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McBess at Dudes Factory

by Mr Four Fingers on March 16, 2012

McBess - Dudes Factory

I was recently introduced to the world of Mc Bess when visiting a friend who had a print of his on their wall. Afterwards I looked more into this French artist and found a world that seemed familiar and yet so new at the same time.

McBess sells his his t-shirts through, Berlin based, Dudes Factory where you can pick up t-shirt for €29 and they are all printed on American Apparel. There is also some hoodies (€55), custom t-shirt design builder and loads of original art if you are interested. His website does state that the t-shirt are €35, but I have a feeling that this is incorrect.

The Dudes Factory website itself has a load of other great designers, it’s slick and kinda makes me feel jealous that I’m not a part if it! I recommend a visit.


Parra and his surreal characters

by Mr Four Fingers on March 5, 2012

Parra and Rockwell


Over the years, Dutch artist, Parra has become one of the  most recognisable styles that I have seen, not just for the weird and kinky content but also for the bird like faces and looping hand drawn type. I used to own the a Wallow in Pity Self t-shirt (since gone missing) and it was only after wearing a few times did I reailse that it actually said this! I thought it was wallow in self pity. So Im not sure why he changed it up, maybe just to be playful, but it still conveyed the same  meaning.

I first saw his designs at online clothing store Rockwell, amongst other designers, but since then Parra has taken over the whole store. I imagine this is due to his rise to fame in recent years.

T-shirts cost €35, so more expensive than the average but you are sure to stand out with some of these designs. There are also other products like pillows, hoodies and even duvet covers! Check out the online store here.


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