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“Happy Bike” t-shirt from Zamforia

by Andy on January 17, 2012

happy bike t-shirt

Well, this certainly made me smile, they have it in other colours too but I liked the white/orange version to look at (and I think bright orange would be good for cyclists) even though I don’t think that I’d wear it in this colour myself. It’s funny how adding a simple line and turning a bike upside down creates something that is so instantly recognisable.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Zamforia website, they’ve been going for a few years now and have a back catalogue to prove it.

Costiness=$28 Buy it at Zamforia


Daily Tees & News for December 20th

by Andy on December 20, 2011

night of the living dead t-shirt

This TeeFury shirt has everything, horror, a movie parody, 80s games, 8-bit, and lots of criticism in their comments about the head looking pasted on!

Not often you see an orange shirt, usually it only happens when Tilteed pull this design out of the closet.

This Shirt.Woot design is simple but I like it. I’ve never ordered anything from Shirt.Woot, what are their delivery times like? Any chance you’ll be able to wear this before Egg Nog season is over?
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Spook City has released an exclusive Halloween shirt limited to 50 pieces. Extra smalls are already sold out, so get yours while you can.

Andy: Cool shirt, I like that it isn’t too Halloween-y, you could wear this just about any time of year (please note that Spook City are a HYA advertiser, but I like the tee, so it’s all good).

This post was submitted by Eric Wiesinger.


“Drunk Orange” t-shirt at A Better Tomorrow

by Andy on September 11, 2011

drunk orange t-shirt

I don’t think that I’d have put this onto a heather grey t-shirt, but it doesn’t stop it being a funny illustration, and A Better Tomorrow are allowed to like/do things that I don’t like.

Costiness=€22 (early bird price) Buy it at A Better Tomorrow


zombie orange t-shirt

When I first looked at this shirt I saw a pumpkin and thought that laFraise were starting things a bit early for Halloween, but it’s actually a zombified orange sucking on a recently deceased orange… which is definitely not something that would happen on Halloween.

LaFraise have also added three more designs to their ‘Unlimited’ range (shorthand for shirts that are being reprinted by POD technology), all of which can be seen in the gallery. Strangely, in the shop there is no way to differentiate the regular winners from the Unlimited reprints, you’d have thought that LaFraise would want to indiciate which is which since they use different printing techniques (and I’m pretty sure most people would prefer a screenprint to even the most cutting edge of POD technology).


Fresh Orange by Defunkt

by Andy on September 29, 2010

defunkt orange t-shirt

I can’t really work out why I like this tee since it’s basically just an orange circle, but I do, simple is good sometimes.

Costiness=$29.99 Buy it at Defunkt (who have that awesome URL)

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Pencil by WhenWeWereKids

by Andy on September 22, 2010

pencil t-shirt

Sometimes you see a simple-ish t-shirt that really makes you think “hey, that’s cool” and you’re willing to just leave it there, it’s a bent round pencil, there’s no point dissecting it.

Costiness=£16 Buy it at WhenWeWereKids (also available in white)


get closer photography t-shirt

I really like the simplicity of this design, and the way that the style makes me smile and just ‘get’ the meaning behind the text.

Costiness=$35 Buy it at 2k by Gingham

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dutch federation world cup t-shirt

… but it isn’t for sale. [via The Cool Hunter]


Feel by Blend Apparel [hands-on review]

by Andy on December 12, 2009


As ever, I’m behind on the reviews, but this is a great tee to review, because despite it’s fairly simple appearance, it’s actually really interesting.

You probably recognise the print as being braille, we all recognise those dots, but if you’re anything like me you probably don’t read braille, so you’re just going to have to believe me when I say the text reads “feel” (just as I’m believing Blend Apparel when they tell me that). So that’s a pretty funny visual pun, though the ladies may want to be careful with the perceived invitations it offers, and of course I’d presume that actual blind people would love it.

The print is raised up off the tee too, so it is obviously a pretty thick print so that you can get that effect, but with the dots being not too huge it doesn’t make it feel weird like you’re wearing it, if there was a large black of print this thick it would probably feel like the tee was bullet-proof but you can’t really tell the difference from a regular thin print in this case. I’m just specualting here but is it also possible that a really thick print will stand the test of time better than a thin one, or does it actually make it more likely that you’ll accidentally rip off one of the dots?


The tee is no regular shirt either, as it’s made from bamboo. From what I’ve read bamboo is a much more environmentally friendly way of producing clothing, in fact everything I’ve heard about bamboo makes me wonder why it isn’t used more, anything that can be used as a construction material, food, and clothing, seems crazy to me. So, it’s delicious, but how does it wear? Well, I like it, bamboo t-shirts in general are extremely soft and this version from Blend is no exception. The fit is a little snug, but bamboo tees seem to stretch rather more favourably than a cotton tee, though that may be because bamboo tees usually have less print on them. On that subject, and this is where my lack of technical knowledge comes in, is it harder to print onto a bamboo t-shirt and that’s why bamboo prints tend to be fairly simple?

I’ve always heard that bamboo tees are anti-bacterial, and whilst I can’t think of a way to test that, there’s no reason for me not to believe the claim. I’m not really sure how it would benefit you but I assume it’s no bad thing, perhaps it stops the tee from smelling when you’ve got a bit sweaty, and combined with the comfiness of the tee this could be a great tee for going to the gym in.

Costiness=$24.99 Available from Blend Apparel


Things I like: Tees that use braille

by Andy on November 7, 2009



The braille on this tee spells out the word ‘feel’, how cool is that. Also, it’s printed on a bamboo tee, hurrah!

Costiness=$24.99 Available from Blend Apparel



I’m literally writing this with my head cocked to the side because I’m a cynic and don’t believe that Attus Apparel are selling these to actually be worn, but jumpsuits for CEOs is a pretty funny concept, and for them to go to the effort of getting genuine Kentucky State prison issue jumpsuits does show that they’ve put some thought into it.

Costiness=$100 Available from Attus Apparel

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2 new designs from ReThink Clothing

by Andy on June 30, 2009

500zapperorange greybombfull500 zapperhigh500 500fullresblue

I wonder how much time ReThink spent trying to think up a different ‘gun that isn’t really a gun’ that they could put on a t-shirt after the success of their super soaker t-shirt? I can hardly blame them, it’s a winning formula, any guesses on what we’ll be seeing next?

The bomb tee is good, it’s not mind-blowing (jiminy Christmas I love puns), but at least it shows some imagination compared to a lot of bomb tees. Right, now I’m off to dig out my NES and play some Duck Hunt.

They’re all $19.99 a pop printed on American Apparel blanks, and can be found in the ReThink Store.


iBroke by Ed Morning from Tasty Tees

by Andy on December 6, 2008

What’s this a post that’s going live on the weekend (GMT)? Yep, my inbox is groaning with the weight post posts, so I’m just going to power through, and keep on bringing you the goods and deals!

Here’s the details of the latest limited edition tee from Tasty Tees

We’re up for some fun this holiday and are reissuing the Ed Morning-designed iBroke tshirt for a special holiday price of well…YOU DECIDE!

Do you want to be on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year? Nice boys and girls pay $10 and naughty boys and girls pay $5.

Printed on super soft cotton tees. A portion of the profits from every tshirt sold goes to support Ed Morning and the Brooklyn-based nonprofit arts organization Starting Artists.

We’re accepting orders from now until December 7th and at that time we’ll print however many have been ordered and ship your tshirt to you just in time for the holidays.

The tee isn’t that original, but it certainly is well done, if you wore it on Christmas day your family would probably be far more appreciative of your gifts of ‘free hugs’ and a certificate for ‘one day of being a good son’. The naughty/nice pricing option is pretty cool too. If there wasn’t the charity element to this tee I bet a lot of people would go for the $5 option, because as Tasty Tees Radiohead t-shirt proved, people are cheap bastards (oh yeah, my language gets salty on weekends), but since a portion of the sale goes to charity I’d like to think that people might actually have a soul and pony up the $10.

Costiness=$10 (please!) Buy iBroke at Tasty Tees (but be quick about it, pre-orders end Sunday night)



I get the feeling that someone might have taken quite a long time putting this design together… pity there aren’t more close up pictures though.

Costiness=$40 Tee Link Rumplo Link

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Cool breeds cool

by Andy on April 9, 2006


Shimone from San Francisco-centric blog Jungle Life has been good to Hide Your Arms. Shimone has already sent 2 leads my way, so it was high time for me to ask “what hides your arms?”

I picked up the Verse Rhyme hoodie in Dijon from Brooklyn Industries. I was nervous about the bold colors at first but when it arrived I saw they were muted to more natural tones for an effective dose of casual. The pictures on the site don’t really do it justice so I’ll fill you in on some additional details.

The interior of the hoodie is completely lined with fleece making it incredibly soft to the touch. The zipper handle spells out the word “Brooklyn” (this you can see from the zoom image on the site) and when zipped all the way up rests cleverly at the neck. The construction is magnificent from top to bottom – everything is made to last – and the sizing is spot on. Because of the colors used it goes with just about everything – making a flashy statement with jeans or a subtle statement under a coat.

Furthermore, it’s available for both men and women. Men in Dijon and Grey, Women in Grey and Eggplant. If you’re looking to go bold I’d go with the Dijon for men and Grey for women or tone it tone with the Grey for men and Eggplant for women.

Brooklyn Industries has quickly become one of my favorite labels for their frequent sales, affordable prices, great use of color, fresh designs, attention to detail, and quality construction.

The Verse Rhyme Hoodie is on sale right now for $48 (men) and $44 (women) and can be purchased for an additional 10% off using the coupon code “Skyline06″.

Brooklyn Industries actually released a new line of clothing on Sunday (yesterday) inspired by Coney Island to coincide with the opening of the park for the season. Look out for another review of Brooklyn Industries in the near future, though I may struggle to better Shimone’s excellent review!


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