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I reckon that if you buy this tee RIGHT NOW then you might be able to wear it on January 20th when the-guy-who’ll-do-a-better-job-than-the-last-guy-but-probably-not-as-awesome-as-everyone-hopes gets sworn in as President.

Costiness=$17 (price goes up when Bush leaves office) Buy it straight from the artist, Chris Bishop [thanks, Boing Boing!]

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Karmaloop & Obey’s Obama Contest

by Andy on November 14, 2008

In case you hadn’t heard Barack Obama is going to be the next President of the United States, and to celebrate that Karmaloop and Obey have teamed up to give away one of Sheperd Fairey’s iconic ‘Hope’ posters. This isn’t any ordinary poster though, it has been signed by Sheperd Fairey himself, which is pretty cool.

All you have to do to enter is submit your e-mail address, which is even easier than one of my competitions! It would appear that the contest is only open to people that live in the US (boo hoo!).

If you’re still in the mood for Obama tees then Karmaloop still have a wide range available.

Karmaloop & Obey’s Obama Contest


Yet More Political Tees

by Andy on October 23, 2008

I cannot wait until November 4th when I can put a hold on my uneasy relationship with political tees for at least a few months, as I presume that when the election is over people are going to stop making Obama designs.

Disrpt Clothing


Terrorist Fist-Jab by Cotton Factory

by Andy on July 2, 2008


Again, I don’t want to enforce my personal politics/hatred of Fox News on you guys, but seriously, who the hell decided that they could make a news story out of calling that teensy-tiny fist bump a terrorist fist-jab?

And yes, I know that I’m way behind the actual event on this one, but sometimes it takes a little while for the tee world to catch up with the news world.

Costiness=$15.99 Link



Kat, of T-shirts Around the Internet fame, has written a great post about Obama shirts on the ‘net that don’t suck, in fact, they’re the opposite of suck, they’re good!

One that she’s missing (perhaps on purpose) is ‘We Are the People We’ve Been Waiting For’ by Ban T-shirts that I reviewed back at the end of March/

Read all about them here. [Photo Credit: threecee]


Obama is Kim Kardashian’s Homeboy

by Andy on March 18, 2008

Kim Kardashian Wears a black t-shirt with gold ‘Obama Is My Homeboy’ print

Well, I guess now we definitely know who the Democratic nominee is going to be, people who were on the fence before will have surely been swung to the Obama camp now that they know Kim Kardashian, a woman who is famous for very little reason (no ‘two big reasons’ jokes in the comments please), has officially come out in support of Barack Obama.
Kim Kardashian Wears a black t-shirt with gold ‘Obama Is My Homeboy’ print

I’ve googled around and can’t find the specific tee, which is a pity because I like the style and as you are well aware I practically live for gold print on tees, but if you’re after something a bit more artistically minded No Star Clothing offer a tee with the same message but with an image of Obama on it.


Obama ’08 (Audacity) by Enstrumental

by Andy on February 16, 2008

Barack Obama t-shirt by Enstrumental

I haven’t quite decided who should get the ever-so-powerful HYA Presidential endorsement, but I do like this tee, and as the pic above shows, Barack Obama certainly doesn’t disapprove!

Enstrumental released their OBAMA shirt in March 2007 (before many hopped on the OBAMA tee bandwagon) and has given 8% of the proceeds of the many shirts sold to the OBAMA campaign.

Barack Obama t-shirt by Enstrumental

Enstrumental have got a great selection of other tees too, so it might be worth clicking through even if you’re still a bit pissed that the guy with the best hair isn’t in the race anymore.Costiness=$35 Link

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