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Say hello to Agent Royale

by Andy on November 1, 2013

I’m not sure if it’s unusual or not since it’s pretty rare that I look at women’s clothing, but those asymmetrical and drop front shirts for the ladies at Agent Royale certainly are interesting, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that from a new-ish brand, so it’s cool that they aren’t going for standard items from the beginning.

They say that their designs are influenced by 80s and 9-s rock ‘n roll culture and I think that shows with the imagery being used in their designs, there’s lots of wearable stuff in there that I think will appeal to the majority of people. Shirts are possibly a little pricy at $45 each, but considering that they’re clearly custom tees made from organic cotton then it seems a lot more reasonable and if you were in a physical store you’d think it was normal, $45 just leads to a bit of sticker shock online since we’re used to tees below $10 from pop culture sites these days and that’s spoiled us.


What started off as an inside joke evolved into an indie clothing brand with an eco-friendly twist. Straight Up Random exclusively prints on organic cotton and other sustainable apparel using water-based ink so you can look good AND feel good when you wear their apparel. Their designs are inspired for what they have an affinity for with music being one of their main inspirations. Currently, Straight Up Random sponsors Atlanta-based pop/rock band The Silver Comet (pictured in the attached promo shot), and has plans for releasing new designs in the near future.

This isn’t actually a submission, it just looks a bit like one because I thought that their description of the brand was pretty nice, what would be the point in me re-writing that when they did such a good job already? I like the shirts, the abstract thinker one especially, and it’s cool to see them trying to be eco-conscious with the organic tees without cranking the price up (tees are $24.99). Gonna be cool seeing more from them.


bold & the brave organic t-shirts from Newcastle

It’s been mentioned on HYA a few times but I’ll reiterate it, half of my family comes from the North East of England, and the ‘capital’ (which it isn’t, but it is) of the North East is the glorious city of Newcastle, which is where Brave & The Bold hail from, so I was predisposed to like them anyway, but seeing the attention they’ve given to being green and putting out some sharp designs I’m happy to say that I genuinely do like them, which I’m sure is a great relief to you all.

B&TB is a very new brand, launching in that awkward ‘I have no idea what to do with myself’ week that comes between Christmas and New Year. They’ve kicked off with 5 designs printed on 100% organic tees (described as Earth Positive so I’m confident they’re by Continental, and that’s a quality blank) which all follow along the lines of being brave but don’t feel too much like logo shirts, thankfully, thought there are plans in the future to branch out to other garments and accessories. As usual, I would like to see model photos on the product page since that is generally the best way to show off your product, and I know they’ve got some photos like that because I hunted down that model shot at the top on their Facebook page. It’s probably in the works to add more photos to product pages with them being such a young brand, but that’s the thing I’d like to see most from them at the moment.

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A “Fresh” t-shirt from Atslopes

by Andy on November 8, 2012

Post image for A “Fresh” t-shirt from Atslopes

Fresh indeed!

If you’re thinking “that shirt doing look particularly white” that’s because it’s printed no an organic AA shirt and those aren’t the brilliant white that we’ve come to expect white to be, but I think the slightly off-white colour complements the green nicely.

Costiness=$26 Buy it at Atslopes


no guts no glory snakeman t-shirt

It’s unusual, but I like the hand drawn zine style of this shirt, hardly surprising that they’ve gone for that since No Guts No Glory is a zine, after all. Printed onto organic cotton, this shirt is yours for £20.


What’s going on with Tree Shirt House?

by Andy on June 13, 2012

tree shirt house t-shirts

Tree Shirt House got in touch to let me know what they’ve been up to since their launch and they have been really rather busy.

    They’ve given $1200 in donations to their charitable projects.
    Redesigned their website.
    Re-shot all of their product photography with French photograher Celine Hamelin.
    Introduced their ‘little hero’ collection of clothes for kids aged 2-10, from which they’re still giving a $5 donation to charity per tee sold, and also finger puppets of the animal related to the shirt purchased.

Of course their products remain both fair trade and organic certified. It’s cool to see a new tee company moving along so well and doing positive things. I look forward to the next time they check in!


electric earth clothing

Electric Earth are quite a new t-shirt label from the UK, but they have comes out of their corner swinging and they’ve already got a decent selection of likable designs. The shirts are organic, which is always nice to see, but that hasn’t resulted in the price being pushed up to exorbitant levels, which as you’d imagine is always nice to see, I hate it when brands take the ‘organic’ term as a license to boost their profits. Promising start from this brand, I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

Costiness=£18.99 Buy it at Electric Earth Mens / Womens


urban hand

Urban Hand got in touch to introduce themselves, and in the process they gave me a very nice overview of what the brand is all about:

we are a new clothing company based in Dublin, Ireland. We started trading at the end of last year and our original collection included t-shirts and hoodies for men. We concentrated mainly on logo placement designs to try and get the brand established. We expanded the range to include hats and caps as well as a range of t-shirts, hoodies and bags for women. We are now taking the next step along the road and are incorporating designs by young, up and coming Irish designers. After doing some research into the cotton and printing industries we have decided that all our t-shirts are now going to be fully organic offerings ie a 100% organic cotton t-shirt, printed organically using water based inks by a company which is certified by the soil association so we’re doing our bit for the environment. Priced at €19.99 with free standard delivery to Ireland & the UK we hope it’ll be a success.

When I see all those ecologically sound terms being thrown around I worry, because it tends to mean that there’s going to be a high price tag attached to the shirt, so it’s really refreshing to find a brand creating tees are guilt-free without having a premium price. I have my usual quibbles about brands that focus heavily on their name and logo in their initial releases, but that’s a personal choice and these guys have a pretty cool logo so that does make things a bit better.


the tree shirt house

The Tree Shirt House got in touch recently to let me know about their recently launched (November 2011) t-shirt brand. They’re based in Singapore (but sell in Euros, which explains why the people on the about page don’t look particularly Asian) and they are trying to sell tees ‘the right way’. All the designs are meant to tell a stroy about wildlife, and are printed on 100% organic cotton. Each shirt is ‘limited’ to 500 tees per design. As with most brands of this size I always tend to assume that the 500 figure is an arbitrary upper limit and that they don’t have 500 of each design in stock, because that would be quite a lot for a two person startup. For every tee that is purchased $5 (USD) will go to support on of their chosen causes, which I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear are animal-related.

The shirts themselves aren’t preachy, which is always appreciated, and the designs, whilst all following a similar theme, really appeal to me with their bold crests. Also, did you see the photos of their packaging? You can turn it into a bird house! I can’t see a cardboard bird house lasting that long where I live, but I’m sure that in warmer climbs it would make a nice home for some winged friends.

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moose t-shirt

This new moose shirt from OMUNKY isn’t my favourite shirt that they’ve ever released, but it certainly does fit with the season and the artwork looks good.

I like the refresh of the penguin design (and continue to like the idea of tweaking designs when reprinting them), it makes a good use of the whole shirt.

Both shirts are printed on 100% certified organic cotton and available now.


New shirts and a new site from OMUNKY

by Andy on November 10, 2011

walrus t-shirt

Let’s be honest, a t-shirt store haven’t a new site isn’t massive news, as someone who has experienced the redesign process from the inside numerous times I know it feels like the most important thing in the world, but unless you’re Facebook you’re never going to get a massive amount of feedback or excitement even though you spent days and days obsessing over the tiniest pieces of code.

Their new site is an improvement, it looks nicer than the last version and there have been a load of new features introduced (faster checkout, new payment options, and a rewards programme).

New tee ‘Wet Walrus’ is gorgeous, definitely my favourite shirt that they’ve ever released, I love the colourway and the use of negative space is just gorgeous. The other release is ‘MUNKY Tree‘ which regular readers will notice isn’t new at all but actually a reprint that has been tweaked a bit. I like the idea of artists going back to older designs and giving them a refresh, there’s no point in being nostalgic about tee designs when people feel they can improve on them if their own talents have improved.

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Two new shirts and two reprints at Omunky

by Andy on September 22, 2011

omunky organic t-shirts

The two shirts up top are new (yes, inlcuding the logo one, it’s in a new colourway), and the two beneath are the reprints, all of them are $22.99 each. When you put all the shirts together like that it’s interesting just how much that Rick sticks two a style with his designs, it must be working for him!

Oh, and OMUNKY are running a blogger contest, giving a shirt to the first blogger to make a referred sale (you need to say “Andy from HYA sent me” or something along those lines on the order confirmation page). If that blogger happens to be me I will give the tee to one of the other HYA bloggers so they can review it, which works out well for everyone. The winning blog also gets a coupon code to use for a year that will be good for 18% off, so you guys will benefit from the win too. If another blog wins I’ll still write about the couponcode, it would just be nice if the coupon code was hideyourarms rather than someotherblogthatisinnowayasgoodashyaandprobablysmellsfunny.


monkey t-shirt

Is it just me of does the ‘M’ in OMUNKY on the shirt look a bit like a rear view of an elephant?

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Omunky


omunky elephant t-shirt

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this shirt because I feel bad saying “I don’t particularly care for the design” when it comes to OMUNKY, because I know Rick is a good guy producing organic shirts and our tastes in design don’t always align, but I think this shirt is just delightful.


omunky sale

What are their shirts usually priced at? $23? Something like that I think, so not too shabby of a sale!



skunk cinema organic t-shirt

I can’t decide if this shirt is either for or against 3D movies, on the one hand, the description of the shirt sounds positive and the image says nothing negative, but then I see a skunk and get the idea that it means “3D stinks” because that’s what skunk’s are famous for.

Has anyone seen the 3D version of the new Pirates of the Caribbean? Biggest waste of 3D ever, it was ridiculous, nothing popped out of the screen, you could practically watch the movie without the glasses on it was such a minimal use of the technology.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at OMUNKY

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omunky charity drive

OMUNKY are well-known for their organic tees with animals on them, and that they give 5% of all sales to Wild Aid, a charity which as you can probably imagine, does a lot to help wild animals (a quick look at their homepage suggests they really don’t like shark fin soup). Rick, the guy behind Omunky, thought that for Earth Day (which is today) it would be a good idea to try something different, and is going to be giving a whopping 50% of his profits to Global Giving’s Japanese Earthquake fund. I’ve noticed that less Japan related charity promos have been coming my way recently, I don’t think that means people have forgotten, the response of the creative community to the disaster was pretty incredible, but it’s still good to see people like Rick trying to do their part after the media has moved on to the latest horrible thing happening in the world.


operation funtime by omunky

Last time OMUNKY released a tee I wasn’t too enamored with it. Nothing to do with the company, the look just wasn’t for me, but this time around I’m a lot happier with this fun otter based design, nice use of negative space to frame the design too.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at OMUNKY


“Simian Serenade” by Omunky

by Andy on March 4, 2011

simian serenade by omunky

To be honest, this design isn’t for me, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just not the kind of thing I’m into, but I know it’s a quality organic product that OMUNKY are putting out there, so I thought I’d mention it.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Omunky


organic owl t-shirt

I’m probably asking a bit much here, but wouldn’t it be cool if the moon on this design was printed with glow-in-the-dark ink? That said, OMUNKY is an organic brand, and I can’t imagine glowing ink to be particularly good for the environment, though if any printers are reading I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Omunky


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