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One Hundred are a brand that give two people clean water with every shirt that they sell, and over the past year they have raised almost $5,000 for clean water charities, something which will have almost certainly meant that people haven’t died because people bought t-shirt, and that’s pretty amazing really, and I love that we can make that connection between the purchase and the outcome. All this week (up until August 12th) they’re celebrating their first birthday with 20% off all their t-shirts,as well as running a few competitions on their Facebook page.


Help One Hundred give water to Uganda

by Andy on June 27, 2012

one hundred uganda campaign

Pretty simple one this, go to this page on the One Hundred site and give what you can.

They’re trying to fund the drilling of a borehole in Uganda, and also the rehabilitation of some other wells which have been damaged over the past few years. To do that they need $5,000 and they are getting pretty close. All of the money donated goes straight to the charity, so please give what you can. It’s hard for me to get my head around not having water coming out of a tap. Where I live we aren’t on mains water, we have our own tank that we have to maintain, but I also happen to live in one of the wettest places in England and last Friday we had June’s average rainfall in one day, so to not be surrounded by water is quite unusual for me, which makes helping people in the world without water all the more important.


one hundred charity water t-shirt

One Hundred are company that launched recently who are trying to help give people access to clean water. I live in one of the wettest places in England and we have our own water supply, it’s raining outside right now, so it’s quite hard for me to imagine a situation in which I wouldn’t have an abundance of water, but for a lot of people (approximately 1 in 7 people) that is a situation they face every day, either not having an easily accessible source of water, or any water that can get to is dirty and causes illness or disease.

One Hundred are giving 100% of their profits ($6 average per purchase) to Charity Water, with the initial aim of raising $5000 for charity. So far they’ve raised $285, which isn’t an insignificant amount, but they still clearly have a long way to go. Their shirts don’t play on their charity aspect, which is a tactic I certainly approve of, by all means help a charity by buying a shirt, but advertising how charitable you are on your chest is a bit classless, so thanks for keeping it classy One Hundred.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at One Hundred

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