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I don’t really know what the connection is between the American election and them selling t-shirts for $10 ($18 polos, $25 hoodies), but I don’t want to question it too much in case I jinx it and they pull the sale.



Oddica is back (queue dramatic music)

by Andy on September 30, 2008

Sometimes I wish that HYA was a TV show so that I could accompany stories with music, because I think that backing this story would be the music that plays during the Darth Maul x Obi-Wan lightsaber duel during The Phantom Menace. Partially because I want to over-hype the return of Oddica after an unfortunate hiatus of 9 months, and partially because I think that me presenting a segment on TV with music that ridiculously dramatic would be totally badass.

Sorry, I believe I have a news item to tell you. Oddica have released there first new designs since 2007, and they certainly do not disappoint. Good to have you back Oddica, we’ve missed you.


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Y’know, just last night I was wondering what had happened to Oddica, they just kinda went quiet after showing so much promise (and so many great designs) in their first year of existence. Well, that’s all being rectified, and we can look forward to seeing some new designs from the land of Odd once again in the near future.

For now though, you can get back in the Oddica mood by taking advantage of their $10 sale. Tees are $10, hoodies are a ridiculously reasonable $20, and polos are $18. All are printed on American Apparel blanks, so you know its a bargain, although stocks of some sizes and designs are fairly limited. The sale will run until September 15th.


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I forgot to post about this release from Go Ape when it first became available, so sorry about that, since I usually cover Go ape pretty well, but it hasn’t sold out in any sizes yet so I guess that its a case of no harm no foul in this instance. Do the red and yellow characters (ghosts?) remind anyone else of the spirits work of Gary Gao? Like this tee that he did for Oddica.

I’m not saying that its a rip or anything like that, it was just something that I noticed, possibly because I’ve been wearing a Gary Gao design for almost two years now.

Costiness=$18 Link


Catch Me A Coelocanth by Oddica

by Andy on June 2, 2008


I realised that I hadn’t taken a look at Oddica for quite some time, so I popped over to the land of Odd and had this beauty staring me right in the face. Beautiful colourway, beautiful image.

Costiness=$20 (discounts available for purchasing more than one tee) Link

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Y’know, despite being a blog about arm-hiding, I’d only ever received one bit of long-sleeved clothing from a company, and I’d never received a hoodie, the item of clothing that this blog built its niche upon (before I sold out and started reviewing tees). That changed on Tuesday when I got a hoodie in the mail from the much-loved people at Oddica.

I was the recipient of the Ghost Cameras hoodie, which was great since I said it was my favourite. I just love the design by Gary Gao, the detailed sketch-work on the cameras contrast really well with the rounded cartoon style of the ghosts/souls, and the lack of colour is most likely a reference to the early sepia-toned days of photography (and one of the least used auto-settings on digital cameras).

The hoodie is printed on an American Apparel pullover hoodie, the first AA hoodie I’ve received/bought, and I really like it. Warm, soft and comfortable, yet still not that heavy. So now when I see a hoodie printed on AA I’ll be able to endorse it without worrying about the quality of the product.

Costiness=$38 (Shipping is the same as for tees even though hoodies obviously weigh more) URL

Oddica have also added a couple of new sleeved styles to two popular designs. The ‘Snailbot’ is now available as a ‘waffle thermal‘ and the ‘Tape Bird’ is now available as a zip-up hoodie.

Lots of pictures (including the return of pictures taken against the bathroom mirror!) after the jump.

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Piers Fawkes interviews Oddica

by Andy on September 1, 2006

As part of the series about the ‘online t-shirt revolution‘ (the explosion of small labels on the internet), PSFK have lived up to their remit as trend-spotters and have conducted an interview with Oddica. I must admit that there wasn’t much in the interview that surprised me, but then again, I have been a close follower of Oddica and its rapid evolution, so if you aren’t quite as tee obsessed as I am, you’ll probably enjoy the read, even if one of the commenter felt that it was a “over inflated self indulgent chummy article” (if you haven’t got anything nice to say…).

PFSK interviews Oddica


Oddica now Hides Your Arms

by Andy on August 22, 2006

Thank God for that, I was starting to run out of excuses for running a tee company!

If there was ever a tee design that was destined to be turned into a hoodie and be worn by record store owners across the world it was the Exploded Turntable, if I remember correctly, the artist actually takes apart items (such as the turntable) and draws based upon what he finds, how cool is that? I wonder if he knows that you ca usually find these things in manuals?

Whilst I do see the exploded turntable as being one of the best sellers, ‘Can’t beat’em Sell’em‘ and ‘Ghost Camera‘ are actually my favourites, I just like the cutesy design of the former, and the idea behind the latter.

The hoodies sell for $38, but if you use the coupon codetell‘ (lowercase) then you will get $7 off your order.

In other Oddica news, they’re going to be sending out wallet-sized ‘tell cards’ with every order, so that when someone asks you where you got that awesome tee (which happened to me twice this weekend, whilst wearing ‘A Fathom Farewell‘ from Threadless) instead of you telling them, then them forgetting, you can just give them a little card, and then when they next go to the ATM and thumb through their cards they’ll be like, “oh yeah, Oddica, that octopus on a plane was awesome, what clever marketing!”


And the idiot strikes again

by Andy on August 2, 2006

Hello RSS readers, if you read the post about Oddica earlier, I’ve changed it because my comments were inaccurate and misrepresentative of Oddica. I’d really appreciate it if you take a look back one post (my feed reader doesn’t notify me of updates to posts so I thought that this would be the best way to make it clear to subscribers) so that I can feel a bit less guilty for hurting some people that work really hard at a good company.


Oddica were on the Deck

by Andy on August 2, 2006

*I understand that if you hadn’t read the earlier version of this post, the following will be a bit confusing, so just bear with me*

Ok, last time I change this, really. I was wrong about Oddica, let’s just pretend all I wrote about was the $7 off coupon code.

Oh, and if you want to get $7 off your next order from the land of Odd, then use the coupon code ‘tell’, one use per person, and they want you to ‘tell’ your friends about it too, and made a little form to help facilitate that process, see?

And just so that this post isn’t completely devoid of sleeve related talk, Oddica will be releasing a selection of hoodies soon.


The Cotton Filter – 090606

by Andy on June 9, 2006

More non-sleeved news for your perusing pleasure:

HYA: Since people keep telling me that they can’t reach the site (even though I can), I’ve splashed some cash (even though I’m semi-unemployed) on webhosting in the form of a very generous plan from Dreamhost, made even more affordable by a kick-ass coupon code provided by Teees. So you know what that means, downtime, yep, I’m going to fix the downtime issues by having more downtime… this will occur over the weekend when I’d rather be doing something else, but its gotta be done, and traffic is lower on a weekend so hopefully most people won’t even notice. With all the extra space expect some semi-exciting developments, and for me to stop relying on Flickr for photo-hosting.

Teetonic: Another non-stop design competition business model vying for the title of Britain’s Threadless challenger. Great website design, it drips web 2.0, oh, and the tees are pretty nice too. [via Addicteed]

Heartbreakshirts: I don’t particularly like linking to a non-English site, and one which is Spreadshirt (though I have 2 spreadshirt items which have lasted well), but I really like this idea. It’s two shirts, and they have opposing parts of a heart on them, and underneath the piece of the heart there is the braille symbol for love. It’s kinda cute, but is it the equivalent of twins dressing the same? Left side, right side. [ via designspotter]

Oddica: HYA’s latest affiliate and all round bunch of nice guys are changing their pricing structure, following the May Madness that accompanied their opening month. From now on a single tee is $20, pick up a couple for $30 and three or more runs at $14 per tee. It’s not as great as their opening prices, sure, but for American Apparel and super-soft water-based ink, you’re still getting a pretty good deal. *CLARITY* This isn’t going to be Oddica’s final price scale, this is them continuing their opening sale a while longer, it just isn’t as crazy as before. So if you like anything from this collection and haven’t got around to ordering yet, then do it quick to take advantage.



by Andy on June 6, 2006

Well, I wasn’t gonna post tonight because a) I’ve just had my last exam and b) I am rather inebriated due to a), but I can’t tear myself away from blogging so here you go…

Word on the street is that Oddica (see, too drunk to put in an affiliate link) has got into the business of making hoodies in sweet, sweet non-sweatshop American Apparel. At the moment the only one that is for sale (later in the month) is the exploded turntable by Tony Praiva, who apparently buys the product off eBay and then takes it apart so that he can make the design super-accurate, you’ve gotta love that.

Costiness=$36 URL


Soft Touch Reviews: Oddica

by Andy on June 1, 2006

Ohmygod! I just thought of a new name for a really placid clothes blogger ‘The Soft Touch’ (if I see that in couple of weeks, I want credit, and the .com is gone already btw).

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I wasn’t bitter about Oddica not sending me a freebie. Well, I really, really wasn’t bitter, but they still got in touch with me within a few hours and asked me my size and address, which was really cool, and now has me questioning my power as a blogger, so I’m pretty annoyed that Ferrari haven’t shipped me an Enzo to test out…

*Full Disclosure* You may well have noticed that Oddica are one of the new affiliates with HYA, but you know you can trust me, right?

Full review can be found after the jump, oh, and I took lots of photo’s, I even used a tripod. Oh, and you might want to get a drink, it’s a long review.
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I suck and you know it

by Andy on May 31, 2006

We’re back, y’all!

After the longest amount of downtime (5ish days) I’ve experienced since I started blogging back in 2003 on Blogger, my host has moved me to a new server. I’d like to make it clear I’m not annoyed at my host, he’s a good guy and something went wrong during an upgrade of server software. It happens. The ads don’t seem to have transferred during the server move, I’m sure you’re all crying for me over that one ;-) (ewww emoticons).

I’m sure that I’ve lost a few readers, and with fair justification, I’d probably forget about a website if it was offline for a week, so hopefully they’ll come back, but thanks to those of you who have messaged me to ask whats up, and thanks to TEEES for getting the message out that I hadn’t abandoned hoodies (even though it is summer).

There’s some cool stuff coming up, like a hands on review of Oddica (check out some pics on my Flickr), and what will now be a bit of an outdated Cotton Filter.

*UPDATE* I should have added that on Saturday and Monday I have my final university exams, so obviously they are going to be taking precedence over my blogging duties, but everything should be back to normal by Tuesday, I apologise for the future inconvenience, but I’m sure you all know the stress of exams.

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The weekend watchdog

by Andy on May 21, 2006

A quick roundup of a few clothes related links I’ve picked up through the weekend.

Oddica: Everyone is talking about Oddica, the tee store that gives 41% of every sale to the artist. It seems like a great deal for designers, and the tees look great too. (and I am not bitter that they didn’t send me a freebie…)

Bleeding Star Clothing: They’ve dropped $5 off most of the stuff in their emo-tastic store, I particularly like this trAK jacket (see what I did?).

KiserNY: Pointed out by Addicteed recently, there’s some great designs here, like animals made of flower print.

Oh, Lordi: A video of the winners of last nights Eurovision song contest, with their song “Hard Rock, Hallelujah”. I don’t know how clear the lyrics are, but listen out for “the hour of rockoning is upon us” and “its time for the a-rock-alypse“.

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