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Robocop riding a Unicorn? YES!

by Andy on September 9, 2010

robocop on a unicorn red t-shirt

Finally, what everyone has been asking for, a cyborg policeman riding a mythical one-horned beast. I think it’s concepts like this that separate guys like Olly Moss from everyone else that owns a cope of Illustrator. I actually just so happened to get this tee in the mail today (I’m special!), so I can vouch for the print being of good quality and the details all being there, it is a much more impressive design in reality than it looks in the images I’ve put with this post. It looks a bit messy and confusing in the model shot, like you can’t really make it out, but that’s definitely not the case with the real tee. Go Ape have also available printed it onto a silver tee for those of you that aren’t in the mood for red, and it’s worth checking out the rest of the store because some people designs have been restocked, and some designs have been printed on different colour tees.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Go Ape Shirts

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memento mori t-shirt by olly moss for go ape shirts

Go Ape Shirts have been quiet for a while, because owner Josh has started Grad school and understandably that is taking up quite a lot of his time. He’s trying to get things going again, and a tee from Olly Moss is probably quite a good way of going about that. I like this design and the print looks absolutely spot on in those close-up photos, but I would quite like to know a bit of backstory as to who those people are on the skull because it feels slightly unusual to see people being used in a design in such a way without their faces being shown for a reason.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Go Ape Shirts

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My pick for the Bestee Design of the Year

by Andy on January 22, 2009


When I first mentioned the 2008 Bestees I said I wasn’t going to provide any picks because I don’t follow Threadless closely enough to make an informed decision, but now that they’re down to 20 finalists from the 331 designs released last year I feel as if I can have a stab at it. I don’t really know how I should be judging this, because the name of the award is ‘design of the year’, yet I feel as if really we should be picking the t-shirt of the year. For example, I think that RED by Kneil Melicano is a fantastic image (as is “The Food Chain” by Olly Moss), but as a t-shirt it doesn’t particularly wow me, you know, I’d wear it, but I don’t think it would be a showpiece in my tee collection, so what are people meant to be voting for, the best image, or the best t-shirt as a whole?

For me, it should be the best t-shirt, which is why I eventually decided that “When Pandas Attack” by Jimiyo and AJ Dimarucot was my pick of the bunch. It’s probably indicative of how my tastes have slowly moved away from the stereotypical ‘Threadless style’ that I would pick a design that most people would probably feel was more suited to Design By Humans, but I must admit I was pretty tempted to pick Fail by Budi Satria Kwan because it’s so damn cute, or “Foam Monster in Emotional Reunion with Severed Limb” by Aled Lewis because it’s so damn funny.

So, any bets on Threadless reprinting all 20 finalists when they announce the Bestees?


Load-Bearing poster by Olly Moss

by Andy on January 10, 2009


I am A-MAZED that no one has thought of doing this before (if someone did, let me know in the comments). I’m not even going to bother explaining the Simpsons reference in this picture because if you get it you’re probably going to find this funny, and if you don’t, we all know that I’d spend about ten sentences explaining the joke and end up ruining it, because that’s how good I am at telling jokes.

You can download a printable version of the poster here (warning: PDF link), or look at it here on Flickr and read all the comments Olly gets saying that he’s awesome.

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Robin Hoody by Olly Moss

by Andy on December 4, 2008

Robin Hoody by Olly Moss

Sorry guys, this illustration isn’t available to buy printed on an item of clothing yet, or printed on anything for that matter, but I spotted it on Olly Moss’ Flickr Photostream and decided that it was an opportunity to post something vaguely seasonal and HYA appropriate, huzzah!


What’s new at Threadless

by Andy on November 4, 2008

Aww man, if there’s something I love Threadless for (other than being one of the brands that inspired me enough to start HYA), it’s their product pictures. Even if you have no intention of buying any of the tees in the gallery, you gotta check them out so that you can see product photos ‘done right’.

Pretty good week for tees too, the big T has been impressing me recently with their picks, after I’d gone off them slightly a few months back. My favourite for the week is Olly Moss’ “Now Panic and Freak Out“, which is of course based upon a British war-time propaganda public service information poster that also did the rounds last year as a tee. With most of the Threadless crowd being American (or the largest national group, presumably), the historic context might be slightly lost on them, but that doesn’t stop it being clever and funny.

In other Threadless news, they’ve partnered up with the Rhode Island School of Design to have their first ever guest-curated theme to the Threadless Select Series. I do believe this is the first time they’ve ever had a theme, or a series to the Select range, but it should be pretty cool. The whole thing is going to be unveiled in a couple of days, but if you want to get the scoop early, including hearing about the $15,000 donation that Threadless are donating to the School’s scholarship fund, I’ve uploaded the press release to Google Docs.

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AV by Olly Moss for Threadless

by Andy on August 11, 2008

I was pretty much only posting this t-shirt because it gives me an opportunity to point out my massive new TV (52 glorious inches!), but then I actually gave it a decent look, and I realised that its actually rather cleverer (how can a word about something being smart make you sound so stupid when you say it?) than I first gave it credit for. The minimalist frontage with a standby ‘light’ and a jack for headphones, is strongly contrasted with the busy goings on at the back, although I was expecting the text on the back to reveal some kind of joke, some of the sockets being labeled with more human attributes than ‘video output’, for example, but I guess Olly wanted to take this down a more serious route. Well, as serious as you can get when you’re wearing a tee that tries to make you look like an AV amp.

That said, I wouldn’t actually wear this. I appreciate the concept, and its executed very well, but I think it would make me look like I worked for a home theatre company if I wore it.

Costiness=$20 Tee Link


Let’s get this out of the way, whether its intentional or not, every time I look at this t-shirts I can’t help but be reminded of that iconic image from Queen’s second album, which was rather imaginatively called Queen II. Is anyone else seeing that or do I need to get my head out of the 80s?

I’d never received a shirt designed by Olly Moss, the designer of many, many amazing tees, so I was pretty excited when this shirt fell out of the envelope for Cotton Werks. On the face of it, this design should be creepy, there’s eyes, noses, and ears all over the shop, as well as all that long hair (a commonly known as a sign of evil), and yet I don’t find it all that creepy. It’s a great design, really well finished, and the little bits of yellow and pea green that are in the hair help to give this design an extra touch of awesome.

Cotton Werks have got a sale going on at the moment in which the four designs they currently have on sale at $8. For $8 dollars you can’t really buy much nowadays (although I hear that could get me a nice house in the US), so you probably wouldn’t be expecting a decent tee. But you’d be wrong, Cotton Werks tees are printed onto American Apparel blanks, the ink feels pretty good, and they’ve certainly done a good job handling what is a fairly detailed print with a lot of thin lines.

Costiness=$8 (BARGAIN!) Tee Link



Cotton Werks, who come under that category of ‘oh, I remember them’, popped back up on my radar recently when I found out that they needed to clear some space for new designs, and we all know what the best way to clear some space if you’re running a t-shirt company is… a sale!And what a sale it is, they may not have the largest inventory (just 4 designs), but they are impressive designs, including the one above by Olly Moss, and all are just $8. Yep, $8, and they’re even printed on American Apparel tees, I can’t remember seeing a design printed American Apparel for a price that low for a very long time.

Cotton Werks

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Go Ape Shirts has lots of news

by Andy on April 17, 2008

Zero by ladrones for Go Ape Shirts

I’m going to be a bit lazy and just copy/paste their newsletter, but I am going to add in all of the links to make things nice and easy for you:

There is a lot of new news today! “Boo Boo Walker“, “Guitar Solo“, “The Zombie of Oz“, and “Battle!” [monkey + robots ftw!] have all been restocked. “The Persistence of Rock” was also reprinted, but this time on army colored tees. The next big piece of news is that two new shirts are now up for sale! Olly Moss’s third design for Go Ape Shirts is called “The Waste Land“, inspired by the T.S. Eliot poem of the same name. It is a jumbo print on a creme-colored shirt. “Zero” [pictured] was designed by Joshua Agerstrand aka ladrones. This design was printed on grey tri-blend tees, which are SUPER soft. They do tend to run a bit smaller than the normal AA tees and shrink a little more, so you may want to order a size up if you’re between sizes. The extra cost of these tees is due to the extra cost of the blanks. Lastly, if you order more than one shirt, I’ll throw in an issue of Beautiful/Decay!

I’m sure that there’ll be some people who are rather happy to hear about those reprints, get on it before all the hardcore Star Wars fans buy the Boo Boo Walker & Guitar Solo tees!

Go Ape Shirts


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