 15, 2009


Gee, guess who went to NYC, and Spring Street, 3 days before tokidoki opened the new store? Me, obviously. Well, I’ll try and make it there next time, and it’s not like there was a lack of cool stores in Soho for me to wander around. Looks like a cool store, and if you take a look at the gallery then I’m pretty sure that you’ll join me in deciding you need one of their skateboard decks in your life. Find the store at 176 Spring Street.

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Say Hello to Twon Clothing

by Andy on November 19, 2008

It’s nice to see someone trying to design a tee that is all about New York without having any reference to the iconic ‘I [heart]…’ design. Twon continues the NYC loves throughout their latest range, the best word I can think of to describe it with is ‘fresh’, check out the gallery (in which they take a swipe at the ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ crowd) and see if you agree.

Twon Clothing
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NYC Men’s Shopping Map

by Andy on April 3, 2008

A blog called A Continuous Lean, which describes itself as “an informal listing of men’s style, wit and wisdom” has released a couple of maps all about where men should shop, eat, and drink in New York. Obviously, I can’t vouch for the quality of the list/map since I haven’t been to New York for almost four years now (sigh), but it might be good for those of you researching a shopping trip to NYC or a decent refresher for you lucky devils that actually live there.

A Continuous Lean Maps


Check it out:


Mishka NYCs Giant one day sale

by Andy on February 4, 2008


Mishka NYC are having a one day sale to celebrate Eli and the Giants winning the Superbowl (pretty good game, right guys?), so I guess that even if you are a Patriots fan then you can at least console yourself with savings. The Mishka team must have been pretty excited about the win, because I got sent the e-mail four times, but I’m just going to repeat parts of it once:

Well, well… the underdogs came out on top today, and in honor of our hometown NY Giants walking away victorious at the Super Bowl, we’re going to have one Giant sale… and I mean, GIANT SALE!

We’re so delirious in joy that, to celebrate, EVERYTHING on our site is 50% off, whatever the previous lowest marked price was. Yes, that means for one day there are tees as low as $7, New Eras as low as $12.50, and jackets lower than $40 a pop! Have we gone crazy? Yes, but only temporarily… and we want to spread our joy onto all of you outside NY, too!

But in 24 hours, this sale is over with! We’ll get back to our senses, things will be back to normal prices, and our celebrating will be done. No exceptions. When the clock strikes midnight EST tomorrow, this ends. So no emails at 2am on Feb 5th going “Pleeeeeasseeeeeee, I just saw this!”

Mishka NYC


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