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Aquatic Series by OMUNKY launched!

by Andy on July 30, 2013

Rick over at OMUNKY dropped a collection of three new animal-based tees a few days ago, and as you can tell from the title, they all run on an aquatic theme. I think that my favourite of the bunch is the shark in the pool, which makes a lot of sense since I do spend quite a lot of time in the water. All three shirts are available now for the very reasonable price of $20.00 each with the design available on mens/womens/youth/toddler cuts, so you can outfit the whole family!


OMUNKY are well known to regular readers of HYA, high quality tees featuring animals, it’s a simple but solid concept and it works well with artwork that it’s hard to hate. Usually Omunky release one design at a time, slowly growing the collection and offering different colourways, but this time they’re trying a different approach. They’re turning to Kickstarter to help fund a collection that’s being dubbed the ‘Farm Series’ and as you would imagine is a new collection of shirts (and prints) dedicated to animals on the farm. It’s a natural progression for Omunky and I can see why Rick would want to put out the series as one group since the animals are a bit of a departure from the norm for him, and therefore why he’d want to use a service like Kickstarter to help fund it.

One thing I know about Rick is that he’s a fair guy, so I’m glad to see that he hasn’t fallen foul of one of the usual pitfalls of getting greedy with the rewards for pledge levels and it all looks good value in that regard, so do head on over and if there’s something you like put down a pledge.


20% off in the OMUNKY January sale!

by Andy on January 18, 2013

Post image for 20% off in the OMUNKY January sale!

Use the coupon code JAN20 to get 20% off at OMUNKY in their January sale.

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Three new animal tees at OMUNKY

by Andy on November 30, 2012

Post image for Three new animal tees at OMUNKY

Nice work from Rick as usual producing three new designs for OMUNKY for his Winter lineup. Being the camera guy my favourite is the Whale shirt but the other two raise as well. All three are available now for $25 a piece.


Post image for Three new tees and a reprint from Omunky for Fall

Solid release from OMUNKY for Fall, I really like the colourways that Rick has picked for the designs, and looking back through the rest of the catalogue over there it does seem to be a talent of his. The three new designs are the mockups, and the fox design which has a model soht is the reprint. The tees will run you $25 a piece and are available now, with 5% of the proceeds going to Wild Aid as usual, to help stop the illegal poaching of endangered animals.


Big Summer Release from OMUNKY

by Andy on May 30, 2012

omunky summer t-shirt release

Top work from Rick with his Summer release, incorporating three new animal designs, an old design on a new colourway (the elephant), and the popular giraffe design is now available in children’s sizes. In fact, most of the designs at OMUNKY are available for kids and toddlers in one way or another, and I think that the style fits really well with what kids like and what adults would want to buy for their kids so hopefully that will be a popular side of the business for Rick. The t-shirts are all available now and will cost you $20 a pop.


TeeTalk Recap!

by Leah on March 17, 2012

Post image for TeeTalk Recap!

TeeTalk happened once again last week and, wow, look who showed up (what a big, big list!)

Aaron A. Fimister, artist
Adam Hendle, creator of IAMTHETREND- A Guide to All Things Independent
Crystal Bam Fontan, artist known as Bamboota
Danny Macias, owner of Another Fine Tee, launching soon in Spring 2012
Glen O’Neill, co-owner of The Yetee
James Hance, artist
Jared Thompson, blogger at Tee Gazette and DesignJuices
John Rohde, artist known as Buzatron
Josh Reid Mirman, concept illustrator/sketch artist
Karen Hallion, artist
Kari Fry, artist
Megan Lara, artist
Nader Boraie, owner and designer at Labyrinth Clothing
Paul Espinoza, creator of The UTee
Rachel Bowland Ulstad, artist
Rick Waters, owner of OMUNKY and creator of TeeTalk
Rob Wood, artist
Steve Gelenter, artist CoDdesigns

The chat was full of fans, artists, designers, creators, owners, bloggers – everyone there wanted to chat and be a part of it all, so of course that means this TeeTalk chat session was a great success. Two events were the topic of discussion, first being the anxiously awaited Tee Madness 2012 (organized by Adam Hendle from IAMTHRETREND), competition will be starting this Monday the 19th and the line-up looks fantastic. We also happily discussed The First Annual Boston Tee Party (happening August 11, 2012), which is guaranteed to be a great time (really wishing I could go, I can fit in someone’s suitcase, right?) Other topics that stood out to me that night: What lured you to the t-shirt world? What tee are you wearing now? Who works a full time job whilst managing to make art and, if so, how do you do it!? Another one that I would like to point out was a question to the artists and designers – what was their best selling tee?

A few were nice enough to share and I see a nerdy pattern, do you?

Glenn showed us The Yetee’s most triumphant tee,  Kari Fry’s Serious Time


Josh Mirman’s best seller, Super Fighting Robot from Level Up Studios


Theatre de la Labyrinth is Karen Hillian’s top seller


Bamboota’s best selling is a Doctor Who tee, Procrastinate!

Of course we discussed a multitude of other interesting topics, had a lot of laughs, as well as learned from each other. Honestly, as a fan and as a girl secretly wanting to design tees in the future, these TeeTalks are extremely educational and informative. Another thing, I can’t stress this enough, TeeTalk is not just for artists and companies, it is meant to be for all who are interested in t-shirts – fan and artist alike. So with that said, please join me and all of us next time. We would love to have you and welcome you – this tee community could not be any nicer, trust me.

I will keep all you readers here at Hide Your Arms posted about when the next TeeTalk will be (most likely mid-April), but you can also keep in touch by following TeeTalk on Twitter and Facebook.


Spring Release from OMUNKY Looks Good

by Andy on March 2, 2012

omunky spring t-shirts

Rick over at OMUNKY has put together a really nice Spring release featuring three shirts I’d wear and also a few prints to help round out his selection of products. The three new shirts are $18 a pop, which is a little bit less than usual, and that’s because for the first time Rick isn’t printing shirts on 100% organic cotton t-shirts and is instead trying out some ‘regular’ American Apparel blanks. It’s still a high quality blank and I can see why he would want to give customers a bit more choice when it comes to pricing. This doesn’t mean that the organic tees are gone for good, there are still organic tees in the back catalogue and Rick will be printing up organic shirts in the future, it just so happens that these designs aren’t organic. As always 5% of profits are going to WildAid.


Another Successful TeeTalk, Join Us Next Time!

by Leah on February 27, 2012


Hello there, let’s recap TeeTalk from last week, shall we?

First of all, for those of you that are not familiar with TeeTalk, it is a chatroom created by Rick at OMUNKY (and I am his little helper/moderator). TeeTalk meets once a month and there we talk about everything t-shirt related – everyone is welcome of course; t-shirt fans, designers, bloggers, and even those who do all the printing of the tees we love.

Last week’s TeeTalk had a great turnout; fans and artists alike. Being a fan, I of course like to point out the designers, bloggers and companies that showed up. I listed and linked them below – go ahead and check them out:

Andreas Krapf of Denada Clothing
Daniel J. Newman, an artist better known as QuakerNinja
Jared Thompson of Tee Gazette, as well as DesignJuices
Jeremy Picker co-owner of AMB3R Custom Tees
Matt Eyer, owner of Wear Liberty and blogger here on Hide Your Arms
Nader Boraie, owner and designer at Labyrinth Clothing
Phil Wheeler, a designer and illustrator also known as pweye
Spraypaint, graphic designer
Tessa Sainz, a designer and illustrator
Lastly, we also met the owners of Mutated Tees, as well as GET Hi!p Society Co.

We chatted about A LOT of things, more than I can sum up in this one blog post, but of those things we chatted about, my favorite topic was: What tee are you wearing now? It is always fun to discover what everyone is wearing; it helps you get to know that person – their style, as well as their personality, but the main thing is it introduces fans to new brands and artists! (Yay!)

T-shirts That Made an Appearance at TeeTalk:

I was happily wearing a DBH that night, Incredible Light by Huebucket.

Another t-shirt fan like myself, Michael Leonetti, wore Bunny from FashionInk Clothing.

Nader Boraie was wearing Sight, a tee from his very own brand, Labyrinth.

Quakerninja wore this one by Qetza titled, Sed de Sangre.

Tabitha Payne, a Buddha fan AND t-shirt fan, wore Buddha Bot by John Sumrow.

Erick Enders, another huge fan of tees (was surprisingly not wearing a t-shirt from an indie brand like usual), but was wearing a band tee from Watchout! There’s Ghosts.

And one more… Rick Waters of OMUNKY was wearing his design, Tiger Turmoil.


That’s all for now, so join in the next chat if you want more. Keep checking back here at Hide Your Arms for the time and date of the next TeeTalk – I will definitely keep you informed, that’s a promise! Also take a peak (and like) our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter too.



Meet Leah, Meet TeeTalk!

by Leah on January 25, 2012

Leah at HideYourArms

Hello everyone, my name is Leah Williams and I am happy to say that I am a new blogger here at HideYourArms. I will be a general blogger, seeking out cool shirts, as well as interesting sites and telling you all about them — otherwise known as me having fun! A little about myself:I love tees (surprise, surprise). I collect, wear, search out and love to discover as many as I can. By day, I am a cake decorator at an old-fashioned bakery in Virginia, and by night I am a sculptor of cute, clay creatures called Little Lazies. Go swing by and take a visit sometime, and check out my shop as well. I also happily help Rick Waters, owner of OMUNKY, moderate a newly relaunched chatroom called TeeTalk! It is basically a place to talk about everything t-shirt related — we welcome everyone; designers, bloggers, t-shirt fans and even those that print the tees we love so much. Our first chatroom session was last Thursday and it was definitely a fun time!

Andy suggested I recap the first TeeTalk session for my first post here at HYA, and to possibly do a series of posts retelling the events that unfold each time we meet, and I thought that was a great idea! I would like to get a lot of you t-shirt fans and artists excited to come join us, because the more the merrier, especially when talking tees.

Our session last week was a success, no doubt about that, and we had a nice turn out. Not only were there a number of t-shirt enthusiasts there, several artists showed up as well. Some of them including of course TeeTalk’s very own, Rick Waters, owner and designer at OMUNKY, Jared Moraitis, a favorite artist of mine who is best known as Beastpop and Daniel J. Newman a.k.a Quakerninja. Nader Boraie also made an appearance, a designer and also owner of one of my personal favorites, Labyrinth Clothing. Amongst us were also Jared Thompson and Kelly Murphy from Tee Gazette and Shane Matthew Stiles from custom printing company, Threadbird. Joining in on the TeeTalk as well was Paul Espinoza creator of The UTee. We even chatted to the owner of Cardinal Cotton, a soon to be launched clothing company. There were so many interesting folks there, it was truly a pleasure to meet and converse with them all…

The chat started with a delightful meet and greet and (as I mentioned before), me being a big fan of tees and of those who design and print them, this was a big treat for me to meet and talk with the ones I admire; I live for moments like these. We then talked on a multitude of things from favorite t-shirt brands and designers to favorite style of blanks, from owls to Oreo cookies — like I said, it was a very fun time. For several minutes we even opened the chat up to artists to display their designs for us as a whole to critique and comment on, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Some of the Favorites Discussed at TeeTalk!
Brands: Miles to Go, Ugmonk, 8-bit Zombie, OMUNKY, Labyrinth
Artists: Wotto, Godmachine, Jublin, Hydro 74, Beastpop
Blanks: American Apparel tri-blend and 50/50, Tultex, Gildan Soft Style

The next TeeTalk will be coming up sometime in mid-February, and I will make sure to keep everyone up to date with more info, that’s for sure!

Photo: Wearing Beastpop’s, “KROOL AID”
Available at
Cost: $18



Daily News & Tees for January 6th

by Andy on January 6, 2012

space invaders t-shirt

Very cool Space Invaders shirt from TeeFury today.

‘The birthplace of inspiration’ is up at Shirt.Woot today.

8-bit Back To The Future? Yes please, RIPT.

Fairly obscure Terminator design at Shirt Punch today.

Nowhere Bad reminds of another badass facet of Lincoln’s character.

TeeMinus24 bring out a pop art inspired Admiral Ackbar shirt.

24tee have a shirt for hipsters.

Shirt with a wolf on it at DBH.

I’m sure that TeeBlitz have sold this design before, and it’s a little odd that the time remaining for the design is “-359 days”, but hopefully that doesn’t mean there’s trouble at TeeBlitz.

Loviu wheel out this older design.

Oldie-but-goodie at Tilteed today.

Get 30% off at Seventh.Ink this weekend with the coupon code NEWYEAR2012. [via TeeGazette]

Labyrinth Clothing have a page on The Fancy, and if you ‘fancy’ (the equivalent of ‘like’ on Facebook) any item in their store you’ll unlock a 20% off coupon code.

OMUNKY have added prints to their lineup of goods.

Jeff has shared a few teasers of the his design process on Ugmonk‘s next design.

The UTee just launched a new design. Feel free to go and check it out, but don’t forget which is your favourite tee blog!

Mashbale has a post on how to maximize sales with your ecommerce design.

Here’s Miley Cyrus wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt, I’m sure that will annoy no one.

Tonka Park are selling two of their popular Big Cartel themes at $25 off, making them $50 each for a limited time. Use coupon code THELBL2012 to get $25 off The Label, and DECMBR2012 for $25 off the December theme.

May I suggest that you advertise on HYA? Options available to suit all budgets.

And that’s the news for today!


moose t-shirt

This new moose shirt from OMUNKY isn’t my favourite shirt that they’ve ever released, but it certainly does fit with the season and the artwork looks good.

I like the refresh of the penguin design (and continue to like the idea of tweaking designs when reprinting them), it makes a good use of the whole shirt.

Both shirts are printed on 100% certified organic cotton and available now.


New shirts and a new site from OMUNKY

by Andy on November 10, 2011

walrus t-shirt

Let’s be honest, a t-shirt store haven’t a new site isn’t massive news, as someone who has experienced the redesign process from the inside numerous times I know it feels like the most important thing in the world, but unless you’re Facebook you’re never going to get a massive amount of feedback or excitement even though you spent days and days obsessing over the tiniest pieces of code.

Their new site is an improvement, it looks nicer than the last version and there have been a load of new features introduced (faster checkout, new payment options, and a rewards programme).

New tee ‘Wet Walrus’ is gorgeous, definitely my favourite shirt that they’ve ever released, I love the colourway and the use of negative space is just gorgeous. The other release is ‘MUNKY Tree‘ which regular readers will notice isn’t new at all but actually a reprint that has been tweaked a bit. I like the idea of artists going back to older designs and giving them a refresh, there’s no point in being nostalgic about tee designs when people feel they can improve on them if their own talents have improved.

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Two new shirts and two reprints at Omunky

by Andy on September 22, 2011

omunky organic t-shirts

The two shirts up top are new (yes, inlcuding the logo one, it’s in a new colourway), and the two beneath are the reprints, all of them are $22.99 each. When you put all the shirts together like that it’s interesting just how much that Rick sticks two a style with his designs, it must be working for him!

Oh, and OMUNKY are running a blogger contest, giving a shirt to the first blogger to make a referred sale (you need to say “Andy from HYA sent me” or something along those lines on the order confirmation page). If that blogger happens to be me I will give the tee to one of the other HYA bloggers so they can review it, which works out well for everyone. The winning blog also gets a coupon code to use for a year that will be good for 18% off, so you guys will benefit from the win too. If another blog wins I’ll still write about the couponcode, it would just be nice if the coupon code was hideyourarms rather than someotherblogthatisinnowayasgoodashyaandprobablysmellsfunny.


omunky coupon code

All the info you need is in the image there, huh?



monkey t-shirt

Is it just me of does the ‘M’ in OMUNKY on the shirt look a bit like a rear view of an elephant?

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Omunky


omunky elephant t-shirt

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this shirt because I feel bad saying “I don’t particularly care for the design” when it comes to OMUNKY, because I know Rick is a good guy producing organic shirts and our tastes in design don’t always align, but I think this shirt is just delightful.


omunky sale

What are their shirts usually priced at? $23? Something like that I think, so not too shabby of a sale!



skunk cinema organic t-shirt

I can’t decide if this shirt is either for or against 3D movies, on the one hand, the description of the shirt sounds positive and the image says nothing negative, but then I see a skunk and get the idea that it means “3D stinks” because that’s what skunk’s are famous for.

Has anyone seen the 3D version of the new Pirates of the Caribbean? Biggest waste of 3D ever, it was ridiculous, nothing popped out of the screen, you could practically watch the movie without the glasses on it was such a minimal use of the technology.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at OMUNKY

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omunky charity drive

OMUNKY are well-known for their organic tees with animals on them, and that they give 5% of all sales to Wild Aid, a charity which as you can probably imagine, does a lot to help wild animals (a quick look at their homepage suggests they really don’t like shark fin soup). Rick, the guy behind Omunky, thought that for Earth Day (which is today) it would be a good idea to try something different, and is going to be giving a whopping 50% of his profits to Global Giving’s Japanese Earthquake fund. I’ve noticed that less Japan related charity promos have been coming my way recently, I don’t think that means people have forgotten, the response of the creative community to the disaster was pretty incredible, but it’s still good to see people like Rick trying to do their part after the media has moved on to the latest horrible thing happening in the world.


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