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OLOW have just opened a new office in Nantes, and decided to get local with their latest shirt, teaming up with a webzine called Dasswassup and a graphic design studio called The Feebles.

As usual they’ve only had 25 of the shirt above printed, and the size small is already sold out, so if you like the shirt lay down you €35 as quickly as possible to avoid missing out.


Is it just me or does their model look a bit like Adam Buxton, except with longer hair and and even bigger beard?

Really impressive new collection from OLOW, lots of premium goods here and I love the lookbook. Very impressive, if not particularly wallet friendly.


Post image for Super limited edition “Au 92″ photo tee from OLOW

We’re used to seeing photo tees these days where the photo takes up the vast majority of the front on the t-shirt, so this rather more traditionally shaped 4:3 photo on a tee looks fairly restrained by comparison. It’s a nice image taken by photographer Séréna Lutton and I think it works well on a shirt. When I say in the title that this is a limited edition product I am not kidding, there’s only 10 pieces available in total, so there’s only 2 or 3 of each size available, act quick if you want to snap up a tee.

Costiness=€35 Buy it at OLOW


Check out the FW2012 Collection from OLOW

by Andy on September 21, 2012

Post image for Check out the FW2012 Collection from OLOW

This collection from OLOW seems somehow more highbrow than I’m used to posting, but I’m cool with that since it’s really nice looking stuff and there’s no reason why HYA can’t comb it’s hair and smarten up every once in a while.


olow t-shirt

I am all over that shirt with the mushroom cloud, I’d wear the hell out of it, but since I’m not going to buy one and OLOW aren’t going to send me freebie (there’s only 30 pieces in the limited release) I’m just going to have to admire it digitally. Both shirts are €35 a piece and available now.


Three new shirts from OLOW

by Andy on June 2, 2012

OLOW t-shirts

Three new web exclusive designs hit the OLOW store a couple of days ago, limited to 30 pieces each (so hopefully they won’t have sold out by the time this post goes live) and available in mens and womens cuts for 35€ each. It’s interesting to see that they have decided to release three designs that are so different from each other, though there wasn’t design consistency in their store before so I don’t know why I should start expecting some now.


“Amen” t-shirt by Olow

by Andy on January 6, 2012

amen t-shirt

I do quite like this shirt from OLOW, but can anyone help me out in trying to understand it?

Costiness=34€ (limited to 30 pieces) Buy it at OLOW


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