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One Shot One Kill by Orisue @ Karmaloop

I guess its kind of an aggressive message, but I really like the way that they’ve got an image running across all the words, and the massive print looks pretty good too.Costiness=$24 Link


The Hunter Jacket by Orisue @ Karmaloop

by Andy on April 15, 2008

The Hunter Jacket by Orisue @ Karmaloop

Even though the sun seems to be making a few more frequent appearances in the skies above Cumbria, its still a little chilly, and a warm jacket is still certainly needed on evenings out. I am slightly concerned by the lack of fitting on this jacket, it just seems to billow out on the model even though he’s wearing a medium, but I really like all the other stuff that this jacket has got going on, like those three top buttons and the funneling on the neck. One odd thing to note is the “croc-skin mohawk,” presumably the crocodile skin is fake, but you can judge for yourself.
The Hunter Jacket by Orisue @ Karmaloop

Have some blurb:

The Hunter Jacket features a cotton composition, the Orisue leather logo patch on the chest, 4 flap pockets with detailed stitching, the bottom 2 flap pockets also have a side pocket opening, hood drawstrings, detailed stitching on the cuffs, and a croc-skin Mohawk.

Costiness=$84 Link


Numark Pullover by Orisue @ Karmaloop

by Andy on March 13, 2008


This is another of those hoodies that I actually wouldn’t buy and wear, but feel like I should mention it to you just because its interesting. I really like the hood, the way that its slightly funneled, and also because it wraps around itself slightly at the front. Its not every day that you see pockets with the seams on the outside either, and whilst I actually quite like the colourway, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi that means I’m just not that enthusiastic about this hoodie.

Costiness=$84 Link (use rep code AS7594 for up to 20% off your Karmaloop order)


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